One of my favorite things about the “Text Message Confusion” sketch is Keegan-Michael Key’s gift for uproarious, high-energy on full display, but the key (no pun intended) to this Key & Peele classic is how relatable the situation is, given how easily people misinterpret text messages. Of course, in the duo’s signature fashion, it ends by throwing authenticity out the window with Jordan Peele making a bizarrely obscure historical reference.

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One favorite is when the guys are having a conversation with Sally's date. He's a butcher, but Sally told everyone he's a surgeon, so they are all shocked when he explains that she's one of his regulars and even more shocked when he states, "Well, you know how it goes.


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Let’s be honest, Lemonade was probably the album of the year. But I guess some good music came out in 2021 as well. Oh, and I’m old so I still listen to albums.

Subverted between Brian and Justin in an episode. They are both aware of the fact that their discussion concerns two different things at once (namely, whether Brian should accept Justin back on his firm, and whether they should resume their relationship).


In Tales of Monkey Island, you have to do this deliberately. Guybrush has to exchange insults with a pirate, while simultaneously cheering up Morgan.

Laura: Well, of course, Darling, don't you remember? That was the point of the whole luncheon.


I thought of it while listening to the last part of Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo da Vinci on audiobook on the drive home from NYC last week. One of Isaacson’s main points in the book was that Leonardo’s accomplishments were due in no small part to his extraordinary powers of observation. By observing things closely and from all possible angles, he was able to make connections and find details that other people didn’t and express them in his work. Isaacson argues that Leonardo’s observational powers were not innate and that with sufficient practice, we can all observe as he did. People talk in a precious way about genius, creativity, and curiosity as superpowers that people are born with but noticing is a more humble pursuit. Noticing is something we can all do.

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Halt and Catch Fire (season four). Very strong finish to a great series. I kind of want a season five in about 5 or 6 years that’s set in 2002. Still can’t believe I got to be on the show for like 2 seconds.


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Fiddler on the Roof: Tevye and Lazar Wolf meet up in a bar in one scene. Lazar Wolf wants to talk about potentially marrying Tevye's daughter Tzeitel. However, Tevye doesn't know that, believing that Lazar Wolf wants to buy one of his cows. Cue an awkward conversation between the two with Double Entendres and innuendos abound.

The main plot of "Jared has Aides", the joke being that Jared actually means "aides", as in a dietitian and a personal trainer, and not "AIDS", the disease. Jared thinks that everyone is angry because he didn't actually lose his weight solely by eating Subway, when, well, why do you think people might be upset when Jared goes around saying that he "wants to give everyone in the world aides"?


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Magister Negi Magi, Negi asks Asuna to accompany him on a trip to search for traces of his father, as his magic partner. Asuna misinterprets it as a love confession, as do Yue and Nodoka, who overhear it. Haruna doesn't, but she does enjoy the ensuing hilarity.

Talking in movies is the premise of one of my favorite TV shows. However, if I wanted to watch the movie without riffing, I probably could. In the theater, a lot of people are there for the movie, not your amateur night comic response to it.


Texting sucks stupid comedy central key and peele Misinterpret Missed Communication

What does this system look like (not just UI) contrasted with other states with similar systems? How have accidental false-alarms been caught before?

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Occurs quite frequently in the British crime comedy The Baker. A Hitman with a Heart has a hit put out on him when he tries to retire from the life, forcing him to go into hiding. The place his friend finds to hide him out turns out to have been an old bakery in a small village, meaning the hitman has to pose as a baker in order to keep undercover.


Bored because they didn't know what to make of you. Your unpredictability became your liability. Furthermore, they didn't really care about you that much in the first place. That, combined with boredom, was fatal.

Vilaye man 12 uploadbaz free. Deficit spending can skew financial ratios, such as the debt-to-assets and times-interest-earned ratios, making outsiders wary of investing in the company's. ULTIMATE SKETCH ARCHIVE. PICDUMPS GIF VIDEO GIRLS SPICY. Popular user-uploaded templates may get featured on this page.


CLANNAD: Tomoya is an expert at arranging this kind of situation for his own amusement. In one case, Nagisa wants to ask for Ryou's help in establishing the theater club, so Tomoya has Sunohara tell Ryou that someone wants to ask her out on the rooftop.

Because it was the only one somebody thought was worthy of a FPP this week? Are you going to call out the OP now?


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In Cinder, the conversation between the titular character and Prince Kai during their dance at the ball was this. Cinder thinks he's talking about her being a cyborg, but he was actually talking about Cinder's stepsister's recent death.

The fact that people - not just any people, but our fearless leader - twitch with the urge to tweet while watching a movie saddens me to no end. And the thought of an entire theater of moviegoers furiously attempting to out-snark-tweet each other is worse still. Sometimes I'm very glad to be relatively out of touch, social-media wise. It must be very stressful, always being "on". If only there was a means of escape, a place to turn off the world and indulge in fantasy for a few hours.

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I don’t know how many books I read this year, but it was fewer than I wanted. My work demands a lot of reading online, so when I’ve finished with that most days, reading for leisure or enrichment is often not enticing.


And again, when Gloria is trying to apologize to Claire for accidentally sending a rude email, and Claire is talking about the kids walking in on her and Phil having sex. By the end of it, they think Gloria is offering a threesome with them.

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Happens in X-Factor (2006) #29, when Theresa tries to tell Jamie she's pregnant with his child, and Jamie thinks she's trying to quit the team. The situation is resolved and lampshaded by Monet, who apparently recognizes the situation from Three's Company.


Pritkin and Cassie have a brief one in Hunt the Moon. Cassie believes they're talking about how Mircea considers Pritkin a danger to her physical well-being, while Pritkin believes she's speaking of Mircea's distrust of Pritkin as a potential romantic rival.

As most people know, the Earth is roughly spherical. When you try to cover the surface of a sphere with squares, they are not going to line up perfectly. That means, every so often, sections of the grid shift away from each other. Gerco de Ruijter’s short film, Grid Corrections, shows dozens of examples of places where this shift occurs and the corrections employed to correct them.


In Chapter 228, Ishigami and Koromo Shiranui's classmates ask them how they know each other after seeing them chatting amiably before class, something that struck them as very odd given that she's one of Shuchi'in High School's "Impossible Girls" and known for barely talking to guys. Long story short, they met online and played some games until late the night before without Ishigami realizing she was a classmate until she called him by a nickname. Problem is, their gamer jargon didn't translate well at all when they explained this to their classmates, resulting in the whole classroom getting the idea the two of them are Friends with Benefits and that Ishigami is such a good partner that she wanted their next encounter to be as soon as tonight.

An earlier example (Season 5): Lynette thinks that Tom is using the warehouse where his group rehearse to have sex with another woman. It actually happens that one of his sons is using said warehouse for that. When Lynette confronts Tom, Tom thinks that he's speaking about their son, but after Tom tells her about it, Lynette realizes in horror that his son is having sex with an older woman(much to Tom's shock, as well).


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic gif. Luna admits to having "slept with" the entire main cast while staying overnight at Twilight's castle. The problem is that Celestia assumes that it's an innuendo, while Luna meant it literally. The resulting conversation is one long Sustained Misunderstanding.

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Expect one of the 'conversations' to be sex-related. Similar to Out-of-Context Eavesdropping, but with the overhearing party actually being a participant. Mistaken Confession is a possible outcome if the conversation is an interrogation. The technical term in real life is "double illusion of transparency". This can also happen when a question is answered with a seemingly unrelated answer until one thinks about interpretation.


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I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again: After seeing his daughter come home worried, Hiashi decided to have an incredibly awkward heart-to-heart with Naruto. Hiashi thought they were talking about Naruto and Hinata's more unconventional romantic practices, while Naruto (more specifically the Naruto from the beginning of the series inside his adult body) thought they were talking about the fact that he woke up in bed naked next to Hinata.

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I don't know if anyone has brought up booze yet, but you can buy booze in Australian theatres and its still rude to talk duing them. Hell I've seen movies in pubs and people shut up during them.


In the Ciaphas Cain note novel The Emperor's Finest, Cain's Girl of the Week Mira is the Planetary Governor's daughter who wants to marry him for a political maneuver. Cain fails to realize her intentions until he accidentally agrees to it, to a truly ludicrous extent.

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An episode of Leverage, "The Three Nights of the Hunter Job", has a very brief example. The mark for the episode, a journalist, has been steered towards a politician to ask about an alleged government project called "Destiny". The Destiny that he thinks she means is his favourite stripper.


Harlequin novel Christmas In Cold Creek has two daughters of a con artist (for the younger one's safety from her real mother, the older one claims to be her mother) settling in Idaho. The older one, Becca, thinks the attractive local police officer has found out her "daughter" isn't really hers. Instead, he's concerned about the little girl's "illness" which turns out to be a con job.

At this point, LeBron has too many bigs. Just for fit, he has to take DeMar DeRozan. Or have Boogie Cousins play the two and guard Kyrie.


Something like “The Earth’s five energy revolutions” gets us closer to it: all life on earth begins with geochemical energy, then augmented by sunlight, and finally, oxygen, flesh, and fire. The life and death of entire forests of trees, of entire species and kingdoms, is dwarfed by the history of an entire planet and all the life that’s ever been on it. This point of view has always been a powerful perspective, but in 2021, the cosmic telescope of time was almost a comfort. Even if nations fall and species fail, this too will pass.

Upon boarding a Space Marine battleship, Mira tells Cain that she intends to be married soon. Cain concludes that she's looking for a Space Marine husband. Incidentally, Space Marines are sterile.


I’m a (very) amateur traffic enthusiast (see here and here for recent posts) who is fascinated by how different kinds of intersections are better than others for safety, traffic flow rates, etc. There’s a fairly normal-looking four-way intersection near Southampton that’s been the site of the deaths of two cyclists, and it turns out that geometry likely played a factor. The road is oriented such that a cyclist and a motorist approaching the intersection on the crossing roads could possibly not see each other until they collided.

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Even their breakup conversation has shades of this. Cain tells Mira that as much as he wants to stay with her, he can't. His narration reveals that he would like to leave the soldier's life because he's less likely to be killed in action, but as a Commissar, he can be executed for desertion.


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In Demon King Daimao, when Akuto goes to visit Junko's father, he doesn't realize that the reason for the visit is a marriage interview, rather than just a typical meet and greet. Junko however, thought he knew, and their conversation is pretty ambiguous until she secretly meets with him in his room at night.

Algorithms surround us, determining how we get mortgages or apartment rentals, or whether we get hired. It is crucial that we open up those algorithms and take them apart, and then either put them back together or scrap and rewrite them. Algorithms may run our lives, but I really believe people make the future.


When receiving orders that interrupt their private time together, Mira assures him that one day, he'll be powerful enough to refuse them. Cain appreciates the optimistic outlook on his career.

You’d have to not realize that Haiti was founded in a revolution against that system, and that European countries and the United States punished them for their temerity by refusing to recognize or trade with them for decades. You’d have to not know that Haiti got recognition by agreeing to pay 150 million gold francs to French landowners in compensation for their own freedom. You’d have to not know that Haiti paid it, and that it took them almost all of the 19th century to do so.


The first is Planet Earth 2. We already know that when the BBC breaks out Sir David Attenborough, they deliver the goods: a respite from our overweening humanity, with cutting-edge photography and cogent commentary. But PE2 went further, because it was just so goddamned beautiful.

Nick Hiller has rebooted his great-great-grandfather’s textiles & dry goods store (established in Detroit in 1904) as an online shop. The first collection is called the Currency Blankets Collection, and features lovely blankets inspired by patterns on banknotes from around the world.


My Wife and Kids: Michael listens to his daughter and her boyfriend talk about mini-golf. He thinks they're talking about sex, much to his horror.

What even is television anymore? To paraphrase US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, I know it when I see it. And I saw a lot of it this year.


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In "Disharmony", Harmony comes to visit Cordelia in LA. Cordelia hasn't seen Harmony since graduation, and doesn't know she's a vampire. So when she wakes up to Harmony lurking in her bedroom, and Harmony apologizes for her "urges," well. Cordelia thinks she's saying she's a lesbian, while Harmony is apologizing for nearly killing Cordelia.

The LeBron Jameses select Anthony Davis. Versatile big who regularly guns it in the All-Star Game. You can’t tell me LeBron doesn’t want to play with this guy.


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An early arms control proposal dealt with the problem of distancing that the President would have in the circumstances facing a decision about nuclear war. There is a young man, probably a Navy officer, who accompanies the President. This young man has a black attache case which contains the codes that are needed to fire nuclear weapons. I could see the President at a staff meeting considering nuclear war as an abstract question. He might conclude: “On SIOP Plan One, the decision is affirmative.

Francis’s main example of fake news? The serpent’s message to Eve and Adam about the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This example shows that “there is no such thing as harmless disinformation; on the contrary, trusting in falsehood can have dire consequences.


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In 1990, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan had only a handful of subway lines. In the early 2000s, growth in the number of cities with subways started to increase dramatically, as did the number of lines in the bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai. As of 2021, more than 40 Chinese cities will have subway systems.

In The Help, at the charity event, a slightly drunk Celia genuinely attempts to congratulate Hilly for winning the chocolate pie at the auction. Hilly misinterprets this as Celia knowing about Minnie's prank and mocking Hilly publicly about it. Hilly proceeds to react viciously.


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This is the comedy of personality rather than the comedy of gags. It’s not about doing funny things. It’s about doing something quite normal in a funny way.

I kept expecting this to falter as it went on, but it never did. A keen portrait of changing times and a dying empire.


Key and Code Escape Rooms in Sparks, Nevada is Reno's top escape room experience! Here is the promo for their room "Family Secrets".

And remember: they have to choose all the starters before they can move on to the reserves. Those starters are: Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo, DeMar DeRozan and Joel Embiid from the East, and Kevin Durant, James Harden, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins from the West.


Triton Sebastian, I'm concerned about Ariel. Have you noticed she's been acting peculiar lately?

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Sax man lonely island instrumental. There have been no leads. Over 38, 450 video posts sorted by time, relevancy, and popularity. Export your meme directly as JPG or MP4. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more.


Everett Daily Herald, January 31, 2020 by Sound ...

In "Burning Low", Princess Bubblegum learns that Finn wants to kiss Flame Princess, so she explains to Jake why they can't be together, but he doesn't pay attention and assumes she's just jealous of them. Later, Bubblegum, who thinks Jake explained everything she told him to Finn, comes to congratulate him for his "decision", Finn thinks she's declaring her love for him, gets offended and lets out some pent-up anger toward her.

Juul Labs, the e-cigarette behemoth partially owned by Altria, has today announced a new POS age-verification system that it will require all Juul retailers to comply with by May. It is probably safe to say that most of you reading this engage in some sort of text message exchange on a daily basis. Namun, penggemar justru menyukai kedekatan keduanya yang tampak menggemaskan seperti pasangan di dalam drama. Maybe it's just my area. Funny Animated Gif Tuesday, December 15, 2020.


Boot time diagnostic screen disabled dating. Super Official Lawyer Talk: Slackmojis is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc. Lotro landroval chat channels free. In The End Zone: Best Super Bowl Sketches. Phone chat lines in pittsburgh.

A man golfs with a wildfire raging behind him. One of the defining images of 2021.


You know those recurring sketches on Saturday Night Live that start off pretty good until they repeat the formula over and over again and eventually lose all steam completely? I cannot say the same about any recurring sketches in Key & Peele.

In episode 2 of Haganai, when playing the Monster Hunter game, Kodaka tells Sena and Yozora that since its a co-op game, they should try playing more cooperatively. Both girls immediately "agree" they should "play more cooperatively" from that point on, and in the next scene they're just fighting each other more than the monsters.


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Neil Gaiman loved to do this in his The Sandman comic series, with at least three separate occurrences. The most notable instance takes place in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", in which an actor asks Hamnet if he is proud of his father. Instead of answering the question, Hamnet laments how distant and aloof his father is, much like Dream is to Orpheus, only to hear the actor reply that he'd be proud if Shakespeare were his father.

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The Little Mermaid (1989): King Triton figures that Ariel is in love and calls Sebastian to discuss the matter. Sebastian believes that he knows the whole truth, that Ariel is in love with a human, leading to an Accidental Public Confession.


King of the Hill: In "My Own Private Rodeo", Dale's Camp Gay father is attempting to come out to him; when he tells Dale that he's been "living a secret life" and that a younger man who lives with him is his "partner", Dale is disgusted and kicks his dad out of the house. In the next scene, we discover the reason for Dale's reaction: he thinks his father was confessing to being a government agent.

Combine this with the shooting climate, as well as the need for frequent communication between crew just to capture the necessary shots that will cut well in the edit suite and you have a recipe for failure in regards to obtaining useable sound. Therefore, it’s not only impractical but virtually impossible to capture the ‘real’ sound that some of these disgruntled viewers may be protesting for.


One of the first things you notice when watching Dunkirk is the sparse use of dialogue. There are long stretches of the film, particularly on the beach, when no one says anything.

It occurred to Junpei that perhaps that was how it worked. Perhaps he'd been mistaken all these years. Had he misunderstood life so gravely?


Daly is clearly driven by the lack of respect he gets, but Nanette didn’t disrespect him. She’s shown him huge respect and admiration; it’s just for his work rather than expressed as wanting to sleep with him. There’s a weird cultural assumption we tend to make that if a woman thinks highly of a man, she must want to sleep with him. And then if she doesn’t, it’s somehow an insult to him, and that’s exactly what we see going on in this episode.

In Emma, Emma and Harriet discuss the man with whom Harriet has fallen in love after he gallantly came to her rescue, but each is thinking of a different man. Harriet is talking of Mr. Knightley, who asked her to dance after she was snubbed, but Emma thinks they are talking of Frank Churchill, who rescued Harriet from a band of gypsies.


Every single clip I've seen of this show is fucking priceless. I really need to start watching it.

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In Touch Of Pink Alim and Giles discuss a man who's played an important role in their lives. Giles talks about the guy he's been sleeping with, Alim talks about his imaginary friend, and both are surprised that the other already knows.


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Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists and I’m grateful I got to spend a few hours witnessing how his career came together and his life fell apart. One of the best museums I’ve ever been to.

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Sylvia: What're you gonna do, call the police? They would have to arrest every man on the subway.

Jennifer Crandall’s serial documentary benefits enormously from the fact that it didn’t set out to explain what happened politically in 2021 or 2021. The filmmaking began much earlier as a meditation on the longstanding problems of democracy and diversity in America.


Eventually, the jobs came calling — for many of the site’s best writers, but not for all — because they badly needed what The Awl had. And advertising: well, what are you going to do? Working on a shoestring may be romantic, but it sure ain’t no fun.

Bruno Mars is amazing: a shapeshifting artist seemingly engineered to synthesize the history of pop music and overcome all critical resistance. His latest single with Cardi B, “Finesse,” is a perfect pastiche of the aesthetics of early 1990s pop radio R&B, from TLC videos to In Living Color’s Fly Girls and that Bell Biv Devoe snare drum.


Forest Hill: This happens twice to Flora. When she and Benni run into Mr. Verost, who is a paedophile in an incestuous relationship with his daughter, he assumes that she is in on the secret, and she doesn't realize what he is talking about. Later when she is talking with Benni, she does not immediately realize that Benni is actually talking about having sex with Mr. Verost and Talitha due to him using an Unusual Euphemism, until he makes it very obvious that he thinks Flora and Colin were having sex with Colin's daughter. This makes Flora suspicious of Benni's pedophilic relationship with all the men he knows, leading to Benni confessing Benni and Talitha's abuse by Mr. Verost, and from his own father, but also hints at a wider conspiracy.

Lobanov overheard Bykov and Kisegach (Romanenko's mother and the hospital administrator) discussing her pregnancy with Bykov's child, which Romanenko doesn't know about. Meanwhile, Romanenko is asked by Lobanov's ex-wife Olga to tell Lobanov that she's pregnant from the one night when they got back together. They start talking about kids and how great they are, trying to lead up to the big news. Romanenko ends up dropping the bomb first. Lobanov is too shocked to do the same and leaves. Later, he calls Romanenko on the phone and tells him.


Harry regularly tells his housemates about all the time he spends playing with his fiance Fleur whenever they ask. Remarks like how much fun it is playing on the bed or that they often have to "heal Fleur's goddess" afterwards has everyone assuming Harry's a Sex God. In reality, Harry and Fleur play with action figures on her bed because it has the most space.

Over on his Instagram account, photographer Vincent Laforet is sharing some 50-megapixel panoramic photos he shot for Apple. He strapped an iPhone 7 to the bottom of a Learjet, set it on Pano mode, and flew it over various landscapes at a height of 20,000 feet.


In another example, George-Michael develops a crush on his teacher. His Aunt Lindsey, however, completely misreads his feelings and assumes that he wants said teacher to fill the void left by his mother's death. In what she thinks is one of her best speeches, she offers to be what he wants his teacher to be, leaving him with a look of squick on his face.

In Walker, Texas Ranger Trevet and Syd wonder if Gage would like Salsa (the dance). After he comes in he claims he loves Salsa, especially on chips.


Key & Peele - High On Potenuse Comedy Central 5 years ago. So, when a child shows up with a square head during a WhatsApp conversation, motherly instincts are sure to kick into gear. He doesn't work for Slack, isn't paid by Slack, he just thinks Slack is pretty cool. We know you want more Key & Peele - indulge in the ultimate sketch experience with curated collections, GIFs, memes and an illustrated dictionary. Explore and share the latest video pictures, gifs, memes, images, and photos on Imgur.

We just discovered our local cinema that Sundance bought is now a booze cinema. That's our default cinema sorted then.


Swedish comedian Adde Malmberg once talked about how he had been on a train and heard how two people who didn't appear to have ever met before were talking to each other. One of them told the other that he was a scientist who for the moment did research about "skator" (magpies, that is), but because of his peculiar dialect, the other thought he said he did research about "scouter" (scouts, as in members of the scout movement). Apparently, they had a very long conversation about it, until the scientist started talking about how they like to steal things, and the other person got a bit confused.

In "The Nose Knows", Fran stops seeing her therapist Dr. Miller after she notices him picking his nose. However, Maxwell is led to think that Dr. Miller sexually harrassed her.


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Former convict Clive “Double Down” Ruggins (Keegan-Michael Key) thinks he is going in for a normal first visit with his parole officer, Daniel Tate (Jordan Peele (read this)), until he discovers that Tate still uses a conversational method from his days working for the juvenile corrections system: a puppet named Little Homie. Clive finds the idea of speaking to a puppet utterly ridiculous, until his conversation with Little Homie takes a dark turn.

Movies: Though I haven’t seen many of the end-of-the-year movies yet, I felt like this was a strong-ish movie year. But only four films stuck with me.


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Twice in The Thin Blue Line, both involving Goody. The first is when Fowler accidentally gets the gift of lingerie he'd meant for Habib, and the second is when he tries to decide whether or not to go to an illegal lock-in.

This Key and Peele texting sketch is too accurate

It’s easier to draw a hand, particularly a hand that appears to be moving (as Leonardo liked to do), if you know that’s going on underneath the skin. Looking carefully and purposefully at art, at anatomy, at the physical world, at people’s actions, at movies; it’s all the same skill that can be applied to anything.


It’s a mistake to think a dictatorship feels intrinsically different on a day-to-day basis than a democracy does. I’ve lived in one dictatorship and visited several others—there are still movies and work and school and shopping and memes and holidays.

Dan and Diana Goodman: How could I ever forget? This was the moment my life was set. The day that I lost you is as clear as the day we met.


Carrot and Angua's discussion of affirmative action hiring practices in Men at Arms. Carrot admits Angua was probably accepted to the Watch, and Vimes probably isn't happy about this, because she's a w. and Angua interrupts in outrage. Carrot (and, at this point, the reader) thinks Angua was hired because she's a woman; Angua, thinking (correctly) that it's more likely she was hired because she's a werewolf, assumes Carrot knows this. The resulting conversation makes sense both ways.

Played with in "Crystals Are Powerful"; Jake has a flashback of accidentally hurting his brother during a friendly boxing match, after which his father laughs and tells him that he'll "hurt everyone," causing Jake to try to become an Actual Pacifist at the least opportune moment. It takes a vision of his father clarifying that he meant to say that Jake will "hurt everyone who's evil" and that Jake should really let a guy finish next time to snap Jake out of his funk. It is unclear what prevented Jake's father from finishing his sentence or why he didn't clarify his intention at some point in the years since.


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Phantom Thread is director PT Anderson’s latest film, starring Daniel Day-Lewis in what he says is his final movie appearance. As was the case with Anderson’s previous films, The Master and There Will Be Blood, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood did the soundtrack, and it was just earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Original Score.

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In one FoxTrot strip, Andy asked Roger what he thought of her new haircut. Roger thought she was asking about the new brand of beer he was drinking and replied that it didn't have much body and he hoped she hadn't paid a lot of money for it. He then wondered why she ran off crying.


Oh, I hope this doesn’t get derailed. Unless it’s going to be bad, in which case: shelve away!

Nintendo has introduced a new product category that harkens all the way back to Duck Hunt, Robbie the Robot, and papercraft models the company produced in the 70s. Labo is a suite of cardboard peripherals for the Switch that you construct yourself and then play using the Switch console screen and controllers. Pianos, fishing rods, car accelerator pedals.


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I feel like this didn’t get the attention it deserved. Along with OJ: Made in America, one of the best documentaries of recent years in terms of understanding the United States culturally and politically.

A notable one is when Eri idly asks Tenma if she's seen a male body before. Tenma says yes, referring to a wrestling match she had recently gone to with Karasuma. The resulting conversation has Eri thinking Tenma is talking about sex while Tenma describes the various moves she saw at the match.


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You can browse the collection here. They’ve scanned over 4000 of the posters already and there are currently 500 posters available online, but more of them “will incrementally be made accessible online”.

Text Message Confusion - This Key & Peele Sketch Totally Nails How Confusing Texting Can Be

That’s really thrilling and cool to watch. You can check out some of Choir!


The infamous elevator scene from Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. The elevator seemingly can go down to a part of the ship that is flooded.

It allows us to communicate without actually having to speak to one another, which is a huge blessing. These are their 10 funniest sketches ever. Jordan Peele# Keegan-Michael Key# Key & Peele# Key & Peele full episodes# Key and Peele# Rob Riggle# bad bosses# bagels# boss# boss jokes# breakfast# dont you dare. Fee td bank wagaw venturoni roberto pal v 1 price.


In one scene of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Borat speaks to a pregnancy-center pastor, asking him to "remove a baby from his daughter" after Borat had "put the baby in her while giving her pleasure behind a dumpster". This causes the pastor to think that he wants an abortion caused by an incestuous pregnancy, but actually, Tutar simply accidentally swallowed a baby figurine that was on a cupcake. She ate it behind a dumpster because in (the movie version of) Kazakhstan, it's illegal for women to have treats.

The Way of Kings (first book of The Stormlight Archive): Played for Drama in The Reveal at the end of the book. Throughout the book, Dalinar has been having visions in which he thinks he's having Cryptic Conversations with God. After a disaster caused by following what he thought was advice, he demands a direct answer in the next vision, and completely fails to get it. It turns out that the visions aren't conversations at all, they're a magical recording, an Apocalyptic Log. God can't talk to him because God is Dead and the end of the world is about to commence.


I’ve already listed a lot of what I loved about this year — and everything I’ve mentioned appeared as a blog post or a Quick Link on Kottke.org. But two pieces of documentary art stand out for having a different set of ambitions, in search of a different kind of truth about 2021.

In the Get Smart movie, Max attempts to drop hints in the bakery that he is trying to find the secret base hidden underneath. The lady he's speaking to, however, believes she is being hit on and responds that she has a boyfriend, but could make an exception, and the flour sacks in the back are very comfortable.


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The Awl and The Hairpin announced they would be closing up shop at the end of the month, after almost nine years of danged good blogging. Several writers and editors wrote about their favorite pieces; many of them agreed with Jason that Willy Staley’s A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage was a high-water mark.


In Goto's introduction story in My Neighbor Seki, she goes up to Yokoi and tells her the behavior she witnessed between her and Seki was inappropriate for the classroom. Goto thinks Yokoi and Seki are a couple and trying to romance each other during class time. Yokoi thinks she saw Seki playing games like he normally does and admits that she tries to stop him but gets caught up in things.

Text Message Confusion

A pox on the privileged people with their expensive glowing phones and confident, extroverted ease in running their mouths. Us poor introverts are trying to watch the movie.


Substitute Teacher Pt. 1. Clip Season 2 Ep 4 10/17/2020. If you don't find the meme you want, browse all the GIF Templates or upload and save your own animated template using the GIF Maker. You want the latest jokes from lat. An unprepared Clint Eastwood has to step in for him. Each episode of the show consists mainly of several pre-taped skits starring the two actors.

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K&P has the internet and that's how shit spreads now. Chappelle Show was mainly by word of mouth.


In addition to doing the newsletter, Tim is also taking over the posting duties on kottke.org most Fridays. This will free me up to work on other site-related things that I haven’t been able to tackle due to the daily scramble. Again, thanks to member support for making this possible!

Also, I hope that one day I have a prestigious blog, so that I can be part of the chain of "MetaFilter's Own" bloggers that gets to respond to things. And every time, regardless of subject or context, my response will be that gif of a cat smacking a baby in the face.


One of those poor choices, however, was spending a lot of time studying philosophy, literature, mathematics, history, and metaphysics. Jason eventually got me to see that “Ask Dr. Time” didn’t have to be an advice column in a conventional sense. What if readers had problems that didn’t require common sense or finely honed interpersonal skills, but an ability to make sense of abstruse reasoning? What if they didn’t need a fancy Watson but an armchair Wittgenstein? What if kottke.org hosted the first metaphysical advice columnist? That proposition is still absurd, but it’s absurd in an interesting way. And “absurd in an interesting way” is what Dr. Time is all about. Not practical solutions, but philosophical entanglements and disentanglings.

Frasier does the equivalent of moving from Newtonian Physics to Quantum Mechanics to this trope. About a third of the episodes from later seasons are built on this.


In 2021, it was easier to believe in the future. For The Future Library, an art project by Katie Paterson, a thousand trees were planted. In a century, the trees will become part of an anthology of books, written by Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell, among others.

The sooner you can guess, the more coins you earn and you are able to unlock more levels. It's challenging and not all levels are easy. If you're a big fan of tv shows, you won't have any problems with the TV Shows 2 category. But if you're stuck on a level, check out the 100 Pics answers below.

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In Carry On Henry, Henry VIII meets Bettina, who's just returned from her family trip to Spain. They both discuss dancing customs over there as they dance.


Instead of a meme generator app, you can use Kapwing on your phone and computer to create memes from anywhere. B. Big Baybee Brilliant as usual by Key. May 10, 2020 - Discover & share this Thank You GIF with everyone you know. Mar 4, 2020 - There are a lot of beautiful women out and about for Karim and Jahar to see. Watch and create more animated gifs like Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher at [HOST] Watch and.

Everett Daily Herald, November 15, 2020 by Sound ...

Then there is the situation where Haruto's female neighbor asked if there was anything she could do to help him after he helped her earlier. He comments that she could help help him with a load he needs to get out. While he is talking about his dirty laundry, she assumed he wanted to have sex with her.


When Jack has Santa Claus in front of him, Jack thinks he has made Halloween Town merry and is recreating Christmas his own way so Santa Claus can take a break from working this year. However, on Santa Claus's end, he has been suddenly kidnapped and brought out to see a town full of monsters, saying they are taking over his holiday and he is taking a vacation in a less innocent way. Seeing Jack's perspective first, the audience can understand that Jack means no harm but one can see why Santa is more alarmed and his interpretation may appear more accurate.

Veteran substitute teachers protest loss of work L.A

This makes up most of the conversations Cid has with the members of the Shadow's Garden in The Eminence in Shadow. He fully believes that they are playing a game and due to him saving their lives they are playing into it to make him happy. The girls on the other hand know full well that the Diabolos Cult is real and are taking the Shadow's Garden Organization extremely seriously, believing everything he says is to further the Organization.


Haruto is on a trip with an old female friend to which he causally mentions that he met up with someone he hasn't seen in awhile and is happy to be with her. While he was talking about his girlfriend Eba, she believed he was confessing his feelings to her.

In Runaways, little Molly asks her parents about how she's been feeling weird lately. Since she's just about the age of puberty, and her parents are busy, they tell her it's natural and they'll talk to her about it later. Turns out not to be her period, but mutant powers.


In Born a Crime, Trevor Noah recounts an episode in his native South Africa where his dance team was performing at a Jewish school. Their star dancer was named "Hitler". None of the dancers understood the emotional significance of that name in Jewish culture. When one of the teachers raged at them, Noah thought she was offended by their dance moves, and nothing they said cleared up the confusion.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, elephants virtually disappeared from Western Europe. Since there was no real knowledge of how this animal actually looked, illustrators had to rely on oral and written transmissions to morphologically reconstruct the elephant, thus reinventing an actual existing creature. This tree diagram traces the evolution of the elephant depiction throughout the middle ages up to the age of enlightenment.


A heartwarming example in Life Is Beautiful: For the second half of the movie Guido, along with his wife Doris and son Giosuè, are sent to a concentration camp. Guido goes to great lengths to prevent his son from developing trauma from this by preventing him from finding out that they're there to work to death, instead making him believe these jobs are all part of a game, and the prize for winning is a tank. At the end of the film, the Nazis have fled the camp after killing anyone they can find, and the Jews all leave, until only Giosuè remains, his father convincing him to hide. Just as Giosuè leaves his hiding space, an American tank rolls in to camp, and the drivers take him with them until they find his mother. Giosuè still believes what his father told him, and believes that the tank was theirs, so as he is reunited with his mother, he happily cries out that they won, while his mother says the same thing, only she is referring to the fact that they survived.

In the Season 2 episode "Phases", Xander confronts Larry the bully about his secret, which Xander can understand because he's been there before. Xander's talking about being a werewolf. Larry's talking about being a closeted homosexual. Later on in the episode, Buffy and Xander chat about the day's events, and Xander says he'll have trouble ever looking at him the same way again. Buffy's talking about the werewolf, Oz, but Xander's talking about Larry.


Diane: (while walking with Rick to the office) No, no, we don't need to hear from Mr. Skeptic. Rick here is after something and I can show him where it is.

The Scrubs episode "My Own Private Practice Guy". JD thinks Dr Cox is jealous of the time he's spending with Dr Fischer - he actually hates Fischer for having an affair with Jordan.


The teenage protagonist wants to buy some condoms from a chemist. However, for whatever reason he's incapable of actually using the word 'condom' and instead refers to them by a series of increasingly bizarre euphemisms that confuses the chemist into thinking he wants to buy some party supplies.

Happens twice in My Cousin Vinny - first case is a Mistaken Confession, second is a pure instance of this trope. Vinny is introducing himself to his cousin's friend and preparing to represent him in court, but he thinks Vinny is a prisoner preparing to rape him.


Find trending Key And Peele GIFs from 2020 on Gfycat. Spider man 3 movie wallpapers free. Over 38, 749 video posts sorted by time, relevancy, and popularity. But cringingly that's exactly what's happened to these unfortunate women, who have learnt the hard way the dangers of our interconnected, instant messaging times. Key and Peele previously worked on Mad TV.

In Taisho Baseball Girls, there is a scene where Koume's father discovers she has been sneaking out of the house at certain times. The reason is because she has been playing baseball, but he thinks it's because she is dating a certain boy. As a result, they later get into an argument in which Koume thinks the subject is baseball, while her father thinks it is dating.


In Chapter 171, the Tabletop Gaming Club is working on a board game, but Karen from the school newspaper (who's on the phone and never trusted them in the first place) misinterprets everything they say and comes to the conclusion that they're running a prostitution ring, counterfeiting money, and planning acts of terrorism. At one point the club president Makkii-senhai even outright says "Are we on the same page here? We're just talking about a game", but Karen misinterprets that too and ends up believing that Makkii-senhai is a psychopath. It all ends with Karen calling the police on the club, and then having to apologize after everything is cleared up.

As I said on Instagram, I prioritized experiences over things this year. But because things like books, movies, and TV shows are easier to summarize and review, I kept most of the experiences for myself. You have to hold some things back or you lose your edges.


There are a ton of videos on YouTube that show Ronaldinho’s skill and best goals. But my two favorite Ronaldinho moments are decidedly less dramatic.

In one Questionable Content strip, Hannerlore has been watching Marigold play World of Warcraft, and her enthusiastic description of it could be interpreted as something sexual. Will deliberately encourages her to continue while pretending he's just interested. Mar figures it out and is not amused, but Hanners remains clueless.


Big Little Lies was very solid and enjoyable, but the last episode was some of the best television I’ve ever seen. Zoom out a little, and The Defiant Ones was actually about creativity, collaboration, and management.

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How are operators of the alert system involved in the design of their tools? How have those tools changed over time, across staff changes and feedback rounds? How do ‘near-misses’ happen with this system? How many operators are familiar with these tools and how many are new?


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Waverly: No. You're not crazy. OK. I'm not sure I'm really ready to. get into it.

They have celebrated its poverty. They have tried to profit from its poverty. They wanted it to be a shithole.


In the first episode of Key & Peele, we met Luther (Keegan-Michael Key), the anger translator for President Obama (Jordan Peele). Luter interprets Obama’s calm delivery into vicious rants complemented with a furious energy that sends him parading up and down the Oval Office.

We set the standard Camera App to “Pano” Mode and flew for 2-7 minutes at 220+ Knots on a perfectly straight line and we witnessed the iPhone effectively paint the landscape like a roller brush. It produced a stunningly high quality image that I’d never before seen before from any smartphone!


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For instance, we tend to associate writing with official culture. We ask for papers, and papers are official. An official record has an official written form that unofficial forms of writing or any form of speech are considered less proper. Literacy and paper are also widespread enough that we expect everyone to have some paper.

The misfortune of sexting pics to your parents is not something you want to do in any way, shape, or form. But cringingly that's exactly what's happened to these unfortunate women, who have learnt the hard way the dangers of our interconnected, instant messaging times. Because lets face it, if you are going to send sexting pics to the wrong person, your parents will be the last people on earth you would choose to be the recipient.


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A commercial features a husband and wife talking about how they've "been waiting so long" and hoping something has "turned blue" and how excited they both are. She's talking about a pregnancy test. He's talking about the new cans that change color when the beer inside is at the ideal temperature.

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Next to Normal manages to do this with the very same dialogue during "How Could I Ever Forget". Diana, who has lost her memory from electroshock therapy, has suddenly remembered the day that her son died. Singing the title of the song, she wonders how she could have forgotten such a thing. Dan, who remembers it clearly since it was the day he lost both his son and Diana (in a sense) sings the title asking how he could possibly forget it.


The final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has a Dead Person Conversation between the main character Kira and his ex-girlfriend Flay, who was just killed in front of him. The dialogue on first watch makes it seem as if they are holding a conversation about his regret over her death, but on second watch, it becomes clear that he's not even responding to what she is saying to him. Word of God is that this was intentional, as the scene was meant to illustrate what Flay wanted to tell Kira, but now never could, even though sadly he can't hear her because she's a ghost.

Happens with disastrous consequences in Don't Breathe: when the robbery begins, Money confronts the Blind Man and is asked what the robbers want. Money says that they know what’s in the basement and aren’t leaving without it, referring to the money they think is stored there. The Blind Man promptly flips out and begins trying to murder the robbers because he doesn’t have money in his basement; he has a kidnapped woman imprisoned there and thinks the robbers know too much.


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It’s a review of the best kottke.org posts and links from 2021. You can sign up for Noticing if you find this kind of thing appealing.

Yeah, to Matt's point, we're clearly a few years away from having Quiet Car theaters (Alamo) and connected theaters. The vocal minority who sent me death threats & prank calls today think this development can be stopped, amusingly, by shouting it down.


Then, Jenny is brought to a private meeting with the President, who spells out ELE. Jenny realizes something is off but smartly acts like she knows more than she really does and the President thinks she's figured it out. Thus, the President figures that if she "knows," it's only a matter of time before others do and agrees to have Jenny be the first person he calls on at the press conference announcing all this.

Pops up from time to time in Eroninja due to Naruto's polyamorous relationship being kept secretnote. One such instance includes Kushina reassuring Mebuki that while she does hate missing so much of Naruto's life, she's determined to make up for it repeatedly and vigorously.


My suggestion was quite simple: Put that needed code number in a little capsule, and then implant that capsule right next to the heart of a volunteer. The volunteer would carry with him a big, heavy butcher knife as he accompanied the President. If the President ever wanted to fire nuclear weapons, the only way he could do so would be for him first, with his own hands, to kill one human being.

Every generation deserves to have its own dreams for the future of the book dashed against the wall. For reference, here is a timeline Microsoft-nice, safe, Word-and-Office Microsoft -put forward back in 1999.


Talking at the Movies, Cultural Hegemony, and Menswear BloggingAugust 8, 2021 4:12 PM Subscribe

When I was a kid, there was nothing I was more interested in than computers. My dad bought one of the first available IBM PC-compatibles on the market. I’ve read and watched a ton about the PC revolution. I used online services like Prodigy. And the web, well, I’ve gotten to experience that up close and personal. One of the reasons I love Halt and Catch Fire so much is that it so lovingly and accurately depicts this world that I’ve been keenly interested in for the past 35 years of my life. Someone made a TV show about my thing and it was great, a successor to Mad Men great. Getting to be a microscopically tiny part of that?

Earl is expressing concern about Randy, who has run off to prove he can make it on his own. Catalina is expressing concern about Mr. Turtle, who has gotten lost after Joy accidentally drives to the Crab Shack without him. Hilarity Ensues as Earl thinks Catalina is talking about Randy, too.


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The worst was a brick, which they intended to use for measuring experimental error. Even that “did better than we expected it to do,” says Davis.

Property title search free uk dating. Discover & share this Reaction GIF with everyone you know. To create an animated GIF template, choose a video in the GIF Maker and click "Save as Template". Obama's Anger Translator - The Unaired Sketches. Facebook; Twitter; Email; Embed; watch full episode.


February 2020 – The Cinephile's Corner.

Rewatched it all the way through for the first time since it aired. One of the all-time great TV shows.

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The Cure of Diseases at a distance or at least by Transplantation. Not quite sure exactly what Boyle meant by this, but human organ transplants started happening around the turn of the 20th century. X-rays, MRI machines, and ultrasound all peer inside the body for disease from a distance. Also, doctors are now able to diagnose many conditions via video chat.


In Bernie, Bernie tries to confess to one of his friends that he'd killed an old lady. He uses such elliptical terms that she thinks he's admitting that he's gay, and assures him that everybody loves him, just the way he is.

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The tracking shot of a lemur jumping from tree to tree is one of the first things you see in the first episode and it put my jaw right on the floor. It’s so close and fluid, how did they do that? Going into the series, I thought it was going to be more of the same — Planet Earth but with new stories, different animals, etc - but this is really some next-level shit.

On one episode of Just Shoot Me, Maya gets Elliot a game system for his birthday, while Recurring Character Persky got him sex toys as a gag. Unbeknownst to either of them, Dennis has switched the two gifts. Thus, Elliot interprets Maya's invitation to play a few games as her wanting to engage in S&M (saying that she's going to beat him and make him cry certainly doesn't clear things up any), while Persky thinks Elliot wants to do the same.


Before they start to sing Toto’s Africa, the Angel City Chorale perfectly imitates a thunderstorm by rubbing their hands together, snapping, and stomping their feet. You might want some headphones for this one.

About Key & Peele: Key & Peele showcases the. Funny Gay Marriage episode by Key and Peele. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Kapwing supports most image, GIF, and video files including mp4, mov, gif, jpg, png, avi, and more. Key and Peele is getting the movie treatment.


Pinafore song "Never Mind The Whys And Wherefores" is about Captain Corcoran and Sir Porter telling Josephine that rank is no barrier when it comes to love. They think they're saying this in the context of the middle class Josephine marrying the upper class Sir Porter, while she's interpreting it as permission to marry the lower class Ralph Rackstraw.

Email was invented in 1972, the year before I was born, but is still going strong. The email newsletter has re-emerged in recent years as a unique way to connect with readers, distinct from social media or publishing on the web. So Tim Carmody and I have teamed up to launch Noticing, a free email newsletter.


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I was just trying to be helpful. I thought it might be fun to try something different.

Gotrocks: Yes, and for the first time in my life, I'm enjoying myself. No nagging, no phone calls, no decisions to make.


Prisoner of Azkaban has pretty much everything the title character, Sirius Black, says leading up to The Reveal near the climax. In the backstory, after betraying Harry's family to Voldemort (who meant to kill baby Harry but only managed to off the kid's parents) and killing his other former friend Peter Pettigrew (in an explosion that also killed a dozen Muggles), all Sirius did was laugh. Before inexplicably escaping Azkaban, he was repeatedly heard saying "He's at Hogwarts" in his sleep. When Harry and company finally meet him, Sirius says "There'll be only one murder here tonight" with a grin when Ron warns that Sirius will have to go through him and Hermione to get to Harry. Then he says "I don't deny it" when Harry declares that Sirius killed Harry's parents, and "I want to commit the murder I was imprisoned for" after revealing that Peter is still alive, but as it turns out, Sirius intends to avenge Harry's parents by killing Peter, the real traitor. In truth, though Sirius had started out as the Potters' appointed Secret Keeper (meaning that nobody could find the Potters unless he revealed their location), he later convinced them to make Peter the Secret-Keeper instead, under the assumption that nobody would suspect Peter.

The animation is filled to the brim with new stuff I’ve never tried before. I animated with branches and leaves, paper, clay, fabric, fishing lures, forks and stones and moss and EVERYTHING I could think of.


I had a girlfriend rage on me the day of our anniversary because she thought I was being cold. I had arranged a dinner on a bay cruise and all.

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It almost seemed like you wouldn't be able to stay it was so loud but then it was adjusted. Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele created this short video via Comedy Central to show the confusion that people have when they send and read text messages. Destroy all 4 to receive this. Content creation made easy, accessible, and collaborative. In every group of 3 white.


Daredevil (2021): In an early episode of season 1, Matt shows up to the office sporting a nasty bruise over his right eye from a fight with the Russians. Foggy and Karen ask him what happened and Matt shrugs, saying, "Yeah, yeah, I wasn't paying attention last night.

Dank memes, funny memes, dark memes. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. I know people who have seen it, but I don't think I've heard anyone quote it in real life, and people quoted Chapelle's Show skits all the time. Kapwing is the only meme maker that supports video memes. Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains (Parts 1-3) Key and Peele.


Time is a nickname some friends gave me within the last couple of years. Its origin is silly, as nicknames’ often are: “Tim” autocorrects to “Time,” so hasty typing in a private Slack turns into a pseudo-persona. I also like that it’s a slant rhyme on Doctor Doom, my favorite supervillain. And in case you haven’t noticed, I have a pretty strong interest in time.

Professional photographers and the agencies & publications that employ them are essential in bearing witness to the atrocities and injustices and triumphs and breakthroughs of the world and helping us understand what’s happening out there. It’s worth seeking out what they saw this year.


As you can see, the output cipher text changes everytime you change the key

The Flintstones: In "The Tycoon", millionaire J. L. Gotrocks runs off to have a little fun, and his associates hire Fred to replace him due to his strong resemblance to him. Meanwhile, Wilma and the Rubbles hear of Fred allegedly going around town with lots of cash, leading to a confrontation where Barney calls out "Fred" for acting like a rude, stuck-up jerk, while Gotrocks thinks he's one of his associates come to take him back to the office.

Carl: Well, excuse me, but I think once a week is pretty darn good considering my back problem! And besides, you can help, you know.


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But we have to remember that we’re always much more able to make fine distinctions about technology deployed in our own lifetime, rather than what develops over epochs of human culture. Compared to that collision of oral and literate cultures in the Eastern Mediterranean that gave us poetry, philosophy, drama, and rhetoric in the classical period, or the nexus of troubadours, scholastics, printers, scientific meddlers and explorers that gave us the Renaissance, our own collision of multiple media cultures is probably quite small.

In a video for Audi, Candide Thovex skis in locations around the world without any snow. He skis in the jungle, on water, on volcanic ash, down sand dunes, and across the Great Wall of China. The sand dunes in particular look incredibly fun. I wonder how many pairs of skis he ripped up making this?


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A similar gag worked in "Simpsons Did It", where the boys think that Sea-People and Semen (aka Sea-Men) are interchangeable. This leads to one of these conversations with Chef, whose initial reaction is to push the couch (with the boys on it) outside his house and close the door.

For the latest installment of Nerdwriter, Evan Puschak explains the distinct brand of physical comedy practiced by Rowan Atkinson, best known for his character Mr. Bean. For my money, this scene of Mr. Bean running late for a dentist appointment is one of the funniest things ever put on screen.


In Little Deceptions, Master of Disguise Blank Slate is the perfect thief, able to flawlessly change identities at the drop of a hat to the point where the narrative calls him by his newly adopted persona. Everything goes according to plan until Princess Celestia shows up, sits down next to him, and addresses him by his real name, a name he hasn't used in 15 years. She talks about how unfortunate it was that a thief was robbing people for fun, but how there was always a second chance available to ponies like that, if only they turned their talents towards good. She then bids him good luck in guarding the vault for the rest of the evening, but states that he won't need it, as with a vigilant guard like him on duty, there won't be any problems. Blank Slate gets the message, and spends the rest of the evening guarding the vault himself before turning himself in in the morning so he can turn over a new leaf. It's revealed in the epilogue that Princess Celestia had no idea that he was the thief at all, having actually mistaken him for a new guard.

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Half a century after Marvin Chester Stone found grass in his julep, Joseph B. Friedman was sitting at his brother’s fountain parlor, the Varsity Sweet Shop, in the 1930s, watching his little daughter Judith fuss over a milkshake. She was drinking out of a paper straw, so we can be assured that the milkshake did not taste like grass. But since Stone’s paper straw was designed to be straight, little Judith was struggling to drink it up.


In an episode of The Middle, Brad asked for Mike's advice on whether or not he should reveal a certain unspecified secret to Sue. Mike responded under the assumption that he was talking about coming out of the closet, and didn't find out until later that he was talking about something else entirely.

The “Parry-Lord hypothesis” was that oral poetry, from every culture where it exists, has certain distinctive features, and that we can see these features in the Homeric poems—specifically, in the use of formulae, which enable the oral poet to compose at the speed of speech. A writer can pause for as long as she or he wants, to ponder the most fitting adjective for a particular scene; she can also go back and change it afterwards, on further reflection—as in the famous anecdote about Oscar Wilde, who labored all morning to add a comma, and worked all afternoon taking it out. Oral performers do not use commas, and do not have the luxury of time to ponder their choice of words. They need to be able to maintain fluency, and formulaic features make this possible.


Key & Peele: Karim and Jahar

Potent Druggs to alter or Exalt Imagination, Waking, Memory, and other functions, and appease pain, procure innocent sleep, harmless dreams, etc. Dude, we have so many Potent Druggs now, it’s not even funny. According to a 2021 report, the global pharmaceutical market will reach $1/12 trillion.

Spaced: Marsha has seen Tim kissing his girlfriend, believing him to already in a relationship with Daisy. When she confronts him about this, however, Tim —unaware of this — believes her to be talking about a birthday cake he's arranged for Daisy's birthday.


In one episode, the boys think they're talking to rival talent agents when they were really talking to the mob. They managed to convince them to give up their life of crime despite the difference.

A sinister example in the Ruth Rendell novel, The Lake of Darkness. One character is trying to do a good deed with a pool win, and is offering to buy a house for another character and his mother in the country. The other character thinks he's being hired as a hitman.


During the verses, Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison each recited different verses of poetry simultaneously, with each track panned strictly to the left and right. For the choruses, Maureen Tucker and Doug Yule sang different lyrics and melodies at the same time, also separated left and right.

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In a The Big Bang Theory alternate universe Shamy story, Sheldon and Amy are talking about faking a relationship. Sheldon thinks they're talking about faking to the point of even having sex, Amy thinks they're talking about his acting ability. She asks him to practice with Penny, he's aghast.


In "Two Boats and a Lifeguard", Nucky Thompson takes Owen Sleater aside to question Owen about what he was doing when Nucky got shot, at a time when he was supposed to be on duty. Owen says that he was visiting an old friend. Nucky pointedly asks him if that friend was from Ireland by any chance.

The history of Haiti is weird because it is absurdly well-documented, yet totally poorly known. It’s hard not to attribute that to ideology. We don’t teach the Haitian Revolution the way we teach the American, or the French, or the Mexican, because it’s a complicated story. Kids are more likely to hear variations of “Haiti formed a pact with the devil to defeat Napoleon” (this is real thing, I swear) than Toussaint Louverture’s or Jean-Jacques Dessalines’s names.


If they had just switched all the minor stuff to major it would sound, well, pretty hilarious but less like a radio-ready pop song. This is not to take away from the joy of this clever reimagining.

I got a sneak peek at the first few episodes of Blue Planet II, and it certainly is a great program. I watched it with my kids and they were riveted the entire time.


Showcasing Keegan-Michael Key’s gift for physical comedy and Jordan Peele’s spot-on impersonation of Barack Obama, this recurring sketch is the duo at their best. In fact, the character of Luther was so popular that Obama himself actually invited Key to portray him at the 2021 White House Correspondent Dinner.

While all of these devices are more multimedia-capable than an analog printed book, the differences between their capabilities is vast, and designing around those differences is no easy task. So Amazon has done what I think any of us might do given those requirements, and basically de-formed the book, deemphasizing page design and anything else that might not cross over to devices with different screen sizes, media capabilities, and affordances.


In the short story, Story Of A Curse, while stopping by a Planet of the Week, a starship captain has sex with a Girl of the Week after exchanging what he thinks are sweet nothings. When she objects to his leaving her with their child, he reminds her that she had been as eager as he was in their liaison, that he had never seen anyone freer. However, this was because what, to him, were sweet nothings were actually wedding vows in her culture, and the woman is understandably devastated to find that he never had any intention of honoring them.

There were so many essays and features and pop-up op-eds and shameless resistance grifters and rust belt whisperers that all tried to explain what was really happening in 2021. Almost always reporting either from a small red-state town or the comforts of one’s own imagination. And almost always thoroughly ignoring what was happening in the wider world in favor of warmed-over anecdotes and armchair realpolitik. All that noise nearly drowned out a few moments genuine insight. That’s always the case, but it all felt sharper this year.


Da Capo: As Junichi and Nemu set off for school, they start talking about who should get married first, and Junichi decides that they should get married at the same time. Nemu immediately assumes he means to each other, and the practical-thinking Junichi doesn't understand why Nemu's getting so flustered. And just a moment later as Nemu threatens to deliver a Megaton Punch, Sakura suddenly admonishes them that they can't do "that", because they're brother and sister. Both siblings take it the wrong way and start realizing their feelings for each other, until Sakura finishes her sentence—that siblings shouldn't hit each other.

The Kingdom Hearts fanfic The Renegades features a chapter in which Axel and Larxene start a conversation in which tea is used as a euphemism for sex, and the other Nobodies start joining in on the wordplay. Eventually, Lexaeus enters the conversation, and completely misinterprets their meaning, remarking that there's probably enough tea to go around. The others burst into laughter while Lex blinks, confused.


On another episode, Rachel reads a book about female empowerment that refers to women's power as their "wind", which is constantly stolen by men. Ross asks her if she's ready to go to the movies and she says no, she will not let him steal her wind. Ross hasn't read the book and has no clue what she's talking about.

Chef: Oh, children, that's a problem we all have to face at one time or another. Here, let me sing you a little song that might cheer you up: ♪Sometimes you kill your teacher / And they find your semen in her stomach / And then you—♪ Wait, what the— WHAT!


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Peter: [smiling politely] Oh yes. That's why I've come back for some more.

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Very few people have held out more hope for the digital transformation of the book than me. I used to run a website called Bookfuturism. I wrote, at length, in The Atlantic, at Wired, at The Verge, at any magazine or website that would have me, about the possibility of a new reading avant-garde.


In the third book from The Legend of Sun Knight, Knight-Captain Hell goes to see his vice captain Tyler, who has been acting captain since Hell was sent on a mission years ago, and with whom Hell has never met before. Tyler thinks that they are arguing over who should rightfully be leading Hell's squadron, as Hell has been gone and Tyler is the one who has completed all of his duties for a number of years. Hell is only trying to confirm that he's talking to the right person, and then confess that he's not the person who was actually appointed as Hell Knight, but rather was tricked by Sun into filling in for the position after the real Hell Knight quit. Tyler mistakes the confession for Hell agreeing that he shouldn't be able to return after years of absence and claim command of the squadron.

Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield at ICP Museum. A retrospective of Greenfield’s photographic survey of wealth.


Kaguya gets buried under a mountain of embarrassment due to the fact that she thought that a couple "doing it" meant kissing. Both Shirogane and Fujiwara were thinking that Kaguya was a little too cavalier when she admitted that she had "done it" with her newborn nephew.

This also happens for much of the movie with a kindly old woman Beavis keeps meeting on public transit. She thinks they're talking about gambling in Vegas. He thinks they're talking about sex.


The practicable and certain way of finding Longitudes. When pushed to its limits, GPS is accurate in determining your location on Earth to within 11 millimeters.

In The Men from the Ministry Sir Gregory is being interviewed on Ministry's Hospitality budgets on the TV-program Panorama. However due to mistake caused by the General Assistance Department the Interviewer Robin Gay thinks he is interviewing Sir Gregory about sex in the civil service.


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Harriette: Sure, she's part of the family! Carl, it's just that you do the same thing over and over, all summer long, every single Saturday.

Microsoft lync 2020 meeting icon missing. Crush all ten of them to stamp that out. Key & Peele: Toked and Stoked. Funny Gifs Keyboard Image Name: funny-weird-keyboard-cat-playing-piano File Size: 400 x 400 pixels (191726 bytes) Image Name: funny-gif-cat-playing-piano File Size: 500 x 500 pixels (368568 bytes) Image Name: black and white piano cat gif. The sketch "Substitute Teacher" from the popular Comedy Central series starring Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key has been picked up by Paramount.


I'm not going to do anything to you. I'm just saying that that's what happens. It's a psychological reaction to what you're experiencing.