There is a weird issue going on with the Forest that many players seem to have been facing. Due to this issue, whenever these players try to launch the co-op mode of the game, they get an error stating “Steam not initialized the Forest”.

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The Forest steam key for free

Maia is a sneaky, devious witch of an indeterminable age. She speaks rarely of her past, and is shrouded in mystery, which makes her hard to trust.


Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom the map.

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After a reboot i got the same error again. I tryed to do this again and i always work after reinstalling steam.

It could also be that there is something currently missing in the game’s files or they are bugging out. If that is so, then this could be fixed by reinstalling the game.


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Aiyana is a shy, softly-spoken girl born to a family of shamans. Her hair is pure white, which is unusual in the village from where she hails. As a result of her strange looks, she was often bullied during her youth.


Pressing F2 one more time will allow an additional log menu. Whenever you use the F1 text box to plug in certain commands, it will write it into the log. This is useful for when certain commands don't seem to work as the log will usually give the reason why it isn't working properly.

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She worries frequently about burdening Yaya, but Yaya is quick to reassure her. Unbeknownst to Aiyana, it is because of her steadfast support that Yaya is able to remain so eternally optimistic.


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Yaya, Aiyana, and Koko were childhood friends. Born in the same village, they spent their days in peace, and they vowed to always stay together.

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The Forest Steam Crack 1.12 Download + Multiplayer Game Crack

Insert the name of the mutant you wish to spawn. The list below features all the mutants currently within the game.

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This command allows you to utilize the coordinates the player is at in order to teleport there immediately. While there are specific names for certain areas (ex: sinkhole), it'll be easier to travel by way of X, Y, and Z coordinates.

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Steam Community: : The Forest

Maia loves flirting with cute girls more than anything, and shes very hands-on. She and Yaya often butt heads over this, and they can often be found bickering.


If you want to know your own coordinates, press F2 and look at the top-center of your screen. You should see several statistics, but down near the bottom-left of that screen you should also see x, y, and z coordinates.