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Mulcahy, M. F. & Smith, I. W. (1969). Kinetics of Combustion of Pulverized Fuel: A Review of Theory and Experiment.


Acknowledgment In conducting a series of studies on the carbon combustion, I have been assisted by many of my former graduate and undergraduate students, as well as research staffs, in Shizuoka University, being engaged in researches in the field of mechanical engineering for twenty years as a staff, from a research associate to a full professor. Here, I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of them who have participated in researches for exploring combustion of solid carbon.

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The first appears when both of the surface reactions occur infinitely fast such that YO,s and YP,s both vanish, yielding Eq. (45). The second appears when the surface C-CO2 reaction occurs infinitely fast in the limit of the Flame-detached mode, which again yields Eq. (45). It is of interest to note that in the first situation the reactivity of the gas-phase CO-O2 reaction is irrelevant, whereas in the second the reactivity of the surface C-O2 reaction is irrelevant. While the transfer numbers  are the same in both cases, the combustion rates, thereby the oxygen supply rates, are slightly different each other, as shown in Fig, 1(b), because of the different density coupling, related to the flame structures. Note that the limiting solutions identified herein provide the counterparts of those previously derived (Libby & Blake, 1979; Makino & Law, 1986) for the carbon particle, and generalize the solution of Matsui & Tsuji (1987) with including the surface C-CO2 reaction.

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Proton exchange membrane and electrode surface areas as factors that affect power generation in microbial fuel cells. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 70, 162-169.

The sucrose fuel cell: efficient biomass conversion using a microbial catalyst. Biotechnology Letters 7, 699704.


Data points are experimental and solid curves are calculated from theory. The nondimensional temperature can be converted into conventional one by multiplying q/(cpF) = 5387 K.

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The medium pH was initially adjusted to 6/5 and the inoculums were introduced into the media at ambient temperature. The inoculated cultures were incubated at 30°C. The bacteria were fully grown in a 100ml flask without any agitation for the duration of 24 hours. Substrate consumption was calculated based on determination of the remaining sugars in the culture. Growth was monitored by measuring the optical density (OD at 620nm).


Further experimental comparisons are made for test specimens with C=1/82103 kg/m3 (Makino, et al, 1994), with kinetic parameters obtained herein. Figure 8(a) compares predicted results with experimental data in airflow of 200 s-1 at an atmospheric pressure. The gas-phase Damköhler number is evaluated to be Dag= 3104 from the present kinetic parameter, while Dag = 4105 from the value in the literature (Howard, et al, 1973). The ignition surfacetemperature is estimated to be Ts,ig 1476 K from the ignition analysis.

The model can provide a guideline of mass transfer describing the transport mechanisms of the target species through liquid membrane, and predict the extraction efficiency. Normally, different types of the extractants, their concentration and transport mechanisms (diffusion and facilitated transport or carrier-mediated transport) play important roles on the extraction efficiency. The facilitated transport mechanism relates to the reaction flux of chemical reaction between the target species and the selected single extractant or synergistic extractant to form complex species (Bringas et al, 2009; Kittisupakorn et al, 2007; Ortiz et al, 1996). In principle, the metal-ion transport through the membrane phase occurs when the metal ions react with the selected extractant at the interface between feed phase or aqueous phase and liquid membrane phase, consequently the generated complex species diffuse through the membrane phase. In this work, we developed a mathematical model describing the effect of reaction flux on facilitated transport mechanism of copper ions through the HFSLM system because copper is used extensively in many manufacturing processes, for example, electroplating, electronic industry, hydrometallurgy, etc. Therefore, copper ions, which are toxic and nonbiodegradable, may contaminate wastewaters and cause environmental problems and health effects if no appropriate treatment is taken (Lin & Juang, 2001; Ren et al, 2007).


Electrical breakdown, electropermeabilization and electrofusion. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, 105, 175–256.

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Boonkird, S; Phisalaphong, C. & Phisalaphong, M. (2008). Ultrasound-assisted extraction of capsaicinoids from Capsicum frutescens on a lab- and pilot-plant scale.

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In case of LM with potassium carbonate theoretical and experimental dependencies show a significant increase in the time of unsteady transfer for highly concentrated solutions up to 800 seconds. This is the result of the CO2 consumption by a non-saturated potassium carbonate solution during its diffusion through the liquid phase. The more concentrated the solution, the more time is needed for its saturation.

The rate of formation of a product is easily evaluated at steady-state condition for inlet and outlet concentrations. The dilution rate, D, is defined as D=V/F which characterizes the inverse retention time. The dilution rate is equal to the number of fermentation vessel volumes that pass through the vessel per unit time. D is the reciprocal of the mean residence time(Najafpour, 2007). At steady-state condition, there is no accumulation. Therefore, the material balance is reduced to.


Erratum: Bug juice: Harvesting electricity with microorganisms. Nature Reviews Microbiology 4, 797.

As for the constant  assumption, while enabling considerable simplification, it introduces 50%-70% errors in the transport properties of the gas in the present temperature range. However, these errors are acceptable for far greater errors in the chemical reaction rates. Furthermore, they are anticipated to be reduced due to the change of composition by the chemical reactions.


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Here, an extension of the worthwhile contributions is made along the following directions. First, simultaneous presence of the surface C-O2 and C-CO2 reactions and the gas-phase CO-O2 reaction are included, so as to allow studies of surface reactions over an extended range of its temperatures, as well as examining their coupling with the gas-phase reaction. Second, a set of generalized coupling functions (Makino & Law, 1986) are conformed to the present flow configuration, in order to facilitate mathematical development and/or physical interpretation of the results.


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Utilization of electrically reduced neutral red by Actinobacillus succinogenes: physiological function of neutral red in membrane-driven fumarate reduction and energy conservation. Journal of Bacteriology 181, 2403.

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Ramakul, P, Pattaweekongka, W. & Pancharoen, U. (2005). Selective separation of trivalent and tetravalent lanthanide from mixture by hollow fiber supported liquid membrane.


Thus, the C-CO2 and CO-O2 reactions can form a loop. Similarly, the C-H2O reaction (R4), generating CO and H2, is also important when the combustion environment consists of an appreciable amount of water.

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Chapter conclusion MFC produce current through the action of bacteria that can pass electrons to an anode, the negative electrode of a fuel cell. The electrons flow from the anode through a wire to a cathode The idea of making electricity using biological fuel cell may not be new in theory, certainly as a practical method of energy production it is quite new. Some of MFCs don’t need mediators for transfer electrons but some of others need mediators in anode chamber for transfer electrons to anode surface. Bioelectricity production from pure glucose by S cerevisiae in dual chambered MFC was successfully carried out in batch and continuous modes. Potassium permanganate was used as oxidizing agent in cathode chamber to enhance the voltage.


Selection of a variant of Geobacter sulfurreducens with enhanced capacity for current production in microbial fuel cells. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24, 3498-3503.

Physical methods of food treatment. Moscow: Pischevaya promyshlennost (in Russian). Sack, M, & Bluhm, H. (2008). New Measurement Methods for an Industrial Scale Electroporation Facility for Sugar Beets, IEEE Trans. Industry Applications, Vol 44, No 4, July-August 2008: 1074-1083. Sack, M, Eing, C, Stangle, R, Wolf, A, Muller, G, Sigler, J. & Stukenbrock, L. (2009). Electric Measurement of the Electroporation Efficiency of Mash from Wine Grapes. IEEE T Dielect El In, 16, 1329-1337. Serša, G, Čemaar & Rudolf, Z. (2003). Electrochemotherapy: advantages and drawbacks in treatment of cancer patients.


The surface images of the graphite plate electrode were successfully obtained by SEM. The image from the surface of graphite electrode before and after experimental run was taken. The sample specimen size was 1cm×1cm for SEM analysis.

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Where: M H2S or CO2 molecular weight Ro Universal gas constant T Absolute temperature m Mass of the absorbing substance within the bubbler Q Gas volumetric flow measured at standard conditions Figure 2 shows that MEA and DEA exhibit similar H2S and CO2 absorbing capacities and that they depend on their concentration in water. They exhibit a minimum around 20% and a maximum around 7/5% of volumetric concentration. These results indicate that scrubbing systems should work around 7/5% for applications where H2S removal is the main concern or higher than 50% where CO2 removal is the main objective. However at this high concentration it was observed that amines traces cause corrosion on metallic components, especially when they are made of bronze. Finally, figure 2 shows that on average at 7/5% of MEA or DEA concentration in water their absorbing capacity is of 5/37 and 410/1 g of H2S and CO2, respectively, per Kg of MEA or DEA.


A novel electrochemically active and Fe(III)-reducing bacterium phylogenetically related to Aeromonas hydrophila, isolated from a microbial fuel cell. FEMS Microbiology Letters 223, 129-134.

At higher temperatures, say, higher than 1000 K, CO formation is the preferred route and the relative contribution from (R1) can be considered to be negligible (Arthur, 1951). Thus, reaction (R2) will be referred to as the C-O2 reaction. Comparing (R2) and (R3), as alternate routes of CO production, the C-O2 reaction is the preferred route for CO production at low temperatures, in simultaneous presence of O2 and CO2. It can be initiated around 600 K and saturated around 1600 K, proceeding infinitely fast, eventually, relative to diffusion.


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HA Henry’s constant of component A Molar concentration of component A in gas phase yA xA Mass concentration of component A in liquid phase It is determined in a temperature and pressure controlled close box by measuring the equilibrium concentration of the component in both gas and liquid phase. Therefore, it requires spectrophotometric or chromatographic analysis to determine component concentration in the liquid phase (Wark, 2000). It has been observed that H2S concentrations in amines solutions are highly sensible to pressure and temperature, making spectrophotometric or chromatographic analysis hardly suitable for this application. For this reason literature does not report amines H2S and CO2 absorbing capacity. As an alternative it was proposed to determine the H2S and CO2 absorbing capacity of the amines by using the gas bubbler setup illustrated in figure 1. This set up looks for a full interaction of the gas stream with the absorbing substance such that it can be assumed thermodynamic equilibrium at the liquid-gas inter phase. Experiments are conducted under standard conditions of pressure and temperature (101 kPa, 25oC). To ensure constant temperature for exothermic or endothermic reactions the set up is placed inside a controlled temperature water bath. Temperature, pressure, gas flow and degree of water dilution of the absorbing substance are measured. The amount of solution in the bubbler is kept constant in 0/5 L. Table 4 describes the variables measured and their requirements in terms of resolution and range.

The relationship between W and cell permeabilization was evaluated systematically by examining the variation of specific energy input per pulse (from 2/5 to 22000 J/kg) and the number of pulses (np =1-200; pulse repetition = 1 Hz). The Zp value induced by the treatment increased continuously with the specific pulse energy as well as with the pulse numbers.


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Moreover, PEF treatment also induced an increase of the Deff value in comparison to untreated tissue for all the different temperatures tested (Jemai and Vorobiev, 2002). For example, at 20 °C Deff estimated from PEF-treated samples (3/9·10-10 m2/s) was much closer to the Deff value of denatured samples (4/4·10-10 m2/s) than to the Deff of intact tissue (2/5·10-10 m2/s).

When the surface temperature is 1500 K, at which CO-flame can be observed visually, there exists a reaction zone in the gas phase whose temperature is nearly equal to the surface temperature. Outside the reaction zone, the temperature gradually decreases to the freestream temperature. When the surface temperature is 1700 K, the gas-phase temperature first increases from the surface temperature to the maximum, and then decreases to the freestream temperature. The existence of the maximum temperature suggests that a reaction zone locates away from the surface. That is, a change of the flame structures has certainly occurred upon the establishment of CO-flame. It may be informative to note the advantage of the CARS thermometry over the conventional, physical probing method with thermocouple. When the thermocouple is used for the measurement of temperature profile corresponding to the surface temperature of 1400 K (or 1500 K), it distorts the combustion field, and hence makes the CO-flame appear (or disappear). In this context, the present result suggests the importance of using thermometry without disturbing the combustion fields, especially for the measurement at the ignition/extinction of CO-flame. In addition, the present results demonstrate the high spatial resolution of the CARS thermometry, so that the temperature profile within a thin boundary layer of a few mm can be measured.


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It should be noted that for lower frequency the amplitude of wave at output of membrane is defined by the both gas components. With increasing of the frequency the relative amplitude passes through minimum. This minimum on the curve ΑΑΒ(ω)/ΑΑ via ω is defined by fact that the phase shift between output waves of components ΑΒ =|Α — B| /2 leads to decreasing of total value of the amplitude at output of membrane. For enough high frequency ω, the amplitude AB of the frequency with lower D value is small and total amplitude of output waves A is mainly defined by the amplitude of the component possessing high D value.

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It is a counter flow column where amine solution fall down due to gravity and raw biogas flows from the bottom towards the top of the column due to pressure difference. The column is fully packed with inert polyetilene jacks to enhance the contact area between the gas and liquid phases. In addition several disks are incorporated to ensure the uniform distribution of both flows through the column. The length of the column is designed to obtain the specified final H2S and CO2 concentration and the diameter is designed to meet a minimum pressure drop with the specified gas flow. This procedure is well established and reported in references (Wiley, 2000; Wark, 2000). It requires as data input the results reported in section 3. Table 5 shows the technical characteristics of the absorption column.

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A review of anode catalysis in the direct methanol fuel cell. Journal of Power Sources 155, 95-110.


However, some limitations like pH, temperature, pressure, etc can impede the applications of polymeric membranes. On the other hand, ceramic or inorganic membranes have advantages of high mechanical strength, high chemical and thermal stability over the polymeric membranes but they are brittle and more expensive. In terms of membrane modules, the development of membrane module with large surface areas of membrane at a relatively low manufacturing cost is very important. Resistance to fouling, which is a particularly critical problem in liquid separation, depends on the membrane module.

Electricity production from xylose using a mediatorless microbial fuel cell. Bioresource Technology 99, 4178-4184.


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Operational parameters affecting the performannce of a mediator-less microbial fuel cell. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 18, 327-334.


Here it is assumed that the activity coefficients of all species are equal to unity. Equations permitting calculations of the reaction rate and equilibrium constants can be found in the literature and are presented in Table 1. Thus, in addition to the CO2 transfer in the liquid phase it is necessary to take into account the transfer and interaction of carbonate ions and bicarbonate ions.

Pancharoen, U, Ramakul, P. & Patthaveekongka, W. (2005). Purely extraction and separation of mixure of cerium(IV) and lanthanum(III) via hollow fiber supported liquid membrane.


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Three mass transfer resistances in Eq. (5) are in accordance with three steps of the transport mechanisms. The first term represents the resistance when the feed solution flows through the hollow fiber lumen. The second resistance relates to the diffusion of the complex species through liquid membrane that is immobilized in the porous wall of the hollow fibers. The third resistance is due to the stripping solution and liquid membrane interface outside the hollow fibers. The mass transfer resistance at the stripping interface can be disregarded as the mass transfer coefficient in the stripping phase (ks) is much higher than that in the feed phase (ki) according to the following assumptions (Uedee et al, 2008): 1. The film layer at feed interface is much thicker than that at the stripping interface. This is because of a combination of a large amount of target species in feed and co ions in buffer solution at the feed interface while at the stripping interface, a few target species and stripping ions exist.

Table 2. Characteristics of hollow fiber module Hollow fiber modules are recommended to operate with the Reynolds number from 500-3,000 in the laminar flow region. They are one of high economical modules in terms of energy consumption.


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Next, after presenting profiles of gas-phase temperature, measured over the burning carbon, a further analytical study was conducted about the ignition phenomenon, related to finite-rate kinetics in the gas phase, by use of the asymptotic expansion method to obtain a critical condition for the appearance of the CO-flame. Appropriateness of this criterion was further examined by comparing temperature distributions in the gas phase and/or surface temperatures at which the CO-flame could appear. After having constructed these theories, evaluations of kinetic parameters for the surface and gas-phase reactions were then conducted, in order for further comparisons with experimental results. In this Part 2, it is intended to make use of the information obtained in Part 1, for exploring carbon combustion, further.

Matsui, K, Tsuji, H, & Makino, A. (1986). A Further Study of the Effects of Water Vapor Concentration on the Rate of Combustion of an Artificial Graphite in Humid Air Flow.


Vinaz, P; Camoilo, N; Gardia-Lopez, I. & Cordoba-Hernandez, M. (1992). Liquid chromatographic determination of fat-soluble vitamins in paprika and paprika oleoresin.

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Pancharoen, U, Wongsawa, T. & Lothongkum, A. W. (2021). Reaction flux model for extraction of Cu(II) with LIX84I in HFSLM.

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The irreversible permeabilization of the cells in vegetable tissue was demonstrated for the first time for potato tissue (exposed to PEF treatment), determining the release of the intracellular liquid from the treated tissue using a centrifugal method. A liquid leakage from the tissue of PEFtreated samples was detected, while no-release occurred from the control samples. This leakage was therefore interpreted as a consequence of the cellular damage by the electrical pulses inside the cells of the tissue (Angersbach and Knorr, 1997). However, in order to obtain a quantitative measure of the induced cell damage degree P, defined as the ratio of the damaged cells and the total number of cells, several methods have been defined. The direct estimation of the damage degree can be carried out through the microscopic observation of the PEF-treated tissue (Fincan and Dejmek, 2002). However, the procedure is not simple and may lead to ambiguous results (Vorobiev and Lebovka, 2008). Therefore, experimental techniques based on the evaluation of the indicators that macroscopically register the complex changes at the membrane level in real biological systems have been introduced.


Promotion of photocatalytic steam reforming of methane

Bioconversion of Whey to Electrical Energy in a Biofuel Cell Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae. World Applied Sciences Journal 8, 1-5.

Visser, W. & Adomeit, G. (1984). Experimental Investigation of the Ignition and Combustion of a Graphite Probe in Cross Flow.


Sewer Processes: Microbial and Chemical Process Engineering of Sewer Networks

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Table 3. Regression coefficients, R2, adjusted R2 and p for three dependent variables for pungent capsicum oleoresin obtained by n-hexane. According to the p-value, the models appeared to be adequate for the observed data at a 99/9% confidence level for PCO yield and capsanthin when extraction process was carried out with n-hexane. The R2 values, as a measure of the degree of fit, for these response variables, are higher than 0/90 where PCO and capsanthin are concerned, confirming that the regression models adequately explained the extraction process with n-hexane. Hence, the R2 values are 0/9482 and 0/9013, respectively, for PCO yield and capsanthin. However, the R2 value of capsaicin is low (R2=0/7890) showing lack-of fit and has the less relevant dependent variable in the model.


Enrichment of microbial community generating electricity using a fuel-cell-type electrochemical cell. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 63, 672-681.

Polypore Company, MEMBRANA Underline Performance, Liqui-Cel membrane contactors, 15/05/2021, Available from: Prapasawat, T, Ramakul, P, Satayaprasert, C, Pancharoen, U. & Lothongkum, A. W. (2008). Separation of As(III) and As(V) by hollow fiber supported liquid membrane based on the mass transfer theory.


Matsui, K. & Tsuji, H. (1987). An Aerothermochemical Analysis of Solid Carbon Combustion in the Stagnation Flow Accompanied by Homogeneous CO Oxidation.

Spicer, Jr. O. L. & Almirall R. J. (2005). Extraction of capsaicins in aerosol defense sprays from fabrics.


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Ortiz, I, Galán, B & Irabien, A. (1996). Membrane mass transfer coefficient for the recovery of Cr(VI) in hollow fiber extraction and back-extraction modules.

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Xenon passes through membrane substantially later then oxygen and nitrogen though the steady state flux of xenon is higher than one for nitrogen. The steady state fluxes are 79/2 (oxygen), 19/8 (nitrogen) and 30/6 (xenon). It should be noted that for the pulse variation of concentration the earlier fractions of oxygen and nitrogen are depleted by xenon but the final fractions involve a small content of oxygen and xenon being more than nitrogen. It is important that during permeation process the inversion of the selectivity occurs for pair nitrogen/xenon.

Table 2. Regression coefficients, R2, adjusted R2 and p for three dependent variables for pungent capsicum oleoresin obtained by methanol. Table 2 clearly shows that the R2 values for these response variables are higher than 0/93 for both PCO and capsaicin, indicating that the regression models adequately explain the process. Hence, the R2 values are 0/9702 and 0/9391, respectively, for methanolic PCO yield and capsaicin. The p values of regression models for PCO yield and capsanthin show no lack-of-fit. However, as expected, the R2 value of capsanthin is low, (R2 = 0/7228) confirming that a high proportion of variability is not explained by the model.


Mass transfer across HFSLM Mass transfer plays significant role in membrane separation. The productivity of the membrane separation processes is identified by the permeate flux, which represents rate of target species transported across the membrane. In general practice, high selectivity of membranes for specific solutes attracts commercial interest as the membranes can move the specific solutes from a region of low concentration to a region of high concentration. For example, membranes containing tertiary amines are much more selective for copper than for nickel and other metal ions. They can move copper ions from a solution whose concentration is about 10 ppm into a solution whose concentration is 800 times higher. The mechanisms of these highly selective membranes are certainly different from common membranes which function by solubility mechanism or diffusion. The selectivity of these membranes is, therefore, dominated by differences in solubility. These membranes sometimes not only function by diffusion and solubility but also by chemical reaction. In this case, the transport combines diffusion and reaction, namely facilitated diffusion or facilitated transport or carrier-mediated transport (Cussler, 1997). For an in-depth understanding of the facilitated transport through liquid membrane, we recommend to read (Kislik, 2021).

Due to strategic and environmental reasons, currently, there is an increasing interest in biofuels as alternative energy source. Bio-alcohols and biodiesel are the alternatives been considered for auto-motion while biomass and biogas are the alternatives been considered for electrical power generation. Biogas is a medium-energy content fuel (~22 MJ/kg) derived from the organic material decomposition under anaerobic conditions (Horikawa et al, 2004). It can be obtained from landfills or from bio-digesters that transform manure and biomass into natural fertilizer in farms after 25-45 days of residence time. Due to its gaseous nature and the impossibility of producing it intensively, it is not attractive for large scale power generation. However, recently, a new approach for electric power generation has been emerging. It consists of inter-connecting thousands of small and medium scale electrical plants powered by renewable energy sources to the national or regional electrical grids. It is considered to interconnect the hundreds of the existing small aero generators and solar panels (Pointon & Langan, 2002). Even though, there are still several technical issues to be resolved, this alternative of distributed electrical power generation is being considered as the best alternative to bring electricity to the rural communities located far away from the large urban centers. In this case, the use of the biogas generated in the thousands of existing farms and landfills, as fuel for internal combustion engines connected to an electric generator becomes a very attractive alternative for electric power generation because of its very low cost, high benefitcost ratio and very high positive impact on the environment.


Effects of Docosahexaenoic Supplementation and In Vitro

In order to obtain the best oxidizer in cathode compartment, several oxidizers were analyzed. Table 3 summarized the optimum conditions obtained for distilled water, potassium ferricyanide and potassium permanganate. The maximum power, current and OCV was obtained with potassium permanganate.

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Therefore, PEF treatment may represent a viable option for enhancing the extraction of phenolic compounds from skin cells during maceration steps, without altering wine quality and with moderate energy consumption. From a technological prospective, great interest was recently focused on the application of PEF for the permeabilization of the grape skins prior to maceration. The enhancement of the rate of release of phenolic compounds during maceration offers several advantages. In case of red wines obtained from grapes poor in polyphenols, it can avoid blending with other grape varieties richer in phenolic compounds, or use of enzymes. Moreover, it can reduce significantly the maceration times (Donsì et al, 2010a; Donsì et al, 2010b). The main effect of PEF treatment of grape skins or grape mash is the increase of color intensity, anthocyanin content and of total polyphenolic index with respect to the control during all the vinification process on different grape varieties (Lopez et al, 2008a; Lopez et al, 2008b; Donsì et al, 2010a). Furthermore, it was reported that PEF did not affect the ratio between the components of the red wine color (tint and yellow, red and blue components) and other wine characteristics such as alcohol content, total acidity, pH, reducing sugar concentration and volatile acidity (Lopez et al, 2008b).

The results obtained by the proposed SXE fractionation method and its combination with. Subscribe Registration or login is required Get Product Alert e-mail updates Know when new products (in categories you select) go online. Fifteen male footballers ingested a beverage enriched with DHA or a placebo for 8 weeks in a randomized double-blind study. This law prohibits large department stores from setting up near small shops. Fix: server-side, fix timeout management.


Introduction For a number of manufacturing processes, separation, concentration and purification are important to handle intermediates, products, by-products and waste streams. In this regards mass and heat transfer play a significant role to attain efficient results. Concern to the separation operations, they can be classified as energy-intensive interphase mass transfer processes and less energy- or less material-intensive intraphase mass transfer processes (Henley & Seader, 1981). With environmental and energy constraints in these days, for sustainability it is of much concern the requirements of process intensification and looking for the most effective operation based on green chemistry concepts (Badami, 2008; Escobar & Schäfer, 2021; Matthews, 2007). Membrane technologies are a potential sustainable solution in this point of view. In contrast to the energy-intensive interphase mass transfer processes as distillation and extraction, membrane separation is an intraphase-mass-transfer process without the energy-intensive step of creating or introducing a new phase. It involves the selective diffusion of target species through the membrane at different rates.

Here, use has been made of a graphite rod with a small diameter (down to 5 mm), as well as airflow with high velocity (up to 50 m/s). We see that the combustion rate increases monotonically with increasing surface temperature. Note that the velocity gradient used here is at least one order of magnitude higher than those in previous works. As for the “negative temperature coefficient” of the combustion rate, examined in the literature (cf. Essenhigh, 1981), a further comment is required because it completely disappears at high velocity gradients. This experimental fact suggests that it has nothing to do with chemical events, related to the surface reactions, hitherto examined.


Gaseous solubility and thermodynamic performance of

The flow configuration chosen was that of the stagnation-flow, which is a well-defined, one-dimensional flow, being characterized by a single parameter, called the stagnation velocity gradient, offering various advantages for mathematical analyses, experimental data acquisition, and/or physical interpretations. Specifically, formulation of the governing equations was first presented in Part 1, based on theories on the chemically reacting boundary layer. Chemical reactions considered were the surface C-O2 and C-CO2 reactions and the gas-phase CO-O2 reaction. Generalized speciesenthalpy coupling functions were then derived without assuming any limit or near-limit behaviors, which not only enable us to minimize the extent of numerical efforts needed for generalized treatment, but also provide useful insight into the conserved scalars in the carbon combustion. After that, it was shown that straightforward derivation of the combustion response could be allowed in the limiting situations, such as those for the Frozen, Flame-detached, and Flame-attached modes.

The approach of CO2 interaction with aqueous potassium carbonate can be found in numerous studies (Cents et al, 2005; Chen et al, 1999; Danckwerts & Sharma, 1966; Dindore et al, 2005; Lee et al, 2001; Morales-Cabrera et al, 2005; Otto & Quinn, 1971; Pohorecki & Kucharski, 1991; Suchdeo & Schultz 1974; Ward & Robb, 1967). The mechanism is based on accounting of four reactions. When potassium carbonate dissolves in water it dissociates with formation of metal and carbonate ions.


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Rafajlovska, V; Slaveska-Raicki, R; Koleva-Gudeva, L. & Klopceska, J. (2007). Spice paprika oleoresin extraction under different conditions involving acetone and ethanol.

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However, the ratio between the amplitude of the oscillations in upstream and downstream does not depend on the permeability coefficient. The phase shift depends on the diffusivity coefficient which determines the rate of the periodical stationary state achievement as well. From experimental data treatment point of view this method possesses more degrees of freedom: time of the periodical stationary condition, the equilibrium position, the amplitude of wave and the phase shift. Diffusivity coefficient can be calculated by using of any of these parameters. Additional degree of freedom is changing of frequency. For the classical diffusion mechanism the amplitude function А() decreases with increasing of the frequency of waves (membrane passes the lower frequency waves and cut off the higher frequency ones); the phase shift function () passes through minimum and then becomes as the periodical wave. The particularity of permeation of the concentration waves through membrane is suitable to present as amplitude-phase diagram where the amplitude value represents the length of vector and the phase shift is the angle of slope.


Report Mass Transfer in Chemical Engineering Processes

Preface Mass transfer in the multiphase multicomponent systems represents one of the most important problems to be solved in chemical technology, both in theoretical as well as practical point of view. In libraries all over the world, many books and articles can be found related to the mass transfer. Practically, all textbooks devoted to the separation processes or reaction engineering contain chapters describing the basic principles of the mass (and heat) transfer. It would be impossible (and also meaningless) to make the list of them; however, the most fundamental works of Bird, Steward and Lightfoot and Taylor, Krishna and Wesseling, [2, 3, 4] have to be mentioned. Unfortunately, the application of sophisticated theory still requires use of advanced mathematical apparatus and many parameters, usually estimated experimentally, or via empirical or semi-empirical correlations. Solving practical tasks related to the design of new equipment or optimizing old one is often very problematic.

At the same time there is a class of membranes where insertion of desirable substances in membrane media is very simple. This class is represented by liquid membranes (LMs). In spite of their disadvantages such as degradation, complexity of preparation, sensitivity to pressure drop etc, LMs show extremely high selectivity for particular gas pares and are interesting as an object of fundamental studies. Practical example of theoretical description and calculation of unsteady CO2 transfer in LM and the comparison of theoretical results with experimental data is presented in this section.


Since these steps occur in series, the slowest of them determines the combustion rate and it is usual that steps (ii) and (iv) are extremely fast. When the surface temperature is low, step (iii) is known to be much slower than steps (i) or (v). The combustion rate, which is also called as the mass burning rate, defined as mass transferred in unit area and time, is then determined by chemical kinetics and therefore the process is kinetically controlled. In this kinetically controlled regime, the combustion rate only depends on the surface temperature, exponentially. Since the process of diffusion, being conducted through the boundary layer, is irrelevant in this regime, the combustion rate is independent of its thickness. Concentrations of oxidizing species at the reacting surface are not too different from those in the freestream. In addition, since solid carbon is more or less porous, in general, combustion proceeds throughout the sample specimen.

Mass Transfer in Chemical Engineering Processes

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Recent advances in perfluorinated ionomer membranes: Structure, properties and applications. Journal of Membrane Science 120, 1-33.

Efficient photocatalytic removal of phthalates easily

In order to verify this method, the reduced surface Damköhler number Ai is obtained numerically by use of Eq. (77) and/or Eq. (78). Figure 5 shows the Arrhenius plot of Ai with the gas-phase Damköhler number taken as a parameter. We see that with increasing surface temperature the combustion behavior shifts from the Frozen mode to the Flame-detached mode, depending on the gas-phase Damköhler number. Furthermore, in the present plot, the combustion behavior in the Frozen mode purely depends on the surface C-O2 reaction rate; that in the Flame-detached mode depends on the surface C-CO2 reaction rate.


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Therefore, we will confine ourselves to studying carbon combustion in the axisymmetric stagnation flow over a flat plate and/or that in the two-dimensional stagnation flow over a cylinder. From the practical point of view, we can say that it simulates the situations of ablative carbon heat-shields and/or strongly convective burning in the forward stagnation region of a particle. In this Part 1, formulation of the governing equations is first presented in Section 2, based on theories on the chemically reacting boundary layer in the forward stagnation field. Chemical reactions considered include the surface C-O2 and C-CO2 reactions and the gas-phase CO-O2 reaction, for a while. Generalized species-enthalpy coupling functions are then derived without assuming any limit or near-limit behaviors, which not only enable us to minimize the extent of numerical efforts needed for generalized treatment, but also provide useful insight into the conserved scalars in the carbon combustion. In Section 3, it is shown that straightforward derivation of the combustion response can be allowed in the limiting situations, such as those for the Frozen, Flame-detached, and Flame-attached modes. In Section 4, after presenting profiles of gas-phase temperature, measured over the burning carbon, a further analytical study is made about the ignition phenomenon, related to finiterate kinetics, by use of the asymptotic expansion method to obtain a critical condition. Appropriateness of this criterion is further examined by comparing temperature distributions in the gas phase and/or surface temperatures at which the CO-flame can appear. After having constructed these theories, evaluations of kinetic parameters for the surface and gas-phase reactions are conducted in Section 5, in order to make experimental comparisons, further. Concluding remarks for Part 1 are made in Section 6, with references cited and nomenclature tables.


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Oxidizer is air and its H2O mass-fraction is 0/003. Data points are experimental with the test specimen of 1/25103 kg/m3 in graphite density; curves are results of the explicit combustion-rate expressions.


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Optimization of culture conditions and electricity generation using Geobacter sulfurreducens in a dual-chambered microbial fuel-cell. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Impact of electrode composition on electricity generation in a singlecompartment fuel cell using Shewanella putrefaciens. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 59, 58-61.


Ramakul, P, Prapasawad, T, Pancharoen, U. & Pattaveekongka, W. (2007). Separation of radioactive metal ions by hollow fiber-supported liquid membrane and permeability analysis.

Calculation was carried out with following values of parameters: A=10, H=0/01, p=76, t=1200. It was assumed that dissociation diffusion mechanism is realized for oxygen while transfer of nitrogen occurs by classical diffusion mechanism. Parameters for oxygen: D1=7/6x10-7, D2=D1, S2=S1=5/79x10-3, k1=0/1 and k2=0/1 (K=1). Parameters for nitrogen: D=3/6х10-7, S=3/06х10-3.


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Carbon paper (NARA, Guro-GU, Seoul, Korea) was used as the working electrode and Platinum (Platinum, gauze, 100 mesh, 99/9% meta basis, Sigma Aldrich) as the counter electrode. Also, Ag/AgCl (Ag/AgCl, sat KCl, Sensortechnik Meinsberg, Germany) electrode was utilized as reference electrode.

Suchdeo, S. & Schultz, J. (1974). The permeability of gases through reacting solutions: the carbon dioxide-bicarbonate membrane system.


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In summary, PEF treatments of the grape skins resulted able to affect the content of polyphenols in the wine after maceration, depending on the grape variety. For Piedirosso grapes, the PEF treatment did not increase the release rate of polyphenols. On the other hand, PEF treatment had significant effects on Aglianico grapes, with the most effective PEF treatment inducing, in comparison with the control wine, a 20% increase of the content of polyphenols and a 75% increase of anthocyanins, with a consequent improvement of the color intensity (+20%) and the antioxidant activity of the wine (+20%). Moreover, in comparison with the use of a pectolytic enzyme for membrane permeabilization, the most effective PEF treatment resulted not only in the increase of 15% of the total polyphenols, of 20% of the anthocyanins, of 10% of the color intensity and of 10% of the antioxidant activity, but also in lower operational costs.

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Toma, M; Vinatoru, M; Paniwnyk, L. & Mason, T. J. (2001). Investigation of the effects of ultrasound on vegetal tissues during solvent extraction.

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Despite many advantages, at present the HFSLM is not often used in a large-scale industry because the major drawbacks of hollow fibers are not only fouling but also mechanical stability of the support. However, in regard to apply the HFSLM in industrial scale, the reliable mathematical model is required as the model can foretell the effect of mass transfer as the functions of operating parameters, membrane properties and feed properties on the separation efficiency. However, due to the limitations of applications or unclear phenomena around the membrane surface, no model so far is fully satisfactory and universally applicable. Even though, the model can help to understand and predict the operation as well as the separation performance.

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Zp = 0/5 (Lebovka et al, 2002), decreased with the increase of the field strength and pulse width. In particular, longer pulses were more effective, and their effect was particularly pronounced at room temperature and moderate electric fields (E = 0/1 kV/cm). However, Knorr and Angersbach (1998), utilizing the disintegration index Zp for the quantification of cell permeabilization of potato tissue, found that, at a fixed number of pulses, the application of variable electric field strength and pulse width, but constant electrical energy per pulse W, resulted in the same degree of cell disintegration. Thus, the authors suggested that the specific energy per pulse should be considered as a suitable process parameter for the optimization of membrane permeabilization as well as for PEFprocess development. For exponential decay pulses, W (kJ/kg·pulse) can be calculated by Eq. 8, where Emax is the peak electric field strength (kV/m), k is the electrical conductivity (S/m), p is the pulse width (s), and ρ is the density of the product (kg/m3).


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Figure 6 depicts an OCV recorded by online data acquisition system connected to the MFC for duration of 72 hours. At the starting point for the experimental run, the voltage was less than 250mV and then the voltage gradually increased. After 28 hours of operation, the OCV reached to a maximum and stable value of 8mV.


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Improved performances of E. coli-catalyzed microbial fuel cells with composite graphite/PTFE anodes. Electrochemistry Communications 9, 349-353.


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According to the ohmic-capacitive behavior of intact biological tissue, a negative value of the phase angle is detected. In particular, at characteristic low and high frequencies, the imaginary component of the cell impedance is equal to zero (Angersbach et al, 1999; Angersbach et al, 2002). Hence, the phase angle between voltage and current approaches zero, which is the typical behavior of a pure ohmic system. At medium frequencies, the influence of the capacitive current through the cell membranes on the phase angle is quite high and a minimum value of the phase angle is detected. As reported in Table 2, the minimum phase angle varies with the type of plant material. During the PEF treatment, the capacitances of the cell membranes become more and more shortened, and the increase of the phase angle can be taken as a measure for the degree of electroporation. If all cells are opened completely, the phase angle approaches zero in the ideal case (Pataro et al, 2009; Sack et al, 2009).


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Electricity generation by two types of microbial fuel cells using nitrobenzene as the anodic or cathodic reactants. Bioresource technology 101, 4013-4020.

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Equilibrium-Stage Separation Operations in Chemical Engineering, Wiley & Sons Inc, ISBN 0-471-37108-4, USA, pp. 1-24. Huang, D, Huang, K, Chen, S, Liu, S. & Yu, J. (2008). Rapid reaction-diffusion model for the enantioseparation of phenylalanine across hollow fiber supported liquid membrane.

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Xing, F. B; Cheng, G. X. &, Yi, K. K. (2006). Study on the antimicrobial activities of the capsaicin microcapsules.

We can see that D2EHPA (di (2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid) obtained high percentage of extraction, however its extractability abruptly decreased with time. Thus, Aliquat 336, of which its extractability followed D2EHPA and decreased slightly with time, was considered the most appropriate extractant for uranium. It can be attributed that uranium ions in trisodium phosphate solution are in [UO2(CO3)3]4- and Aliquat 336, a basic extractant, is good for cations while D2EHPA, an acidic extractant, is good for anions form of UO22+.


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Furthermore, PEF treatments can also be applied to enhance mass transfer into the food matrices, by permeabilization of the cell membranes and enhanced infusion of functional compounds or antimicrobial into foods, minimally altering their organoleptic attributes. In consideration of the fact that energy requirements for PEF-assisted permeabilization are in the order of about 10 kJ/kg of raw material, it can be concluded that PEF pretreatments can represent an economically viable option to other thermal or chemical permeabilization techniques. However, further research and development activities are still required for the optimization of PEF technology in process intensification, especially in the development of industrial-scale generators, capable to provide the required electric field.


As trisodium phosphate is a by-product from the separation of desired rare earths in monazite processing, it is contaminated by some amount of uranium which is often found with the monazite. Uranium is a carcinogen on the other hand it is useful as a radioactive element in the front and back ends of the nuclear fuel cycle, therefore the separation method to recover uranium from trisodium phosphate is necessary. For 45-ppm-uraniumcontaminated trisodium phosphate solution, HFSLM is likely a favorable method as it can simultaneously extract the ions of very low concentration and can recover them in one single operation. Undoubtedly, the facilitated transport across the HFSLM accelerates the extraction and recovery of uranium. Eq. 13 shows that uranium species form complex species with Aliquat 336 (tri-octyl methyl ammonium chloride: CH3R3N+Cl-) in modified leaching and extraction of uranium from monazite (El-Nadi et al, 2005).

The velocity gradient has been chosen for the abscissa, as originally proposed by Tsuji & Yamaoka (1967) for the present flow configuration, after confirming its appropriateness, being examined by varying both the freestream velocity and graphite rod diameter that can exert influences in determining velocity gradient. It is seen that the ignition surface-temperature increases with increasing velocity gradient and thereby decreasing residence time. The high surface temperature, as well as the high temperature in the reaction zone, causes the high ejection rate of CO through the surface C-O2 reaction. These enhancements facilitate the CO-flame, by reducing the characteristic chemical reaction time, and hence compensating a decrease in the characteristic residence time.


The flux is presented as cm3(STP)/(s·cmHg) for all cases. If to consider the separation of binary mixtures xenon-oxygen and xenon-nitrogen that the calculations were carried out using the same parameters as the above mentioned but the reference frequency was chosen lower: =0/001, the range of frequency was 0-0/003 s-1, time range t=0-10000 s, DXe 2/7·10-8, SXe=0/63, РXe=1/7·10-9. The stationary selectivity for oxygen/xenon =2/59. Since for PVTMS we have PO2>PXe>PN2, the maximal flux is for oxygen (3/34·10-3), then for xenon (8/37·10-5) and then for nitrogen (1/28·10-4). The oscillations of output waves of gas fluxes with amplitudes 6/69·10-5, 1/67·10-5, 2/41·10-5 and with the phase shift 0/022, 0/046 and 0/685 for oxygen, xenon and nitrogen, respectively (since DO2>DN2>DXe).

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Introduction As the energy sources decrease and the climate conditions change, demand for new and clean sources of energy has increased (Hong et al, 2009; Li et al, 2010a). Fuel cells, as a high efficiency energy converting device, have attracted more and more attention recently with low/zero emission (Liu et al, 2006). Moreover, conventional sewage treatment requires high energy and capital cost so there is great interest for finding clean and sustainable energy with very low or zero emission and cost effective that is an alternative for treatment technology (Appleby, 1988; Min et al, 2005). Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are one kind of fuel cell and also new source of energy. In MFCs, electrons are supplied from chemical bonds with the aids of microorganisms. Then the produced electrons are transported to anode surfaces and protons are moved through proton exchange membrane or salt bridge toward cathode (Wen et al, 2009). The electron flows through an electrical external circuit while anode is connected to cathode. The flow of electron has a current (I) and power (P) is resulted. The reduction of organic substances in anode was catalyzed by the living organism in anode chamber (Chen et al, 2008; Rahimnejad et al, 2009) Traditional MFC is consist of two separated chambers named cathode and anode ones.