The SmartAuditor Player might fail to correctly display sessions launched with Citrix Receiver for Windows 3/0, instead showing a black screen in the Player window. To prevent this, disable the gradient fill feature on the XenApp server hosting the sessions by creating this DWORD registry on the server and setting its value to 1:HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\Thinwire\DisableGdiPlusSupport.

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  • What is a Fossil
  • Educational Games for Kids' Early Learning
  • Is a fossil the actual remains of a living thing or something else? If it is something else, what is it
  • How have your ideas about how living things become fossils changed as a result of this investigation

Hard materials, like bones and shells, have a far higher probability of preservation than soft tissues. For a bone or shell to be preserved, it must only survive being broken or worn away before it is buried. It must also survive being dissolved by chemicals before and after it is buried. Even if the object is dissolved after it is buried, it is likely to be represented by a cavity. This helps the paleontologist almost as well as the entire preserved object. Except in the youngest sedimentary rocks, imprints of the shells of marine invertebrates are just as common as the shells themselves, and usually even more so.


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  • How do fossils become rock
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In this investigation, students continue to think about how fossils form. Fossils are rarely the original unchanged remains of plants or animals. Fossil formation begins when an organism or part of an organism falls into soft sediment, such as mud. The organism or part then gets quickly buried by more sediment. As more and more sediment collects on top, the layer with the organism or part becomes compacted. Minerals from water then move into the pore spaces between sediment particles. The sediment cements together and becomes rock with the organism or part inside.

Have students put one sponge bone into the pan. Instruct them to observe the movement of water through the holes of the sponge.


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The next day, students put on goggles to gently tap and remove the fossil cast. Introduce the term “cast” to students as students are removing the fossil from the cast.

Fossils From Living Things

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Adobe Flash content playback is poor when using server-side content fetching over a slow WAN connection. This may result in response failures for the Flash window or Web browser and extremely long buffer times and pauses.

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When publishing content to a XenApp server, the access control settings appear differently depending on whether you view them with the AppCenter console or with the XenApp command Get-XAApplication. For example, while the AppCenter might correctly display default settings, the XenApp command Get-XAApplication might display that no Access Gateway connections are allowed. This issue affects only the display of these settings; users can access the published content normally.


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While showing great promise, Bitcoin requires users to wait tens of minutes for transactions to commit, and even then, offering only probabilistic guarantees. This paper introduces ByzCoin, a novel Byzantine consensus protocol that leverages scalable collective signing to commit Bitcoin transactions irreversibly within seconds. ByzCoin achieves Byzantine consensus while preserving Bitcoin’s open membership by dynamically forming hash power-proportionate consensus groups that represent recently-successful block miners. ByzCoin employs communication trees to optimize transaction commitment and verification under normal operation while guaranteeing safety and liveness under Byzantine faults, up to a near-optimal tolerance of f faulty group members among 3f +2 total. ByzCoin mitigates double spending and selfish mining attacks by producing collectively signed transaction blocks within one minute of transaction submission. Tree-structured communication further reduces this latency to less than 30 seconds. Due to these optimizations, ByzCoin achieves a throughput higher than Paypal currently handles, with a confirmation latency of 15-20 seconds.


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In this investigation, students simulate how fossil molds, fossil casts, and petrified fossils form. They make a mold by pressing a shell or bone into clay. A mold is left behind after the shell or bone is removed. Students then fill the mold with plaster of Paris, which dries and forms a cast of the shell or bone. Finally, students place sponges into Epsom salt solutions. They observe as the solution travels through the sponges. After the sponges have dried, they see salt crystals that formed inside the holes of the sponges, forming a petrified fossil of the sponge.


After installing the Windows Desktop Experience Integration role through the XenApp Server Role Manager on a computer running a non-English operating system and configuring the CtxStartMenuTaskbarUser Group Policy Object (GPO), the PowerShell and Server Manager icons are not removed from the Taskbar as expected. Additionally, the Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player icons are not added to the Taskbar.

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In this paper we explore several contexts where an adversary has an upper hand over the defender by using special hardware in an attack. These include password processing, hard-drive protection, cryptocurrency mining, resource sharing, code obfuscation, etc.


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An application that is streamed to the server cannot support more than one extra parameter when there is a space character in one of the parameters. While profiling, if you add an extra parameter that has spaces, only one parameter is supported.


If the sponge were to decompose or dissolve, what would remain behind? How would this compare to the actual sponge?

In this paper, we report a subtle yet serious side channel vulnerability (CVE-2021-5696) introduced in a recent TCP specification. The specification is faithfully implemented in Linux kernel version 3/6 (from 2021) and beyond, and affects a wide range of devices and hosts. In a nutshell, the vulnerability allows a blind off-path attacker to infer if any two arbitrary hosts on the Internet are communicating using a TCP connection. Further, if the connection is present, such an off-path attacker can also infer the TCP sequence numbers in use, from both sides of the connection; this in turn allows the attacker to cause connection termination and perform data injection attacks. We illustrate how the attack can be leveraged to disrupt or degrade the privacy guarantees of an anonymity network such as Tor, and perform web connection hijacking. Through extensive experiments, we show that the attack is fast and reliable. On average, it takes about 40 to 60 seconds to finish and the success rate is 88% to 97%. Finally, we propose changes to both the TCP specification and implementation to eliminate the root cause of the problem.


Have students examine the fossil specimens from the first investigation. Instruct them to identify the fossils as molds, casts, or other.

It is known that some network operators inject false content into users’ network traffic. Yet all previous works that investigate this practice focus on edge ISPs (Internet Service Providers), namely, those that provide Internet access to end users. Edge ISPs that inject false content affect their customers only. However, in this work we show that not only edge ISPs may inject false content, but also non-edge network operators. These operators can potentially alter the traffic of all Internet users who visit predetermined websites. We expose this practice by inspecting a large amount of traffic originating from several networks. Our study is based on the observation that the forged traffic is injected in an out-of-band manner: the network operators do not update the network packets in-path, but rather send the forged packets without dropping the legitimate ones. This creates a race between the forged and the legitimate packets as they arrive to the end user. This race can be identified and analyzed. Our analysis shows that the main purpose of content injection is to increase the network operators’ revenue by inserting advertisements to websites.


Discuss students’ findings as a class. They should have observed that the Epsom salts formed crystals in the holes in the sponge. Explain to students that most hard parts of living things such as bones or shells have tiny spaces or holes within them. These spaces can be filled with cells, blood vessels, nerves, or air. When the living thing dies and the soft materials inside the hard parts decay, the tiny spaces become empty. If the hard part is buried, water can seep into the spaces and deposit minerals. The minerals cling to the sides of the holes and replace the original material as it decays. Introduce the term “petrified” to students.