Details: 3DMark Wild Life Extreme for Windows PCs. Wild Life Exreme is available now as a free update for 3DMark Advanced Edition from Steam, the UL Benchmarks website and now from the Nuuvem store in South America too. Wild Life Extreme is available as a free update for 3DMark Professional Edition customers with a valid annual license.

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The notebook is not suited for working outdoors. Although, owing to the high contrast, the content of the screen is recognizable to some extent it does not suffice to work comfortably with the computer over longer periods of time. The mediocre brightness and the glossy surface prohibit this.


The layout of the somewhat cheap-looking keyboard largely corresponds to the usual standard. Not much force is needed to press on a large surface area. The large keys in particular, produce suspicious noises. We would describe the keys' drop as medium, the pressure point as spongy in some areas, and the stroke as rather soft. The keyboard is unfortunately characterized by an inconsistent typing feel. The keys are even and lightly roughened, and the Num and Shift lock keys have a status LED. Annoying: the lettering for the second assignment keys F1 to F12 via Fn key, is once again far too small and low in contrast. The keyboard is still acceptable overall for occasional use, but prolific writers will soon want better quality.

While the notebook lacks Firewire, eSATA, and ExpressCard interfaces, the device does have both an analog VGA port and a digital HDMI output with a maximum output resolution of 1920x1200 for connecting external displays and TVs to the system. A Gigabit LAN jack, two dedicated audio input/output jacks, and an additional subwoofer output round out the connectivity features. This is a very good and more-than-sufficient mix of interfaces for the target consumer group of ambitious home users. On the other hand, the frontal side interface placement gave us mixed feelings. While the ports are easily within reach, they might get in the way when using external peripherals such as hard disks, displays, and a USB TV tuner.


As usual with devices for professional use the display surface is non-reflective. Nevertheless, the test device is not fully suitable for work while on the move since the screen is too dark for clear use in direct sunlight.

The keyboard of the Dell Latitude E6530 takes up almost the entire length of the notebook and has 19 mm (0/74 inches) keys. The separate number pad, extended arrow keys and large Enter and Space keys allow a quick familiarization. The medium key travel, good tactile feedback and quiet key stroke will please ambitious writers. The keyboard base is solid throughout and shows slight wobbling only in the area of the arrow keys.


The ProBook configuration with a dedicated Radeon HD 8750M is a good option if you are looking for a business device that can handle current games. Another alternative is the Latitude with a slightly more powerful Radeon GPU.

Download PCMark 10 2.1.2506 - Free Downloads Encyclopedia

In terms of the actual image though, colors on the S10 Plus look cooler and the contrast is higher, while the iPhone has a warmer, more even tone, which I thought looked more flattering when shooting video of people. The XS has softer, more cinematic image quality though it does suffer from lens flare more than the Galaxy S10 Plus when shooting into a light source.

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While consumers generally prefer to use smartphone tethering for mobile web browsing, many business users favor an integrated 4G modem. Fujitsu has opted for an LTE Sierra Wireless MC7710, whereby the SIM card is inserted below the battery. WLAN connectivity is of course also available, and is provided by a Ralink RT3572 (a/b/g/n) module that also supports communication via Bluetooth 4/0.


KFA2 GeForce GTX 570 MDT X4 review - DX10: 3DMark Vantage

The direct competition, the LifeBook S792 (3612QM, Micron RealSSD C400-MTFDDAC256MAM) reaches scores better by 29% (PCM Vantage) and 17% (PCM 7) in the tests. This should be due to its quad-core CPU setup. As expected, the results of our test model don't differ much from the results of the little brother E6320. The previously tested predecessor with its 7,200 rpm hard drive reaches respective values of 47% and 34% less.

The WLAN reception performance is not the best we have come across - at a distance of 40 meters, the Ralink RT3572 lost the connection. At 15 meters (outside the house) there were only two reception bars filled in the Windows status indication. Similarly bad values were last encountered with the ProBook 4340s, which had a single-band Ralink module.


Dell has implemented all of that very well in the Latitude E6530

The price level of the F550CA already hints that the buyer cannot expect aluminum elements. The entire case is made of plastic. This is something the Asus notebook has in common with the G500s and the Satellite. It suits the F550CA really well that Asus refrained from using shiny materials. Asus uses two colors: The top of the base unit shines in silver-gray and the bottom as well as the back of the lid are in black. The palm rest and the back of the lid are additionally topped off with a texture. The back is equipped with grooves that spread circularly around the center. The palm rest is furnished with a very fine grid.

The DPC latencies stay in the green zone only when wireless modules are deactivated. With an activated Wi-Fi module there can be problems with long latencies with the processing of real-time streams.


For a retail price of around 1060 Euros, our reviewed device includes a dedicated Radeon HD graphics card from AMD, an Intel Core i5 processor with vPro technology, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics chip, and an abundance of memory and fast RAM. A DVD burner meanwhile, handles optical media, and a matte HD+ display along with a comprehensive array of business suited interfaces complete the package. Whether the ProBook 6570b is also able to provide adequate performance will be determined in our review.

Whether the ProBook 6570b is also able to provide adequate performance will be determined in our review

The N76 family allows the end-user to choose one of two different LED-backlit screens. The first option supports a 1600x900 (HD+) resolution. All models currently available in Germany use the second option, a 1920x1080 Full HD screen and we were unable to find a version with the HD+ screen. This is not an issue as the matte Full HD screen matches the N76 perfectly in terms of purpose.


Download 3DMark 2.11.6866 (Free) for Windows

Since our test candidate needs less energy with heavier loads than the competitor from Fujitsu, it can manage a half hour longer during the Battery Eater Classic Test with maximum screen brightness, activated wireless modules and high performance profile on. When it dips down to 3% battery capacity the notebook is automatically shut down. Fujitsu has here chosen in favor of giving their LifeBook a brighter screen.

Crucial to the practical working time without a power supply is the battery capacity. Our test model is equipped with a 60 Wh one. Alternatively, Dell offers 5 different battery options. At the time of this review though, only the 97 Wh and 87 Wh batteries with 3-year warranty were available in Dell's online shop. The small 40 Wh battery, the 30 Wh Modular Bay battery and the 97 Wh extended battery are not configurable in the online shop.


Asus fits the F550CA with a glossy 15/6-inch display from Chi Mei. It has a native resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Asus does not offer any other display types. With 207/3 cd/m² the average brightness of the display is average. The values of the Satellite (218/1 cd/m²) and the G500s (210/8 cd/m²) are similar to that of the F550CA.

Lenovo ThinkPad T490 Review

Given the purchase price, the stability of the case is very decent. The base unit can slightly be bent on the left side of the keyboard and underneath the touchpad. This behavior is very typical for notebooks. The torsional rigidity is also acceptable. Although the base unit can slightly be twisted this is still within tolerance range. The lid, however, can be twisted too much.


Update 11/20/2021: Rerunning the Cinebench tests on the device displayed higher scores when the battery was removed. The Cinebench R11/5 single-rendering score climbed from 0/32 to 0/34 points (+6%), the multi-rendering score from 0/52 to 0/65 points (+25%), and the R15 multi-CPU from 39 to 49 points (+26%). Thus, the installed AMD E1-6010 APU can close in on Intel's N2815 or N2830.

With Business devices, security features take on a more important role than with normal consumer laptops. Next to the Kensington Lock Slot and the fingerprint scanner there is also a SmartCard reader onboard. Furthermore, a Trusted Platform Module allows for the unique identification of the device from afar, since the installed VPro processor supports remote access.


Both can shoot at up to 4K resolution at 60fps, but the S10 also has an option to record in HDR10 Plus for even better quality video on your phone. This feature is still in beta and not a lot of devices support playback yet, so you probably won't even notice it unless you're watching it on an S10 Plus.

PCMark 10 - The Complete Benchmark for the Modern Office

The viewing angle stability of the TN panel is visibly better than that of most cheaper displays, but is still not up to the wide angles of an IPS panel. Although horizontally there are hardly any color or brightness changes, when the display is tilted far backwards one can easily recognize color inversions. Tilting the display forward leads to colors fading. Both effects are in the acceptable range and do not lead to severe image alterations.


'PC running a bit sluggish? It might

At a retail price of 1159 Euros (~$1530) we would have hoped for more than two USB 3/0 ports. And, HP could have improved the battery life by allowing the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 chip to be used.

ROG GR8 also has GameFirst III that optimizes networks to give users lag-free gameplay. Other features include multiple SSDs in a RAID 0 array (optimized for. It adds more updated benchmark applications for the test. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. PCMark 10 shares the same style of user interface as 3DMark and VRMark. File size 3.5 MB. License Freeware. Guide Review - Dell Studio XPS 13 13.3-inch Ultraportable Laptop PC Mar 13 2020 - Dell's Studio XPS 13 is much more of a replacement for the XPS M1330 because of its improved features. We'll help you buy the right product for you.


Dell's Latitude E6xxx series stands for high standards and has a similar target group as Lenovo's ThinkPad T-series and HP's EliteBooks. The professional notebooks, strictly designed for business users, also find fans in the demanding home users. Quality, warranty period and upgrade options are just some of the key points that sometimes greatly distinguish these notebooks from the comparable products of the mass market.

Review Acer Aspire V3-771G Notebook

The HP ProBook 650 offers good application performance, it is usually very quiet and it has a comparatively fast hard drive. The notebook was primarily designed for business customers and was therefore equipped with good input devices. Maintainability and upgradeability are excellent and you can extend the comprehensive port variety via a docking station. Battery runtimes are also decent. The only serious drawback is the display quality. It is dark, has a low contrast and a distinct blue cast. The display cover is not very sturdy, either. Considering the retail price of 750 Euros (~$1025), the display is just not acceptable, both the brightness and the contrast should be better. Even a Full HD panel and/or an IPS display would be possible.


Review Update HP ProBook 450 G1 E9Y58EA Notebook

The ProBook is the only notebook with a serial port. This port is not usually important for private users and was – similar to the parallel port – replaced by USB. It is however still used in business environments – for instance, for the maintenance of cashier systems. The big advantage is the quite simple programmability and the related connections/wires can be several meters long.

The ProBook is completely made of plastic and the same applies for the ThinkPad. Dell on the other hand uses metal elements for the Latitude. The design of the ProBook is quite appealing; HP uses a simple and business-oriented design without any curlicues. The top of the base unit is silver-anthracite while all the other parts are black. The top of the display cover is also rubberized and reminds us of ThinkPads.


The stereo speakers of the ProBook are above the keyboard and behind a grille. The produced sound is a bit tinny and lacks bass, but voices are easy to understand. A better sound experience is available via external speakers or headphones.


Details: Digital innovations in health and care: looking ahead (virtual): Monday 24-Thursday 27 May, The King’s Fund. The conference will cover the digital innovations accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transformation of the NHS, assessing their potential impact and benefits.


System information Asus F550CA-XX078D

Details: The sequential data read speed was up to 61% faster, while the sequential data write speed was up to 46% faster. Benchmark results in CrystalDiskMark: PCIe 4 vs. PCIe 3. Having a PCI Express 4 solid-state drive improves the speed of sequential data transfers by quite a lot, ranging from 46% for the write speed to 61% for the read speed.

ASUS Rampage II Extreme Republic of Gamers - motherboard - ATX - LGA1366 Socket - X58 Series Specs

Our test model scored 2951 points in PC Mark 7 and 8320 points in PC Mark Vantage (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=6101). The system performance is enough for many tasks, but could be considerably increased by removing two bottlenecks. One weak point is the system memory. In our test model only one 4 GB module was installed and dual-channel was not active. Because of this, the memory works at a lower speed and the graphics chip is also impaired. The latter uses the RAM as a shared memory and is thus dependant on its performance. The second weak point is the hard drive. A Solid State Drive has significantly better access times, read and write speeds and will have a positive effect on the daily tasks.


In addition to the typical business features, the Dell Latitude E6530 impresses most with its consistent good to very good scores. The minor weaknesses of our test model can easily be circumvented by a change in the configuration. But you cannot get around the very high price that precisely takes into account the value of the specific business features and equipment details.

Again: Dell's Precision M6700 is a very powerful workstation

Although the G500s and the F550CA are equipped with the same GPU, the G550s performs slightly better in the GL tests. The reason is quickly discovered: The GPU of the Lenovo computer runs at a higher maximum speed (1,100 MHz) than that of the F550CA (1,000 MHz). Due to its stronger GPU, the Satellite outperforms the competition in the GL test of the Cinebench R11/5.


A cheaper alternative to the ProBook 650 is the ProBook 655-series. It is basically the same device, but instead of Intel processors, you get AMD APUs. The least expensive configuration is currently the HP ProBook 655 G1 F2R44UT with an AMD A4-5150M for 620 Euros (~$847), the rest of the specs are identical to our review unit.

No matter what load state, the B50-45 belongs to the most energy-efficient office laptops in every category that we have tested in the past twelve months. It does particularly well in high load, matching to its low performance. Unfortunately, the laptop consumes 0/1 Watt when shut down, which is simply unnecessary nowadays.


The business series HP ProBook 6570b has a 15/6-inch (39/6 cm) display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, that uses LED backlighting. The maximum resolution of the HD+ LG Philips LP156WD1-TLD3 panel is 1600 x 900 pixels. There is something interesting for people who use multiple monitors. With an external monitor, it is possible to get a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels via the DisplayPort. Using the HDMI or VGA ports, a maximum resolution of 1980 x 1200 pixels is possible. More than three external monitors cannot be connected. The anti-glare surface of the display makes it less susceptible to reflections from direct light, so use outdoors or in bright rooms should not pose a significant problem, especially since the average brightness is 270/8 cd/m². In the middle of the display, our measuring device, the X-Rite i1Pro determined a maximum brightness of 310 cd/m², and while this value falls by up to 30 cd/m² towards the corners, it shouldn't be obvious during daily use.

Details: Sharecare, a free/paid app platform that enables users to consolidate all their health and wellness data in one location and use proprietary health management tools, is going the SPAC route with Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp. It will trade on NASDAQ under SHCR. Initial enterprise value is expected to be $3/9 bn with approximately $400 million in growth capital.


Review HP ProBook 650 G1 H5G74E Notebook

The touchpad of the ProBook is 10/4 x 5/9 cm (~4/1 x 2/3 inches) and supports multi-touch gestures. The surface is identical to the palm rest; the slightly roughened material provides good gliding capabilities. The touchpad enables a reasonably precise control of the cursor. Several multi-touch gestures can be configured and activated/deactivated in the associated control panel. Not all gestures are activated ex-works. You can also activate or deactivate the pad itself with a tap in the upper left corner; a small LED indicates the current status. The two mouse buttons have a clearly audible and perceptible pressure point in combination with a short travel.

The HP ProBook 6570b positions itself substantially ahead of its direct rivals with anti-glare displays. The older ProBook 6560b for instance, is significantly less bright with a measurement of 206/7 cd/m², the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535 with 259 cd/m² and the Dell Vostro 3560 with 256/8 cd/m². It must be noted that the HP ProBook 6570b is significantly more expensive than the ones mentioned earlier.


The F55CA, too, shows the typical behavior of cost-effective notebooks: Changing the vertical viewing angle quickly causes the image to break down. The horizontal viewing angle stability is better. The image content can also be read from the side; however, the image darkens increasingly.

According to the provided brochure, Hewlett Packard offers the same accessories for the ProBook 650 as they did for the predecessors. You can get either the standard Docking Station (A7E32AA, A7E34AA; around 120 Euros/~$164) or the Advanced Docking Station (A7E36AA, A7E38AA; around 150 Euros/~$205) with an additional drive bay for an optical drive or a hard drive, respectively.

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Weighing in at just three pounds and jammed with nifty. Aug 31, 2020 - Explore Troytec's board "Technology news", followed by 251 people on Pinterest. Testdriver Cloud Edition is the latest version of our popular benchmarking automation platform. The free version of our software delivers several new girls everyday and you can purchase each lap dancer individually. The clownish fight over who hacked the DNC Engadget - 24 Jun 2020 21: 15. Download 3DMark (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=2732) Basic Edition. FBI can hack into a computer without a warrant - a move which is troubling privacy advocates. Download USB Flash Benchmark - Find out how the USB Flash stick you are currently using compares to similar devices in its category by performing a quick benchmark test with this app. Our review unit already had the Windows XP downgrade applied so we couldn't test its performance in Futuremark's 3DMark Vantage benchmark suit, which requires Windows Vista or Windows 7. Nevertheless, in all other benchmarks, the Compaq 8100 Elite small form factor PC was a capable performer with key strengths in encoding media and other processor-intensive tasks. Our amazing range of system tuning software and utilities has everything you need to clean and optimise your computer.


A matte 15/6-inch display with a native resolution of 1366x768 pixels is used for the ProBook, but you can also opt for a matte Full HD panel. The average brightness of the display is below average with just 186 cd/m²; ThinkPad (196/9 cd/m²; 1600x900 pixels) and Latitude (222/4 cd/m²; 1920x1080 pixels) are slightly better.

Alternatively, the Dell Latitude can be configured with higher capacity hard drives or fast Solid State Drives. The optical drive can also be replaced with another storage device. The UMTS slot (full size miniPCIe) does not seem to support the mSATA standard. The Crucial M4 mSATA SSD could not be recognized and therefore cannot be used.


Viewing angles Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 Q5720M30A1DE

In-depth review of the Lenovo ThinkPad W540 20BGCTO1WW (Intel Core i7 4700MQ, NVIDIA Quadro K1100M, 15.5", 2.5 kg) with numerous measurements, benchmarks and evaluations. Galaxy S5 devices, which runs on a new operating system Samsung has developed for its upcycling initiative. May 26th, 2020 20: 05 Discuss (17 Comments) Despite the infamous SuperPi application being criticized as being "very simple, and horribly single-threaded. Free Download 100% CLEAN report malware. With three all new tests you can bench everything from smartphones and tablets, to notebooks and home PCs, to the. Download 3DMark Advanced Edition for FREE on PC – Released on 7 Dec, 2020. Technically Incorrect: In Washington, DC, a security company fits a tracking device onto the leg of a man awaiting trial. If storage space is a problem, 3DMark can recommend the best benchmark for your system. Perhaps the highlight of our review system is the pair of powerful SLI Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M graphics adapters, each with 4GB of dedicated DDR5 graphics RAM, offering a total of 3, 072 CUDA cores. Fully D3D10/SM4.0 compliant graphics card, 256 MB; 1024 MB RAM; 2 GB Free Disk Space; Windows Vista (Server editions not supported) 3DMark Next Recommended System Requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or.

Asus F550CA vs. AdobeRGB

With minimal load the subnotebook stays cool with a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius (~88 °F) all around. Only in the stress test was the temperature measured up to 41 degrees Celsius (~106 °F) on the underside. Since use of the Latitude E6330 for a couple of hours with full output from the CPU and GPU is not part of its intended application and therefore unlikely to happen, using the notebook on your thighs should work without any problems.


Overall, the Latitude E6330 subnotebook is designed for professional office use. In Fujitsu's LifeBook S792 we find a direct competitor, which has a brighter, outdoor capable screen and a longer battery life with comparable (depending on the test) to somewhat better test results.

We liked the lightly roughened touchpad better. Although it is not particularly large, and does not have touch-sensitive areas on the outer edges, it made an accurate impression and could also implement fast gestures. The keys convinced with an appropriate resistance, crisp pressure point, and good feedback.


Download USB Flash Benchmark

As a mouse substitute, Asus uses a multi-touch capable clickpad. With a surface of 10/4 x 7/3 cm (~4/1 x 2/9 inches), it is quite generously dimensioned. Therefore, the user has enough space for the comfortable use of multi-touch gestures. Furthermore, the smooth surface of the pad makes gliding easy for the fingers. The multi-touch gestures can be turned on and off individually in the context menu. The clickpad does not have separate mouse buttons. The whole pad is one big button. When the pad is clicked in the lower part, it recognizes, based on the finger position, if the left or right mouse button is meant. The pad has a short stroke and a clearly audible and palpable pressure point.

The F550CA comes with a 12-month warranty. The same goes for the Satellite. Owners of the G500s are treated to a two-year warranty. The warranty period of the Asus notebook can be extended to three years. The corresponding warranty extension is available for roughly 85 Euros (~$115).


In particular, professional drivers recurrently exhibited considerable performance improvements with every version update in prior tests, which indicates that the performance potential is first exhausted with a corresponding optimization. Since the performance differences using the preinstalled FirePro driver turned out to be very high in Catia, ProEngineer and Tcvis compared with Nvidia's Quadros, we also hoped for the aforementioned performance effect. However, the exact opposite occurred with the latest version. Except for Siemens NX, all results worsened noticeably; Lightwave, Maya, Solidworks and Tcvis categorically caved in. Even the FirePro M2000 in the 14-inch EliteBook 8470w is faster with exception of Ensight. In any event, we would definitely advise against updating the driver version to 9/002 for CAD applications for the time being in view of performance.

How to install 3dmark

Details: Download Health Books for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Large selection and many more categories to choose from.


ASUS Maximus IV Extreme - Republic of Gamers

Thanks to the silent SSD the notebook is silent when not under any load. The measurement of 28 dB(A) in this scenario equates to the same as the background noise of a quiet room. While under medium load the noise level increases to 35/3 dB(A) and finally reaches a clearly audible level of 44/2 dB(A) in our stress test.

The color reproduction is above average, although the display only covers about 85% of the sRGB color space. The color accuracy in uncalibrated state shows relatively high deviations. This applies to the gray scale and the color saturation. The real potential of the display is realized only after calibration. Except for red, all colors are on the spot. The red is a bit faint, which is a frequent observation on many displays with white LEDs, and gives the screen a slight blue tint. Compared to previously test displays, this is a very balanced panel that has a relatively accurate color reproduction for a notebook.


In-depth review of the Panasonic Toughbook CF-AX2 (Intel Core i5 3427U, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 11.6 inches, 1.1 kg) with numerous measurements, benchmarks and evaluations. Compare benchmark scores. Serial, KeyGen (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=1869), Free Download. Also for: G73sw-xn1, G73sw-3de, G73sw-a2, G73sw-xt1, G74sx-xr1, G73s. Developer Slimware Utilities. The 3DMark Vantage (more) tests confirm that four Radeon HD 4780 GPUs can work together in a Radeon HD 4870 X2 CrossFire configuration. In addition, it also offers support for multi-threaded applications and multi-core processors, as well as 64bit Windows Vista. The one you see here is the Windows version, but 3Dmark (web) is not just for Windows anymore. And if you have any tech issues, please stop by at Tom's Guide Forums. In-depth review of the Acer Aspire E1-531-B9606G50Mnks (Intel Pentium B960, Intel HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge), 15.6", 2.5 kg) with numerous measurements, benchmarks and ratings.

Next System Requirements: x86/x64 single core CPU with SSE2 support. MajorGeeks offers only 4-star or better geek-tested and reviewed software for Windows along with tutorials and videos when you need help with your computer. Gerald on: 22 December 2020 at 3: 43 am. Thank You very much for the detailed review on the Dell Zino 400 HD. I have one coming in 12/24/2020 (Christmas Eve). Scored 4193 and Super PI took 48 seconds to do 2 million count. Explore beautiful scenery, collect over 450 cars and become a Horizon Superstar in historic Britain. For as long as I've had my current rig I've used a USB-based Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard due to it's sleep key. Controlled robot Finally a Kinect hack with a. W7 Score: Processor: 4.5 Memory: 6.0 Graphics: 3.4 Gaming: 4.9 Hard Disk: 5.9. Neither of which are hacked. Download now the serial number for 3dmark vantage (useful content) All serial numbers are genuine and you can find more results in our database for 3dmark software.


During idle mode, the F550CA proves to be extremely energy efficient. We measure a power consumption between 5/8 and 8/5 Watts. The G500s (6/3 to 10/8 Watts) and the Satellite (4/9 to 10/8 Watts) require slightly more power. The power consumption of the Asus notebook rises to 22/9 Watts under medium load (3D Mark 06 running) and 25/4 Watts under full load (stress test, Prime95 and FurMark running). The G500s (31/4 and 37/3 dB(A) respectively) needs more power. The Satellite (18/3 and 22/5 Watts respectively) even undercuts the values of the F550CA.

Boom 3d Free Trial

Asus has with the F550CA-XX078D the appropriate offer for those who cannot or simply do not want to spend a lot on a notebook. For almost 320 Euros (~$433) the buyer gets a 15/6-inch notebook with ULV processor and 500 GB hard-drive. A Windows operating system is not included in the scope of delivery. Our review reveals if Asus has a convincing offer on its hands.


XFX GeForce 9600 GSO graphics card - GF 9600 GSO

Hewlett Packard grants a 12-month limited hardware warranty for the ProBook and the same applies for the ThinkPad. Buyers of the Latitude can select between a three-year Basic Support and a one-year Pro Support. There are several additional service upgrades for the ProBook, starting with a two-year warranty for around 50 Euros (~$68) up to a three-year worldwide On-Site warranty for around 240 Euros (~$328).

HP equipped the ProBook with a Core i3-4000M processor. The dual-core CPU is based on Intel's current Haswell architecture and has a nominal clock of 2/4 GHz. There is no Turbo Boost, only support for Hyperthreading. The similarly clocked predecessor was the Core i3-3110M. Thanks to Haswell improvements, the Core i3-4000M should be around 10 percent faster.


The N76VM uses the HM76 chipset from the latest Intel 7 Series family. This platform serves as the basis for the mobile performance sector of notebooks and features native USB 3/0 support. PCI Express 3/0 and DDR3/DDR3L-1600 support are also interesting improvements. The brand new Intel Ivy Bridge quad-core i7-3610QM CPU has a 45 Watt TDP and ensures that the notebook has sufficient processing power due to the combination of Intel’s Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost 2/0 technologies and 6 MB of L3 cache. As of this review, the processor is one of our top 10 of mobile processors. While potent dual-core processors such as the Intel Core i7-3520M can achieve high scores in single-core benchmarks due to their higher clock speeds, this quad-core CPU clearly demonstrates its strength in multi-core optimized applications.

After detaching the maintenance cover, the fan can be reached and cleaned if necessary. One RAM slot is free and makes an upgrade possible. The hard drive is in a separate module that is held by two screws. Here, the removal of the bottom plate is not necessary. The optical drive is a modular one and can be interchanged with other drives or a MultiBay battery.


Even though we only performed the WLAN test in our review of the ThinkPad, it should also be superior in the other disciplines. The reason for this is pretty simple, it just has by far the largest battery capacity (HP: 55 Wh, Dell: 65 Wh, Lenovo: 94 Wh). It is therefore not surprising that the ProBook has the shortest runtimes within our competition, but the results are decent nonetheless.

Download 3DMark05 1.3.0 for Windows

The maintainability of the notebook is very good. A lever mechanism at the bottom secures the maintenance cover. You just have to loosen it and then remove the cover to gain access to the memory, hard drive, WLAN module, BIOS battery, CPU and the fan. The latter can be removed for cleaning purposes. The ProBook has two memory slots and one slot is occupied by a four GB module. Replacing the hard drive is no problem and you can use 2/5-inch drives with a height of 7 and 9/5 mm. You can even replace the processor if you want to.


The Alps touchpad has a usable area of 80 x 45 mm (3/15 x 1/77 inches) and thus is sufficiently sized for all its functions. Still, some multi-touch gestures could do with a bit more space. The gliding properties and the responsiveness of the touchpad are very good and are no cause for criticism. The usual multi-touch functions are supported and can be activated and deactivated separately as well. The mouse keys are slightly rubberized and have a very quiet stroke. Dell offers a variety of options in the Control Panel.

Download 3dmark free edition health

In comparison, the predecessor with a Core i7-2620M Sandy Bridge dual-core processor is slightly slower and the smaller Latitude E6230 with the same CPU had insignificant variances in the Cinebench R10 Rendering 32-bit tests. Meanwhile, Fujitsu’s LifeBook S792 with a Core i7-3612QM quad-core CPU from the Ivy Bridge generation beat our test model in multi-rendering, but in single rendering things it was vice versa. For more details please take a look at the following chart.


Despite the powerful components, the ProBook 6570b has very good temperature management. Considering the abundant features, a retail price of around 1000 Euros is very fair.

While we were pleased with the keyboard, the touchpad proved to be less pleasing despite its size. The touchpad on the N76VM uses incorporated mouse buttons and pressing on the entire touchpad should trigger a click. We found that this unfortunately did not work as well as it should have. The mechanism was quite stiff and varied in response depending on whether the press was toward the sides of the touchpad surface. Reliable input was only accomplished in the center of the left and right tap areas and we found these areas would clatter during our tapping. Although not as distinctive as in the ThinkPad Edge E530, it was nonetheless unpleasant and particularly so when trying multi-finger tapping. The touchpad can be easily and quickly disabled by using the Fn-F9 key combination for those who prefer an external mouse.


E8000+ marks in 3DMARK VANTAGE was achieved by overclocking. CPU - 28561 GPU 1 - 42.66, GPU 2 - 43.83 CPU Test 1 (plans/s) 1185. To improve search results for Futuremark 3Dmark Vantage try to exclude using words such as: serial, code, keygen (click), hacked, patch, warez, etc. When we transcoded a 5-minute. Updated for Windows 10, PCMark 10 is also faster and easier to use. Where To Download Asus G74sx Manual. Garnett Lee, Lightning vs. Xbox 360, Benchmarking our Badass Gaming PC with 3DMark Vantage and Crysis, Free Video Conversion for the PS3 1UP's Garnett Lee, Lightning vs. Xbox 360, Benchmarking our Badass Gaming PC with 3DMark Vantage and. ASUS G74SX-A1 - 17.3" - Core i7 2630QM - 12 GB RAM - 750 GB HDD + 750 GB HDD overview and full product specs on CNET (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=1502). Here is a list of best free Benchmarking Software for Windows. Night Raid, the latest DirectX 12 benchmark test.

Lenovo Legion 5 review (AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, GTX 1650Ti

Windows 8/1 (64-bit) is preinstalled on the laptop, and a corresponding partition is available for system recovery. Lenovo does not include external recovery media.


3DMark Basic Edition 2.15.7088 Download

Were it not for the circular perforated and printed pattern, the base unit might cause a passerby to mistake the Asus device for an Apple notebook. The Windows sticker on the wrist rest and Asus logo at the bottom of the display are the most obvious proof to the contrary. While the overall impression, material, and build quality falls short of those of the Apple unibody case, Asus has nonetheless created a very high-end product that undoubtedly belongs to the premium notebook sector.

The graphics performance is only reduced marginally, if at all, on battery power. The somewhat lower test results (3 - 5%) are due to the slightly throttled CPU performance. AMD's System Monitor displayed a GPU clock of 800 MHz as was the case before.


Lenovo B50-50 80S2000QGE Notebook Review

We measure an energy consumption between 4/6 and 9/4 Watts for the ProBook during idle, it is therefore more frugal than both the Latitude (6/3 up to 10/8 Watts) and the ThinkPad (8/8 up to 13/9 Watts). It is the same situation with medium (3DMark 06 running) and heavy workloads (stress test, Prime95 and FurMark simultaneously), the ProBook once again consumes less energy with 37/1 and 41/5 Watts compared to the ThinkPad (42 and 56/8 Watts) and Latitude (50/7 and 52/7 Watts). We should however not forget that Dell's notebook is equipped with a dedicated GPU.

Includes disk, 3D and CPU tests. Test and compare the gaming performance of your PC with 3DMark, the number one benchmarking app for gamers, overclockers, and system builders. Messages: 13, 795 Likes Received: 0 GPU: BFG GTX260OC (192 SP) Although some people might disagree with me on this, but the manufacturer of the. P55mx installation instructions hardware. Download PCMark 10 - A benchmark offering complete PC performance testing including battery life measurement tools and new tests using popular applications from Adobe and Microsoft. The PC's integrated graphics. We are the top Gaming gear provider. Check out TweakTown's news from November 2020. Competing notebooks did even worse: The Cloudbook (18, 314), Inspiron (18, 181) and. Learn how to automate PCMark 10 benchmarks.


Team Fortress 2 Videos

As with the N56 models, the N76 is available in two variants. The N76VM is equipped with the Nvidia’s GeForce GT 630M and the N76VZ features the Nvidia’s GeForce GT 650M. Both models are currently available in Germany and feature the same Intel Ivy Bridge quad-core i7-3610QM CPU as the standard processor. Other CPUs are optionally available. Similarly the user can select from a number of options in terms of RAM configurations, hard disk capacities, and the choice of DVD and Blu-Ray readers and writers. The user is provided with the choice of 1600x900 or 1920x1080 resolutions for the matte display. Our test device, the N76VM-V2G-T1078V, is equipped with 8 GB RAM, 2 TB hard disk capacity, and a standard DVD writer. The current street price of this model is approximately 1150 Euro ($1425 USD).

Those who are on the lookout for a gaming notebook at a low price are better off with the Acer Aspire E1-571G (Core i3-3110M, GeForce GT 620M). It is currently available for 450 Euros (~$609). Another alternative would be the Samsung NP355V5C-S05DE (A6-4400M, AMD Radeon HD 7520G + HD 7670M Dual Graphics). The price for a slightly different equipment version (355V5C-S0F; 4 GB main memory, A4-4300M APU) is currently between 450 and 480 Euros (~$609 and $650).


Lenovo B50-70 MCC2GGE Notebook Review

The S10 also lets you bypass the middle man when it comes to sharing your shots on social media. If you're logged into your Instagram account on the phone, you can toggle to this mode directly from the camera module to share with all your followers. Anything you take here will immediately post to your feed or stories.

There have been some significant changes in the interface options. The 4-pin FireWire port has been completely removed. Instead, we have two modern USB 3/0 ports, conveniently divided on both sides of the notebook. Dell still equips their premium business Latitudes with an HDMI port. We were expecting a DisplayPort instead, because it supports significantly higher resolutions for external displays. Apart from that, most of the interfaces are located as far back as possible. Thus there are no limitations caused by the cables of the connected peripherals. The card reader is located at the front and is easily accessible. Additional ports and other expansions are possible via the ExpressCard/34/54 slot.


Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 with AMD Z-60 and Windows 8 Pro 64-bit. The mobile powerhouse among Windows 8 Tablets

The potent dual-core CPU operates at a constant base clock speed of 2/6 GHz, while the maximum clock speed rises to 3/3 GHz reliably as a result of Turbo Boost being activated. During our stress test with Prime 95 and Furmark fully utilizing the CPU and GPU simultaneously, there was no throttling observed after a full hour. Also, when the CPU has to perform rendering tasks in Cinebench R10, the processor takes full advantage of its processing reserves consistently. As expected, the performance of the reviewed notebook proved itself to be good without any significant anomalies. Compared to other devices with the same processor, ike the Fujitsu Lifebook P772 and the Dell Latitude E6230 for example, the ProBook 6570b performs equally well on average.

The measured contrast ratio of 564:1 is significantly better than most entry-level notebooks. The colors are rich and provide a more realistic reproduction of photos, movies and games. Displays with an IPS panel, like the Fujitsu Lifebook T902, still perform better in this regard.


XFX GeForce 9600 GSO - graphics card - GF 9600 GSO

In comparison to the predecessor there are no observable changes. The moisture resistant keyboard with a standard layout (no Chiclet design) can be backlit at four different levels through the optionally installed backlight on our test device. The keys are slightly concave, big enough and are pleasant to touch. Thanks to the relatively short stroke and firm pressure point, the keyboard is good for extended time typing.

The Dell Latitude E6530 is a typical representative of the business premium class. Parts availability, a long warranty and multiple configuration options are exactly the qualities that business users expect. Of course the quality of the case, the materials used and the application performance are all on the expected level. Dell has implemented all of that very well in the Latitude E6530.


ECS GeForce GTX 460 Black review - VGA performance: 3DMark

The Dell Latitude E6530 has a wide array of security features. Trusted Platform module, Intel Anti Theft/Computrace service, Smart Card reader, fingerprint scanner, BIOS password option and the usual Windows password protection should be enough to cover most security requirements adequately. You can read more on notebook security in our FAQ article on security solutions.

While operating solely on battery power, notebooks typically suffer from reduced GPU performance. In our N76VM, we observed no CPU throttling on battery power but GPU performance in the Cinebench R10 64-bit OpenGL test dropped by about one-third to 3372 points. This also applied to the Intel HD Graphics 4000 which only beat this result by 100 points.


Dell Precision 5540 in Review: Workstation Doubles as a Hand Warmer

HP delivers a stable business notebook for the entry-level segment with the ProBook 6570b. For around 1050 Euros (~$1400) the package includes an Intel dual-core processor from the Ivy Bridge generation, a dedicated AMD graphics card and a matte 15/6-inch display with HD+ resolution.

The ProBook is not designed for gamers, but it is still possible to play many games in low resolutions and with low details. Some games should even run smoothly in the native resolution and higher settings – for instance, several titles from the FIFA-series. A second memory module would improve the frame rates, because the performance of the integrated GPU benefits from a dual-channel memory configuration. Frame rates can increase by up to 30 percent, depending on the title.


The exceptionally large 2 TB storage capacity is virtually the limit of what is achievable in notebooks. It is, however, the weakest link in an otherwise strong system.

Business notebook HP ProBook 6570b B6P88EA

As a multimedia notebook, we observed no weaknesses in the key interfaces for this device category. Both the screen and sound system ensure a great all-around experience and are amongst the best one might currently find in a notebook.


Even though HP has included such a broad array of features in the ProBook 6570b, the parcel seems to have been packed by uncle Scrooge. Along with the compact 90 W AC adapter, the manufacturer merely includes a short manual and two optical media with drivers and the operating system Windows 7 Professional 64-bit service pack 1.

The only accessories included in the retail package are a good subwoofer, a cleaning cloth, a cable tie, and a DVD of software. Asus provided no device-specific supplies or extra battery. Should accessories be required, the user must purchase these separately from Asus or a third-party provider.


A Gigabit LAN port is located directly next to the obligatory Kensington Lock on the right side of the ProBook 6570b towards the back, such that an excessive mess of cables next to the notebook could be circumvented even without a docking station. Just such a "2021 HP docking station" would find a matching port on the bottom of the case, and is available from around 200 Euros (~$260 RRP). This would then provide a further four USB 3/0 ports, as well as numerous other interfaces and port replicators including a DisplayPort, LAN port, DVI and VGA ports as well as parallel and serial ports. For a retail price of about 123 Euros, this solution should be particularly interesting for users that often change between office and mobile use, and should provide for a much more expedient transition.

Review HP ProBook 6570b Notebook

The display screen of our test model, which has the designation of SEC5441, is comparatively dark with an average brightness of 168 cd/m². Because of the high black level score of 1/24 cd/m², the test model reaches a below average contrast ration of 139:1. Instead, the screen is well-lit with 91% illumination. Subjectively, no shadowing effects could be found.


3dmark vantage keygen for vegas

The price for this "luxury" is viewed by some as high as well. The lowest starting price that we found on Dell's online shop is 800 Euros (~$1085). That is excluding VAT of course. At first glance, the equipment you get for this price is rather poor: Intel Core i3-3110M, WXGA display, 4 GB RAM and a 320 GB hard drive. Windows 8 is available as an operating system, but Windows 7 dominates the options list and is also the usual choice of many companies. Thus the Latitude E6530 is not a bargain compared to other entry-level notebooks that you can find. Our test model has a Full HD display, an Intel Core i5-3360M CPU, 4 GB of RAM, a WWAN module and a 500 GB hard drive. Currently Dell sells this configuration for 1120 Euros (~$1514) excluding VAT, which means about 1340 Euros (~$1812) after tax.


However, we could first run Cyberlinks Media Espresso 6/5 using the new driver version. Before that, the converter froze reproducibly when starting the program and could not be used. The eventually ascertained results cannot compete with the performance of Nvidia's CUDA or Intel's Quick Sync technology. Nevertheless, the system load is reduced noticeably (5 - 45% CPU capacity) and thus enables processing other tasks alongside converting.

FurMark Download

The battery of the F550CA lasts 7:06 h during idle. The G500s (6:01 h) has to be plugged in one hour earlier. The Satellite (9:43 h) lasts significantly longer than both competitors. The idle mode is examined by the Battery Eater Reader’s test. The display is set at the lowest level of brightness, the energy-saving profile activated and the wireless modules deactivated. Under load the Asus notebook shuts down after 1:31 h. Once again the G500s (1:09 h) quits earlier and the Satellite (2:41 h) lasts longer than the competition. The runtime under load is ascertained by the Battery Eater Classic test. The screen is set to full brightness and the high-performance profile as well as the wireless modules activated.


Apple today introduced its 2020 Macbook Pro, the company's premium line portable computers. Advanced Edition; VRMark Advanced Edition; Steam is a popular digital platform for buying games and software. There are plenty of connections and it has a well-designed interior that makes it an easy desktop PC to maintain and expand. Night Raid, a DirectX 12 benchmark test. Today I rummaged through my collection of salvaged keyboards in search of more with sleep keys and I came across one of those PS/2-based, 1999-era units sporting an original iMac-ish translucent aqua body with beige keys -including three for sleep, wake and power. The CPU, GPU and combined scores are reported. Free Download Manager - FreewareFiles Edition 3.8 Pick. The comparison is displayed in a graphical format, displaying various components of the other device selected. HDR/SM graphics /10(). It creates a WBFS partition Wii homebrew applications can use.

The HD 5450 is more oriented towards HTPCs than gaming, and. Lenovo Legion Y540-17IRH: Screen: 17.3 inch, 1920 x 1080 px, IPS, 60 Hz – 300 nits, non-touch, anti-glare ( BOE NV173FHM-N47 panel) Processor: Intel Coffee Lake-R Core i5-9300H CPU, quad-core, with HyperThreading. DOWNLOAD DRIVER: MAIN FOXCONN H55MXV-LE. This might often be needed by gamers and other industry experts who need to determine. Wi-Fi networks are greatly being used, so securing the Wi-Fi is extremely important as other people may use it and gain access to your data. Today, the company behind 3DMark followed up with a statement saying that it had confirmed the findings and would delist the P20, as well as three other Huawei phones with similar behavior, from its benchmark leaderboards. With hundreds of leading apps from publishers such as AVG, Avira, Microsoft, and Piriform, to name but a few, FileHippo is home to the best free PC tuning software, system info software, PC cleaning software, defragmentation software, and PC benchmarking apps known to man. Please be aware that GIGABYTE's product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking. See more ideas about Technology, New technology, Ccna. Competition is fierce so check back often to see who is holding the top spot.


Dell's Latitude E6530 comes without any extra accessories. Various MultiBay expansions for the optical drive slot, docking stations and additional batteries are available as options.

Dell Precision 7550 Mobile Workstation Review: The Antithesis To The Precision

HP seems to be competing against its own similarly priced EliteBook 8570p. Still, the HP ProBook 6570b (B6P88EA) represents an interesting business notebook which is able to claim many exclusive advantages for itself, and is certain to find many business customers.


HP's Compaq 8100 Elite is a small form factor (SFF) PC aimed at business users who need to do more than just word processing and e-mail. Many downloads like Futuremark 3Dmark Vantage may also include a crack, serial number, unlock code or keygen (key generator). Search is down as you know. At the thinnest, thinness is only 9.9 mm and weighs just 130 grams, feels light when held. Xbox 360 Dashboard gets Facelift and update for Kinect Bunch of new features including ESPN and more. A score of P2008 in 3DMark11 and P9180 in 3DMark Vantage takes over the reins as the fastest notebook in the land. The ThinkPad P51s is furnished with the same matte 4K panel (3840x2160 pixels) as the ThinkPad T570 that we have previously tested. In comparison the GS4 scored 10, 511, the HTC One scored 10, 246, and the iPhone 5S scored 13, 948. Record ASUS GTX580's used to get #1 spot for 3DMark Vantage. The main PCMark 10 benchmark test is ideal for organizations that are evaluating PCs for a workforce with a range of performance needs.

The well rounded system performance should provide users in medium sized businesses as well as private users with a full-fledged office laptop, which is still transportable. In addition to this, the ProBook 6570b is exceptionally easy to upgrade thanks to its large maintenance panel, and the fact that even the CPU and GPU can be changed is very seldom in this segment.


There's actually quite a bit to talk about with the GTX280. In addition to the 3D and application processing, Nvidia has built-in support for its newly acquired PhysX physics processing software framework. It's also a part of Nvidia's HybridPower ecosystem, which has implications for system power consumption.

WBFS partition, allowing a USB loader to access and play the game. CorelDRAW is the flag program of Corel's graphic s. Support for 3DMark 11 has ended. Available in 13.3-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch sizes, the Macbook Pro binds the latest notebook hardware with the Apple Mac platform. Driver 3dmark vantage keygen download cnet. A higher overall score is the best and a high. Comments (40) Page 1 of 11: Introduction Page 1: Introduction Page 2: Intel and Declining Power Consumption Page 3: Atom Z500 and. Not only is this 3DMark the first in the series to offer cross-platform comparisons, it is also the first to test different Direct3D feature levels within 1 application. Vantage logged 8023 points in Entry mode. Found 7 results for 3dmark serial, code, keygen.


Grab them if you need them! Windows 10 tips and tricks. Cnet (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=115)'s camera expert answers your questions and shares her picks for entry level DSLR cameras. The best games on Nintendo Switch. In 3Dmark06, the difference is shocking, 1162 vs 321. Disclaimer: Truly sorry if that has been posted. The score is an impressive P4262, up from around P3800 with PhysX disabled. That dwarfs the Dell Precision 5530 (0.66 by 14.1 by 9.3 inches) but is a bit smaller. It prioritizes game packets and allocates more bandwidth for smooth, lag-free gaming. Our Logs Database currently contains 50281 logs of 9790 programs.

Graphics are handled by the Intel HD Graphics 4600. It supports DirectX 11/1 and works with a clock between 200 MHz and 1,100 MHz. Dell's Latitude (Core i5-4200U, Radeon HD 8850M) is ahead of the competition thanks to the dedicated Radeon GPU; the integrated versions just cannot keep up with that performance. The ProBook takes second place because the GPU is superior to the older HD Graphics in the ThinkPad (Core i5-3360M, HD Graphics 4000).


As is expected from a business class notebook, the Point stick is available as an alternative to the touchpad. For newcomers this input method may take some getting used to, but otherwise it allows for a very quick and precise cursor movement. The three corresponding buttons also work very quietly and register clicks well. Alternatively, these can be given special functions or switched off completely when using the touchpad.

The casing is made entirely of black plastic, and left an edgy, rather futuristic and appealing impression on the tester. The matte surfaces are very sensitive to fingerprints. Not much force is needed to twist the base, producing quiet grinding and squeaking noises. The not very pressure resistant display can be opened with one hand, and is fairly solid. The gaps around the rim of the base are not evenly spaced. Otherwise, we did not notice any other manufacturing flaws. A large maintenance hatch is on the underside.


Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e Review- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

After opening the notebook, a matte 15/6-inch display which precisely nestles into a matte black display frame reveals itself. The keyboard is also composed out of a non-reflective material, and the extremely stable palm resting area consists of brushed aluminum which only deforms inwards slightly above the optical drive with a lot of pressure. The chiclet keyboard contains a separate numeric keypad. Underneath the ProBook 6570b, the base unit is composed of matte black plastic which is very stiff. Via a sliding mechanism the large maintenance panel can be unlocked, which allows almost the whole of the bottom to be removed. Beneath this, nearly all the components are easily accessible. Along with the hard drive, there are also the WLAN and the WWAN modules, two RAM slots and the CMOS battery among other things. The cooling fan can also be reached just as easily, and can therefore also be cleaned if necessary. Even the processor and the graphics card can be upgraded. The 55 Wh battery can also be unlocked and removed via a separate sliding mechanism, revealing the SIM card slot under it. Alternatively, the ProBook 6570b can also be fitted with and HDD and an mSATA connected SSD simultaneously, in which case the UMTS module has to be forgone.

As previously mentioned, our sample N76VM features two 1 TB Seagate Momentus SpinPoint drives. These drives, formerly designed and manufactured by Samsung, now carry the Seagate brand due to Seagate’s purchase of Samsung’s storage division during the last 8 months of 2021. Both 2/5-inch hard disks have a build height of 9 mm (0/35 in), 5400 RPM rotational speed, 8 MB cache, and a peak read speed of 112/6 MB/s. HDTune recorded an average transfer rate of nearly 90 MB/s and demonstrates the drives are on par with the current performance level of conventional hard disks.


The Asus F550CA-XX078D scores with good application performance and low energy consumption. Simultaneously it runs quietly across the entire load spectrum and thus is very suitable for concentrated phases of work. We also like the high contrast value of the display. Unfortunately, the display is slightly too dark and with a blue cast.

Hewlett Packard equipped the ProBook with a non-illuminated chiclet keyboard. The main keys have a size of around 15 x 15 mm. HP uses flat and roughened keys, but unlike the ThinkPads, there is no conical curvature. The keys have a short travel, a clear pressure point and the necessary force is okay. There is no bouncing in the main area during typing, only a little flex around the numeric keypad. The keyboard leaves a good impression, but cannot quite keep up with its ThinkPad counterpart.


The CPU always runs at 1/8 GHz in our stress test (Prime 95 and FurMark running for at least one hour). The graphics core runs during the stress test at 1,000 MHz when plugged in. During battery mode it is throttled to 350 MHz. The CPU temperature leveled off at about 55 degrees Celsius (131 Fahrenheit) when plugged in.

Besides some warranty information, a quick start poster and a brochure for available accessories there are also three DVDs in the box: One application and driver recovery DVD as well as one setup DVD for Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and Windows 8 Professional each. There is even a printed manual for the Windows 8 installation.


A lucky guess finally activated the WLAN module. We put the notebook in sleep mode (key combination: FN + F1) just to wake it up right afterwards. The WLAN module ran instantaneously and we were able to set up a connection to the router. Unfortunately, this procedure has to be repeated after every reboot of the device to reactivate the WLAN module.

Nvidia video: No quad-core chip needed for extreme PC

Proving itself a staggering 42 times faster at rendering JavaScript than IE 7, our benchmarks confirm Apple's Safari 4 browser, released in beta today, is the fastest browser on the planet. In fact, it beat Google's Chrome, Firefox 3, Opera 9/6 and even Mozilla's developmental Minefield browser.


COVID-19 vaccines: All Veterans, spouses and caregivers can get a COVID-19 vaccine at VA by appointment or walk-in clinic. Visit our vaccine information page. For VA-specific information: Read our coronavirus FAQs and public health response, or use our coronavirus chatbot. Prepare for a visit: Everyone entering our facilities is screened, and visitors are limited.

The Dell Latitude E6530 is a premium notebook

The contrast (779:1) and black value (0/28 cd/m²) of the screen are very convincing. The values of the Satellite (668:1, 0/33 cd/m²) are only slightly worse while the G500s (313:1, 0/69 cd/m²) trails far behind. The screen of the F550CA cannot display the color spaces sRGB and AdobeRGB, but no one should expect this for this price anyway. Additionally, color spaces are irrelevant for most of the users since they are mainly important for professional image editing.


Details: I swear, people cling to this benchmark like Anna Nicole Smith on a chicken sandwich People get a 900 point drop and they think the world is gonna end. They get a 20 point increase and they act as though the gain is like a gift from Allah.

For the N76 family, Asus chose to use a fundamentally different case than the previous N75 family. The high-gloss plastics of the previous generation have been replaced by a significantly higher quality blend of materials, namely aluminum and plastic. The high-gloss finish has been replaced by a brushed, black-gray aluminum finish for the display lid which provides a pleasant contrast to the aluminum colored work surface of the base unit. Austere at first glance, the overall façade disguises a premium device.


Our test model came with an English QWERTY layout. The key caption is very contrasting and is further enhanced by the built-in backlighting. Its brightness can be increased in four steps. Further options are available in Dell's Keyboard Backlight settings. The keyboard backlighting is not a standard feature in the Latitude E6530. It comes at a surcharge of 33 Euros excl.

The workmanship is impeccable - even gaps, precisely fitting components and flawless surfaces. A small drawback is the slight teetering of the display, which the hinges cannot fully prevent. The lid is locked in the closed position with the classic double hooks. The surfaces are durable and give a high-quality impression. The silver-gray casing is conservative and ensures an appropriate appearance in the business environment. Perhaps this is the reason the orange keyboard frame was omitted in the current model.


Wii Backup Manager Guide [Completed]

Overall, we consider the Asus N76VM to be a very well-designed notebook that does not exhibit any real weaknesses aside from the weak touchpad and limited graphics performance on battery power. The case is very good, the design is appealing, and the choice of equipment is appropriate for the target consumer group.

The situation does unfortunately not improve in regard to the contrast (313:1) and black value (0/63 cd/m²). ThinkPad (726:1, 0/27 cd/m²) and Latitude (727:1, 0/33 cd/m²) are once again superior. The ProBook display can cover neither the sRGB nor the AdobeRGB color spectrums, which are important for professional work, for instance, picture editing. We only measured 50/6 percent (sRGB) and 35/2 percent (AdobeRGB), respectively.


For outdoor use, the maximum brightness is available on battery power as well. The matte surface and good contrast provide good usability out in the open.

There is not much to write when virtually nothing is possible. As can be seen in the example benchmarks in the chart below, the review sample even struggled with isometric oldies, such as StarCraft II or Diablo III - even at minimum, mostly unsightly settings. The only thing left to say is the much disliked (and sarcastic) note: Diablo II, Solitaire, and Minesweeper will run smoothly. On the other hand, if like the other B50-45, an R4 Graphics was under the hood, it would even be possible to still play the fairly up-to-date and graphically sophisticated Tomb Raider from 2021 almost lag-free - when all setting controls are set at the minimum. Our attempts to bench FIFA 15 were also sobering. The sound stuttered massively, the intro sequence with stadium and spectators were rendered with guesstimated 5 fps.


Both are DirectX 11 benchmarks, but Sky Diver is more suited to laptops and midrange PCs, while Fire Strike is more demanding and. Detailed review of the Acer Aspire 7560G-83524G50Mnkk (AMD A-Series A8-3520M, AMD Radeon HD 6740G2, 15.6", 2.9 kg) with numerous measurements, benchmarks and ratings. A member of the company's flagship T-series lineup, the T490 offers impressive. Ibm lenovo foxconn, chinese factories implement strict, h55mxv installation instructions hardware, asustek computer inc, pc notebook model. All Office Converter Pro can convert documents and image files. A popular benchmarking app. Get Forza Horizon 4. Live the Horizon Life when you play Forza Horizon 4. Experience a shared world with dynamic seasons. The criminal case involves a child pornography site, Playpen, that. ZOTAC GeForce GTX 285 - graphics card - GF GTX 285 - 1 GB overview and full product specs on CNET (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=4870). VirtuaGirl Software VirtuaGirl displays real strippers stripping directly on your computer taskbar as in a real stripclub.

Asus ENGTX280 review: Asus ENGTX280

Data can be stored on the Hitachi Travelstar Z7K500 hard drive. It has a capacity of 500 GB and works at 7,200 revolutions per minute, which is pretty rare in a notebook these days. CrystalDiskMark determines a reading speed of 121 MB/s while HD Tune shows an average transfer rate of 96/2 MB/s. These are very good results for a conventional hard drive and show the impact of the 7,200 rpm. The same applies for the 4K read and write speeds.

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Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge chip will be a big step up in graphics performance for Intel. And benchmark numbers suggest that you may want to wait for that new Ivy Bridge-based MacBook or Windows lappy before upgrading your system.


The ProBook is primarily designed for business users, so there are also several security features. Besides a Trusted Platform Module 1/2 there is a fingerprint reader as well. In combination with the preinstalled tool HP Client Security, you can realize system access via fingerprint scan and HP's File Sanitizer enables safe deletion of files.

HD Tune sees the average transfer rates of the just 320 GB small hard drive, which should be enough for office purposes in any case, but places it in the last position when all current office laptops are considered in the comparison. It was hard for us to believe that the Seagate Momentus Thin 320 (5400 rpm) was to blame. Therefore, we focused on the assessed CPU load, which is likely to be the fly in the ointment. The access time of 18/8 ms is at the lowest end of the performance scale as well. Hard drive accessing also adversely affected HP's 250 G3 excessively, and it thus presented an equally poor impression - but the review sample is even worse.


Asus equips the F550CA with an unlit chiclet keyboard along with a numeric keypad. The main keys have a footprint of about 15 x 15 mm. Overall the slim and slightly roughened keys have a medium stroke and a clear pressure point. The key resistance could have been somewhat tighter. The keyboard bounces noticeably when typing, which is more apparent in the center than on the sides. This behavior also influences the typing feeling. The keyboard feels better overall at the sides. Those who have to type a lot and frequently might not be too happy with the keyboard. It suffices, though, for common use.

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It is also important that the security aspect doesn't fall short in the case of the ProBook 6570b (B6P88EA). A Kensington Lock for attaching a compatible security lock and a fingerprint reader represent the security combo that protects against theft and unwanted access to data.


Intel could respond (which it hasn't) by saying that the E8400 is not a slow processor: it runs at 3/0GHZ and has 6MB of cache. And overclocked with liquid nitrogen, it would probably get some pretty good scores too. And then, of course, it might be simpler to just get a quad-core Extreme CPU.

Five USB ports in total are included, and have been spread across both of the sides of the notebook. Two of these operate using the fast USB 3/0 standard, while there is also an eSATA/USB 2/0 combination port available. Since two USB ports are always located closely together, wider USB connectors can block each other. Fast data transfers are meanwhile facilitated by the USB 3/0 ports as well as the IEEE 1394a interface (Firewire). Furthermore, there are also two 3/5 mm audio sockets for a microphone and headphones, as well as an optical DVD drive (HP DVDRAM GT50N). On the left side of the notebook, a card reader for SD and MMC cards is available, along with the ExpressCard54 slot. Driving external displays such as monitors or a flat screen television can be achieved via the VGA or HDMI interfaces. The rear contains the power input, a DisplayPort, one RS-232 port and an optional RJ-11 socket for a modem.


HP's notebooks from the ProBook 650-series are 15/6-inch business notebooks in the medium price range. The performance is more than sufficient for most office tasks, including web browsing and communication. The device is also equipped with security features like a Trusted Platform Module. Our review unit is the cheapest configuration and currently retails for around 750 Euros (~$1025). A look at the specs shows that HP offers numerous configurations of the ProBook. You can configure the CPU (Core i3 up to Core i7), memory, type and size of the hard drive, operating system as well as the display. There are also versions with a dedicated Radeon HD 8750M GPU.

The ProBook comes with a preloaded version of Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), but you can also install Windows 8 Professional (64-bit) since installation DVDs for both operating systems are provided. Access to the recovery features is possible via the Escape-button after you turn the notebook on. The menu also grants access to the BIOS and system diagnostics.


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HP has equipped the ProBook with numerous interfaces, among which, a few should be especially interesting for business users. Many of these go above and beyond the normal basic connectivity of most notebooks. With the exception of the front of the case, all the other sides are almost completely covered with interfaces.