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Bait is one of my favorite ganking style where you can wipe out 3 heroes in no time. One hero, a carry would be better, will be creeping while the gankers will wait hidden in fogs. When 2 or 3 opponents come to gank the bait, they will be stuck in one place because they are going for the kill. Now, you’re going to execute your plan and kill the gankers. I, sometimes, call this ganking the gankers.


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Make a push as swift and powerful as possible. Laying a long siege on an enemy base or tower may result in your allies going low on HP and MP and may cause some of their skills and ultimate to be wasted resulting in unnecessary cool downs.

Blaming, whining and complaining are some the things players usually do when losing a DotA game. This negative energy makes the team doesn’t want to fully fight anymore. Once they lost their passion and trust to win the game, it became more difficult to win the game.


Having a better leader ranked 2nd to the most important essentials in winning DotA games. Leaders are responsible for their team’s motivation and strategies. Hero drafting greatly lies on the hands of a DotA Team Captain. Team mates may suggest but leaders should have the larger vision on how the game would flow. They should be able to pick heroes that will give the team great advantage over the opponents.

Late game is decided by early game. If your early game is not that good most probably you are in a level and item gap against your opponents. They ask this question to know if they can play offensive or should they play defensive game.


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Touched by the teacher's lasting legacy, the Burning Celestial, aspect of fire, cast himself to the fortress to reignite the remains. From these glowing embers emerged an image of Xin, wreathed in flame, his thoughtful countenance prepared to train and to teach, and to spread the fires of knowledge to all who seek guidance.

I guess that these would be all for this guide. I hope that you’ve found all the information I’ve shared helpful and that it could bring big changes both in your games and personal life.


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Women spent more money than men on average on gaming consoles, downloadable content, and gaming accessories: Women spent an average of $359 on downloadable content and accessories annually, compared to the $335 spent by men. Women also paid more, on average, for their gaming consoles, although men spent $73 more than women when it came to personal gaming computers (men spent $760 on average).

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You may say it’s crazy but it’s true. Watching Anime stories with fight scenes may also inspire you a lot to be a better DotA Player. When I was on my early years in the game, I simply do the things that must be done. If I need to win, I farm heavy items to be able to kill them all and push. If I need to survive, I simply run back to the fountain. If I need to gank, go to other lanes then I use my skills at once to kill them. In short, there was no art, no prediction, no precision in my game back then. Most people today improved their games through experience and by watching how the pros do it. In my case, my first improvement in this game is after getting inspired by how Anime characters think during battles. These are some anime character’s traits that may also inspire you in playing better in DotA.

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You got killed by 5 enemies because you tried to kill a worm but it happened to be bait. Unless you can kill him in a second and you can escape safely, it would be fine. But, in reality, you are not playing in ‘whosyourdaddy’ mode. You have to conceptualize or you have to visualize things happening in your mind before it actually happen. Conceptualizing won’t make players die often because of bait. They would look at the map and after realizing that there is only one opponent displaying himself, they would make an assumption that the other heroes might be hiding through the fog. This assumption makes him don’t want to touch that bait. If you want to play aggressively have wards so you’ll know when it’s bait and when it’s not.


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This makes them feel that you are confident that you can win the fight. This is one magical technique in boosting your team’s power. This is like the battle cry of prehistoric wars. These battle cries aren’t made for nothing. Not only that it is a confidence booster but it also informs the whole team that everyone will now be fighting. Thus, they won’t hesitate joining the war because of this.

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You need to imagine the things heroes can do to give trouble to a team. You need to conceptualize what they are capable of. Pugna, for example, can push undefended towers quickly because of his Blast. Alchemist, when farmed up, can turn into a very painful and hard to kill beast. You need to know what heroes are capable of because this is where you’ll have to imagine the next number – Hero Counters.

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Maelk is a captain who is open for suggestions. He respects the opinions of his team mates. He weighs things up first before making decision. This is the difference between leading and managing. Leading is making your team mates want to do your plans while managing is forcing your team mates to do your plans. It became a lot of fun for all of us when I started switching from managing to leading. I believe that a team is stronger if they all desire a single goal.


Warm up in a one-on-one training session, and then get your entire team together for a session with a professional player. Whether you're training in matchmaking, using private lobbies, or simply helping a new player through their first bot games, we've got you covered.

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Don’t rely on spamming spells to farm. Spamming spells helps you push not farm. Yes, you can kill the creeps by spamming spells. Spam spells when needed like if you have to choose over 2 or 3 creeps having their hp deteriorate at constant rate. There you can use your AOE spell. Spamming AOE spells makes you go back to the fountain back and forth because you won’t be ready if any clash happens if you don’t have mana.


I remember one time; we were all used into having 3 farmers and 2 supports. Then, I was curious as to what if we would only have 1 main farmer and 4 heroes would be moving around the map to kill opponents making our carry farm more gold than usual. Then my team mates agreed and didn’t mind if we will lose. After the game, we did lost, but they found it exciting. We practiced that kind of strategy for about a week. Then, it came to be our solid strategy that can knock off any team. We usually use it as surprise tactics in tournaments. I shared this because I want you all to try different things and never regret doing it. Experiments often start with failures. From those failures, look at how great our technology now – same thing with DotA.

Dota 2 - Three Spirits Update

It’s difficult to gank a lone hero, especially if they have good supports. However, you can start a fight by ganking group of heroes that are outnumbered. For example you see 3 heroes at the bottom lane. Your team can all go for killing them right before the opponent come to team up with them. If you successfully killed those 3 heroes or 2 of them, it’s difficult for them to win the clash once the backups arrive.


All unusual paint items on the Steam Community Market have been delisted. You can relist the Color Gem Packs.

Team Work Game: When we were kids we already love having team battles. That’s why a lot of team sports came up and multi-player computer games have been invented. Playing with team mates is more addicting than playing alone.


Dota 2 - Wings of the Intangible Workshop Item

You need to conceptualize how you’re going to kill your preys at early level. If you visualize that it’ll be harder to kill with your planned line up, think of a new one.

You should measure the time the damage is done after you click the creep. Heroes like Krobelus and Lina have slower animation that you need to attack the creep earlier than usual. Kardel is different, where after clicking the enemy creep the damage is done in very less time. Melee heroes are easier because you only need to observe their hitting animation while Range heroes need to consider their distance and animation of the attack.


In ganking, you cannot be impatient. You should always wait for the perfect timing to engage. Waiting for the perfect timing gives more chances of killing your target and make it safer for you.

Under Drowned Lands in Taymyr, Russian Federation there are many contracts and among them which will be Geological Research that has might pique your interest if you are reading this post. You would need to conduct a soil survey (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/content/uploads/files/download/dota-2-treasure-key-hack-no-survey.zip) to 3 points from North, South, and West.


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I might have been quite nostalgic about the history of MYM and myself but these 10 things I learned from Maelk had inspired me a lot to become a better player and leader. Right attitude is important in DotA and he can inspire you a lot too to have these winning traits. There may be a lot of other good teams right now you can learn from but I think there is no one who shares a lot of insights like Maelk.

The key to improvement understands. Seek first to understand the factors what made a strategy effective or ineffective. You should also learn to accept facts. Accept that you and your team mates can make several errors in the game. Don’t whine on them and show immaturity. Instead, praise the things they’ve done well. Discuss generally the errors made in every game. You should use your mind and learn from the game, not your heart to feel frustrated for weeks.


Kobe Bryant, though he’s considered to be a superstar, trains a lot. People even call it ‘torturing himself’. Then, when he plays, you can see how confident he is and now people are considering him cocky.

Goal to counter opponent’s carry heroes. If you pick your carry heroes at once, opponents will grab that opportunity to counter your carry heroes. They’re going to pick heroes that focuses on the disadvantages of your carries.


Despite ranking as the third most popular game, the majority of gamers who played Fortnite (85 percent) spent money on downloadable content, compared to 80% who spent money on Dota, 71% who spent on Hearthstone, and 69% who forked over cash on Destiny. Often, certain games offer better rewards, packages, diversity of upgrades, or value that compel players to subscribe more readily to microtransactions.

Learn from your or other player’s errors. Simply playing 100 games per day won’t get you better if you are not critical with your errors and you don’t work to avoid doing those again. In losing games there are errors you need to find out. Some errors are obvious, some needs more analysis but generally, these errors are present. After you find out what are the errors that cause a game, a gank, or a team fight to end up a ‘lose’.


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The best way to improve your team is watching your games. You have the ability to clearly see the errors made or how the opponent managed to defeat your strategy. If you totally understand the things that lead to your defeat, you won’t do that same thing again. Eliminating errors made by your team is another way of saying that your team is really improving.


Ending the game is easy if you defeat your opponents badly in items and level. You can just go directly to their frozen throne after stepping on them. But, if the game is a close match, it’s not that easy. Sometimes pro players tend to push all lanes to avoid AOE nukes and to pressure the opponent.

The most basic ganking style is backstabbing. It’s when you hide in fogs and appear behind enemies while they are farming. This is done well if you have perfect timing of using skills and I recommend having a gank mate because sole gankers cannot assure kills. Having disables like stun and slow makes it easier to kill heroes. This is the reason why gankers usually have this kind of skills. Beware because this type of ganking is easily countered by observer wards.


Children with gaming problems often do not spend enough time interacting with their parents in parent/child activity. Go out to a pizza place or well lit restaraunt. Sign up for a family softball league.

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Professional DotA Replays are everywhere. There are a lot of websites giving you these but copying their play styles won’t give you any chance of beating them. To understand the game thoroughly and to have original game styles are the factors that will make you have a successful team.

DOTA 2 Playing Like a Pro Guide

If you realized that the opponents have wards where they would hide to gank, immediately bought sentry wards to remove the defensive advantage of your opponents. Destroying your opponent’s wards is very important if you want to gank. Good opponents would always have their eyes on the map and would know if you are planning to gank them. You should never skip buying sentry wards in ganking.


Pros: Gankers are now behind me, I should try to make them chase me at the forest and increase my chances to survive. I’ll try to buy items and not waste my gold from my death.

Varieties of Skills to improve at: You can improve at farming, ganking, supporting, killing, teamwork, using different heroes, combos, etc. These are the things that will cause you to be practicing and improving. More skills learned mean more addiction. More skills to be learned also mean more addiction.


By the name itself, they support the Carry heroes. They provide safety for the Carry heroes, they make killing easy for Carry heroes and they disrupt the opponents to have more farm than their carry heroes.

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There are freeware programs available for download that can help with this. Playing hide-and-go-seek with your parents (hiding your game) is an effective way to minimize gaming overall.


One thing I observe on how the MYM became successful is Maelk’s great Charisma. The team appreciates him for having great wit and leadership skills. Maelk would show the team how to execute the game plays. He would show the level of play style for them to reach. Inspiring your team makes them want to play more with you and will have an urge to improve.

You may say that supports can buy crow for you since they don’t need to farm luxury items. Then, you will have your supports buy 2 chicks 1 observer wards early game. One support wont have any stat or regen items, but, wisely you’ll buy regen items instead of stats. So, he will only have around 400hp. Supports won’t be advised to last hit creeps a lot, they have to wait for 200 seconds to buy one crow and another 200 seconds to buy another crow. If the supports farm, the carry on the lane will be delayed, thus, making the opponent’s carry have advantage over them. After 400 seconds and the supports successfully boght the 2 crows, the opponents who happened to only have one crow, will have their core items and ready to finish you off at your lane in no time.


If you have a report on the following day or an examination, chances are, you need more time for that. You have to sacrifice playing which is not and shouldn’t be your priority.

Be humble to thank them if they saved you. Thanking them doesn’t make them feel like robots made for destruction.


In-perspective player view now shows the correct state of more HUD elements (Shop Quickbuy, KDA/Last Hits/Denies, Buyback). These improvements apply the the in-perspective view in live games and replays, as well as coaches.

This is done by making the allied heroes on the lane use their disables to make the opponents stay near while you are teleporting to gank. An example for mid lane would be having a Storm Spirit use his electric vortex on his opponent while you are teleporting at his tower. You can use your disables after teleporting to aid the Storm Spirit kill the prey. Be sure to do this with good timing. Disabling the opponent hero too early would make the ganker waste gold for tp because the prey would be gone when he arrived. There are limited heroes at mid which you can use this ganking style. The heroes with perfect disables, like Puck, Raijin, Rexxar, Bane Elemental, Viper, are the one suited with the Go and Teleport at mid lane. When it comes to the trilane, this can be executed easier. Most heroes at trilane have disables thus making it easier to have the opponents stay near the tower when the ganker arrived from teleporting.


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What happens most here is you ban heroes you don’t want to see in the game. There are several reasons for banning.


Pro teams want to destroy opponent’s tower as fast as possible to gain gold and map advantage but they still ask this question to make sure they won’t get in trouble. If their opponents have early advantage, more likely they won’t push and fight 5v6. Yup: 5 enemy heroes + 1 enemy tower. If they happen to take down a key hero for the opponent, they would often decide to push.

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Invisibility has great advantage in ganking. You can be sneaky without having to consider the fog of war. Getting into good position, you can whack the opponents by surprise. May it be invisibility from rune, invisibility skills (wind walk, moonlight shadow), or lothars edge, you can gank opponents easily if they don’t have true sight vision.


Dota in the Philippines is widely known for Bottle-Crow Strategy. It is having your crow go back and forth at the fountain with your Bottle for refill. It seems clever if you want to stay on your lane more and have more mana for harassing your opponent. But, why this strategy never succeed against Chinese?

You will be quite successful in most of your attempts if you will combine prediction and luck. Luck, unfortunately, is included in the game but good gankers would always bet their effort and time. Try to gank more instead of sticking to lane. Don’t wait for your opponents to be strong and farm items that will kill you in 3 hits. Make it hard for them by being a big pest on their lanes.


They would normally go for the key heroes that are easy to take down. They never plan on taking down a Bristleback first. They may attack a high hp hero if he is offering a free hit or to deceive the opponents making them think that they are going for that hero but when they finally showed up, change targets will happen.

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Good Players know when to use skills to push a mid lane for the opponent to have a busy life defending the lane while you go for runes. Having runes gives you more advantage at mid. If you have a regen, you can harass him until he make a trip to the fountain. If you have illusions you can bait him with one illusion and gank other lanes or simply use these illusions to have advantage at farming. If you have double damage rune, you can harass him or outfarmed him. Haste can help you kill him or gank other lanes for another team advantage. Instead of refilling, battle for the runes.


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And the company found that the most popular games — Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros, and Pokémon Go — didn’t always correspond to the games with the most microtransactions. In fact, Super Smash Bros, the fifth-most-played game, had the least players purchasing downloadable content.


Earthshaker has a new Dragon fissure that is currently unfinished/untextured. The end of the fissure is a dragon's head.

Crystal Maiden + Sven – The slow of CM gives Sven more hits on the opponent. Storm bolt and frostbite adds more.


A Great DotA (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=1182) Captain won’t leave his team no matter what happens. He will be with his team through thick and thin. He will do anything to make his team the best team ever and won’t abandon them to have an easy life through joining other teams.

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Since the team is your ship, you can learn to care more about your team. If fights among your team mates occur, take the initiative to fix it. If there are weaknesses on your team, work hard to turn them into strengths. You should find a way to always have a healthy team and aim to have the best team.


Mostly you go in after your carries or tanks, then throw a spell (mostly stuns), back out a bit then go back and throw a spell or a burst nuke again if you have one. Always keep an eye on which your team is focusing on and on who hits your carries to know who to nuke or disable.

I have been playing support role since forever because I find this role the most fun role in the game. I love actions and I love getting into fights as early as possible. It was a good thing though because most players here want to play farmer and carry. Farming is important but I find it boring because you become insurance for the team. You simply stick to your lane and try to farm as much as you can at early game. I know you have to dominate your lane too but if your hero has disadvantages at early game against your opponent, you’ll have to play passively. I was known for being a great support for our team back then. But I have to admit, after watching one of my team mate play support role, I realized that someone became a lot better than me. I don’t play too often now but I still watch replays and I see a lot of boring support players. They would often act as slaves for the team. You will not even recognize them.


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You need to plan the best possible way to meet these expectations. If you need to be stable at your lane you probably need to have proper balance of regeneration items, stats and damage. Dying a lot on your lane will be below their expectations.

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When I’m playing games with money on the line, my game suddenly change from great to worse than noob. I learned to be comfortable when one time, I was asked to play a game against an unknown team. We defeated that team and after the game I found out that it was also a bet game, only this time I was unaware. Then, I realized that if I treat serious games not too seriously, my game is way better. It was the beginning of me winning bet games. I don’t know with you because factors may be different with you. You might be more comfortable when you are serious but the idea here is find out how you’ll become comfortable playing.


They should serve the defense and they should make it easy for the team to attack. Supports are your bishops and horse. They should be able to attack as well as to trap opponents.

In games where plans have great chance of failing, you should know how to make quick adjustments to still have the game running on your side. This is one trait of Maelk that even his team mates can prove. His judgments are simply so perfect every time, making him decide the best things for the team to do. Teams with leaders like him are so lucky because there will be less confusion and they can act at once. In this game, time is just too precious to be wasted on thinking what to do next.


This is where both of the teams will pick 3 heroes in 1-2-2-1 order. I suggest picking good supports 1st because of 2 reasons.

Start off by selecting your favourite hero that you want to track progress on and make use of the tools. You can not change hero after locking in your selection.


Furion, spectre and wisp are the only heroes that can do this. Teleport from opponent’s blind spot then gang him up. In spectre’s case you, there is no need for blind spot for he teleports directly beside his prey. Spectre is not a ganker but can be used to gank sometimes, particularly if he already is farmed up.

Don’t analyze how bitter the feeling of the failure was; analyze all the factors that lead to failing. Failing alone won’t make you improve. Don’t just fail and drink after because your failure would be useless. There are a lot to analyze why you lost. Lane controls, ganking, hero picks, team fights, map control. It is better to save your replays and watch it to see the errors clearly. Whenever I lose a game, I try to think of the best move I could have make instead of committing the certain error. I also watch enemy’s point of view to know their strategy, so that we won’t lose to same strategy again. If you don’t have any coach to give you DotA guides and strategies, you can rely on Mr. experience. He is the best coach you’ll ever have.


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Newbies: That hero is one hit away from death, I’ll chase him though I don’t have mana. He might be a noob and press hold.

It’s quite easy to understand that their role is to push. They have skills that make them capable of clearing up enemy creeps fast or summon units that can tank and damage the opponent’s tower. Again, these heroes may or may not be supports.


Non-exhausting Game: Unlike Basketball or other physical sports, you can play DotA ’til you can still manage to sit, look at the monitor, use mouse and keyboard, and think. Yes, using your mind is also tiring but it’ll take an average of 3 games before you’d want to take a rest.

If you decide that you have 1 hour per day to spend playing DotA (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=8030), stick to that. Since DotA requires many hours of gameplay to have fun, you likely should consider a different game or different genre of games.


Use a Polymorph Recipe to transform several items of the same rarity into a whole new item, or try out an Augment Recipe to combine duplicate items into a single item of a higher rarity. Collect Recipes by playing, or by opening Ancient Scroll Cases - where you can find Polymorph and Augment Recipes, or even rarer Recipes that generate exceptional items.

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Anime characters know how to respect opponents no matter how evil they were in the series. This leads to not doing trash talks against my opponents after defeating them. I’ve learned to treat this game professionally. I trash talk some times but it’s for the sake of psyching my opponents out. Making them grow arrogant and have a negative effect on their game. But, after winning the game, I would approach them like nothing happened.


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To build on top of the new replay UI we also have the first implementation of the instant replay functionality. The game records throughout the match like a DVR and allows you to pause, rewind and skip back to live play via a timeline UI at the bottom of the HUD.

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Do not exhaust yourself too much to avoid getting dizzy at school in the morning or worst getting absent/late. Also, you have to reserve energy to study for announced/unannounced quizzes.

Yet another vital skill that any support user should posses, proper knowledge on when and how to roam gives a very good advantage favoring your team. Plus partnered with warding and dewarding skills, total map control could be achieved without any hassles.


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You also need to use your imagination to determine how you’re going to win your lanes. In most cases, you need to know how to dominate a lane but sometimes you just need to know how you’re going to survive. May it be solo lanes or trilanes, you need to imagine the abilities of your opponent’s heroes and take advantage of their weaknesses.

What’s a good way to do after a push? RUN Getting exhausted after doing a siege gives a good advantage for your opponent and could lead your team to a wipeout if you just stay near them after pushing. This is helpful during the early and mid-game phase where most of your teammates MP are easily drawn out from spamming up skills to counter enemy defense or to wiping out creep waves.


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You cannot use bottle crow in clash, it’s either you kill them or you die. After winning team fights, it is a good idea to push near towers because of advantage and not to farm and use bottle crow.


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Who doesn’t want more gold, right? They would obey you whenever you say push because they want it too. In managing, you are the only one who knows what your plan is and you just tell them to obey you. Once you fail with your plan, they’d lost their trust to your command. Leading inspires them to contribute more ways on how to attain the goal. It’s way better than simply following commands. The ability to play as a team depends on the leader. One of the best ways is to lead by example. If you play carry, show them how to play carry effectively. Whatever the outcome of the game would be, always play at your best.

ES + Chen – In ganks, Fissure can block Chen’s creeps at times making the prey flee safely. There are other heroes that have better chemistry with Earthshaker or Chen. I’m not telling though that they shouldn’t be picked. I saw Chen and Earthshaker picked at the same time by pro players.


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You judge the totality of the person based on how good he plays. Ugly but good player would say, “How the hell that noob guy got a hot girlfriend!

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A support user greatly relies on their own movements on partially on the items on their inventory. Supports usually go for items that add beef or STR type items for survivability, wards and town portal scrolls. A good support player should be able to survive a whole team fight and get the tide of the battle in favor for their team.


But not to the extent that you’re going to be reaching a point that everyone in your team is going to be low on HP and MP as stated from above. This scene is commonly seen as a part of the current Meta of the game. It is an act of doing a 2 lane push wherein 4 members lay siege on one lane while another hero, which is the “one-man-mass-pusher” tries to push another. This is executed by doing a series of “push-and-back-out” tactics in order to break up the members of the opposing team and to outnumber a lane for a clash.

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This was when they were waiting for the opponents to come out and make some error. Search for the creeps; don’t make them come to you, because they won’t.


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If you dominate a lane, chances are you’ll get a good farming time because enemy won’t be there to harass you. Thus, if you happen to kill enemy heroes there also are additional gold to make you have your items quicker.

You first need to know on what are your team mates’ expectations that you should meet. If you’re a support, they probably expect that you place wards on rune spots and to help the team have map control. If you’re at solo lane, you’re expected to be stable on your lane and hopefully dominate it. If you’re in a trilane, you’re expected to know the combo. There are a lot of default things that you’re team mates are already expecting from you.


They would always think whether to attack a lone hero or not. They know that they can be wiped out in no time if that hero happened to be bait. Sometimes, I saw them attack bait if they have a follow up plan to attack the entire team, like when they are having a hungry Earthshaker waiting for them to pile up.

Know when DotA (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=4028) cannot be included in your schedule anymore. For example, in my case, I have to do advance reading and projects. I gave up playing competitive DotA and just play whenever I’m free (twice or thrice a week).


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In a fight, great players would often predict opponent’s next move and act according to their judgments. You saw how pro players dodge skills perfectly in their DotA (check this link right here now) videos. Their goal is not to make a DotA video. Their goal is to evade most of the opponent’s skills as much as possible to make them harder to be killed.

These are the type of support heroes that move a lot around the map to help carry heroes kill their enemies on their lane. They often have disabling skills to make killing easier and to assure that the gank won’t end up to a chasing round.


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In every game, once you mentally defeat your opponent, he’s done. Try to psych out your opponents and make him feel that he should fear you.

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Why are supports essential in the team? Yes, it’s map control and early game dominance. Supports are important because they would give the team more kills early game. They have painful skills at lower levels like disables and nukes. Now, you need to imagine how you’re going to kill. You should not just pick 2 supports without thinking how good their combo is.


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Fame Source: Most players want to be the best in this game to gain fame which I find natural but technically nonsense. I have to admit that thirst for fame drove me to practice and improve my game.


Starting with DotA, how can this game not be fun? You are able to feel like a real warrior while playing this game. The strategic nature of this game really adds to the fun specially if you are a person who loves using your mind. The visual and sound effects also contribute to the level of fun of this game. Other than these facts, it is playing as a team with your friends that make this game really addicting.

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The computer is a device essential to stereotypical life in today’s world. Addiction must be treated like an eating disorder: very carefully.


The availability of content for purchase in video games has become increasingly common in recent years. The adoption of in-game microspending and purchasable content in free-to-play models has proven lucrative and effective, possibly setting the standard for the future of gaming.

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If you have a plan on using a combo that you have thought before, you should never give your opponent a hint that you’re going to execute that combo. Remember to always deceive your enemies. Banning and picking heroes that won’t reveal that plan is good at this phase.

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Games aren’t generating the $60 average revenue anymore. Of those the competitive games, League of Legends was the most likely to rack up high yearly bills for players, with the average gamer spending $119 on downloadable content and microtransactions annually. Grand Theft Auto also collected an average of $117 from players, followed by Fortnite and Counter-Strike ($97). Those who did not play competitively spent far less on these games on average.


A Semi-carry hero is a type of carry which is useful early game. It would have good nukes or disable skill that helps a lot in dominating the game early. After doing great in early game, they don’t lose their power till late game. They can still stand up to carry the team having the necessary items.

Pros: There might be wards here or he’s just careful. I’ll buy sentry wards to destroy his wards so I can gank him easier.


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Topic Provider: DotA (reference) is a great topic provider. That’s why you talk about it while hanging out with your DotA (our site) buddies. That’s why there are forums and blogs like this. We love chatting and DotA (straight from the source) is a great topic to talk about.


One of the best way to start clashes is being unseen. This is mostly effective on their neutral creeps camp. Most of them would be going to farm a lane or go for neutrals, either way you can start the clash by having the advantage of making the move first.

Pros: I won’t chase that dying hero for there is no possible way of killing him. I will just put myself in danger.


ZSMJ, one of the legendary farmers, will stay away from creeps if he doesn’t see the gankers on the map. He knows how crucial it is if you’ll be killed in the game.

If you want to reach the moon, go. If you fail, you’d still end up reaching the stars. Maelk didn’t directly say this but you’ll realize it after seeing his hard work in analyzing each and every heroes to formulate strategies. He worked hard practicing with his team mates that made MYM one of the most successful teams in DotA.


We all know that this cannot kill in this case, but is trying to psych out the by trying to show that he can. Though didn’t continue killing, he left something to that wouldn’t make him reach his potential, fear.

Enter the Loot Market Giveaways on the left. Steam Hack 2020 All steam games hack Key Generator UPDATE (No Survey. Dota 2 Hack Tool Treasure Items No Survey. Internet Download) Manager (IDM) 6.16 Build 2 Full. It's really well made! Honestly, get rid of all that fluff text. Zone Z Hack hack Gam3r - March 30, 2020 0. Sea of Thieves - How to Get More Gold and Dubloons Easy (The Maiden Voyage) Nov 16, 2020. This year's Dota 2 Compendium stretch goals go all the way up to $15m. Includes a range of new features that are currently in. Dota 2 beta key generator activated tool free download. Grid 2 Crack & Keygen [Free Download] 2020 Ju.


Supports are very important in early clashes. They have the skills that are deadly for these low level opponents. Stun and nukes are essential to kill most of your opponents. Jam would use his clarity and flask if he has low hp and mana to be ready for team fights. He doesn’t loiter around when he has short mana or hp. Jam would run through the fountain quickly and regenerate if there are no other chance to have his mana and hp back. Then run again to lanes where he is much needed. He can cast magic missiles; terror and swap anytime because he didn’t waste time loitering instead of regenerating.

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Map awareness and always having tp scroll with you makes it easier for you to back your team mates up. You can either walk if you sense that team mates in other lanes would be in trouble or you can buy tp scroll and teleport as soon as you see the opponents charging through your team mate. There are big chances that you or your team mate would be the one to kill the opponents who tried to kill him. If not, at least you saved your team mate from losing his gold and letting the opponents have extra gold.


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One ganker would appear behind the prey to disable him. A good player won’t retreat directly to the tower because the ganker can have more normal attacks on him and end up having a cheap death. Thus, the ganker will retreat going the other way – in this case, upwards, where the 2 heroes can’t attack him. Now, here comes another ganker to finish him off. Another good use of trapping is when you gank heroes with escape mechanisms, like leap of Mirana, waveform of Morphling, Blink of Akasha, Orb of Puck, Sucuchi of Nerubian Weaver, etc. Good prediction will make it easy for you to gank these heroes by trapping.

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