Abstract: Human activity recognition (HAR) techniques can significantly contribute to the enhancement of health and life care systems for elderly people. These techniques, which generally operate on data collected from wearable sensors or those embedded in most smart phones, have therefore attracted increasing interest recently. In this paper, a random forest-based classifier for human activity recognition is proposed. The classifier is trained using a set of time-domain features extracted from raw sensor data after being segmented into windows of 5 seconds duration. A detailed study of model parameter selection is presented using the statistical t-test. Several simulation experiments are conducted on the WHARF accelerometer benchmark dataset, to compare the performance of the proposed classifier to support vector machines (SVM) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The proposed model shows high recognition rates for different activities in the WHARF dataset compared to other classifiers using the same set of features. Furthermore, it achieves an overall average precision of 86/1% outperforming the recognition rate of 79/1% reported in the literature using Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) for the WHARF dataset. From a practical point of view, the proposed model is simple and efficient. Therefore, it is expected to be suitable for implementation in hand-held devices such as smart phones with their limited memory and computational resources.

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IBM SPSS Neural Networks in action

Abstract: Addressing systems have a key role in understanding and managing economic connections and social conditions, especially in urban territories. Developing countries need to learn from previous experiences and adapt solutions and techniques to their local contexts. A review of the world bank’s experience in addressing cities in Africa during the 1990s provides valuable lessons. It provides an understanding of the operational issues and the key success factors of such operations. It also helps to understand the conceptual components of these systems and the efforts required to build them in the field before the creation of their IT infrastructure. An addressing experience from a private sector initiative in Casablanca-Morocco is also reviewed, where efforts concern the creation of a comprehensive database of addresses. The methods used to collect the data in the field are presented as well as the conceptual model for its integration. The validity of geocoding techniques, which represent the core computing tools of addressing systems, is discussed. In the Moroccan context, the official addressing rules follow Western models and standards, used by default in geocoding algorithms. The study of data collected in Casablanca, processed with GIS tools and algorithms, shows that the percentage of cases not respecting these rules is far from negligible.


Abstract: Due to the new possibilities offered by digital technologies, more and more companies are embarking on a process of digitizing their supply chains. This dynamic seems to be the opportunity to analyse the impact that digital technologies may have on one of the phenomena that disrupt financial flows within supply chains, and that can alter the companies’ treasury, namely that of cash flow bullwhip (CFB). The results of the systematic literature review that was carried out allow to affirm that several technologies can contribute positively to limiting this phenomenon and this by acting on these operational causes, which are the reliability of forecasts, batch orders, the fluctuation in sales prices, rationing games, and lead times.

To address these issues, we propose a new decentralized blockchain based authentication solution for tactile internet. In our proposed solution, there is no need for a trusted party; moreover, the decentralized nature of our proposed solution makes the authentication immutable, efficient, secure, and low latency requirement. The implementation of our proposed solution is deployed on Ethereum official test network Ropsten. The experimental results show that our solution is efficient, highly secured, and flexible.


Setelah itu file yang. Convert Spss 17 Authorization Code trail version to full. All retail software uses a serial number or key of some form. Christian Lim Mj's Blog Home; Contact; SPSS 17 All Modules Activation (click this site) Download June 9 2020 spss 17 all modules activation (try this website). Note: The expiration date for SPSS is set by the vendor. Uploaded, Size MiB, ULed by Akevaktis 1: SPSS 17 All Modules Activation. Discover Activate Learning, a forward-thinking further and higher education group, operating across colleges, schools, apprenticeships and training. Look for a program folder named "IBM SPSS Statistics" or something similar. Spss 17 + crack download nya. The output shows the expiration date and which SPSS modules are installed. All Posts; Category 1; Category 2; Search. This group contains file types used by software applications or programs to store various data or other information needed for their operation, functions or other features and do not fit in other file format categories. We previously characterized the hepatic expression of transcription factors affecting UGT1A1 expression during development. Tested and FULL worked. Paessler is the producer of PRTG, the highly powerful network monitoring software PRTG monitors your whole IT infrastructure 24/7 and alerts you to problems before users even notice Find out more about our free monitoring tools that help system administrators work smarter, faster, better.

Abstract: The current global pandemic situation has forced universities to opt for distance education, relying on digital tools that are currently available, such as course management platforms like Moodle, videoconferencing applications like Google Meet or Zoom, or instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. In this study it is detailed that these tools have made virtual education an effective alternative to provide education without having a physical space where teachers and students can concentrate. In addition, this document shows that in this form of teaching learning it is not necessary to have a computer, it is enough to have a cell phone to access this type of education in Peru, since most of the country’s homes have a smartphone. Both students and teachers affirm that, although a little more time is invested than usual, this teaching method is satisfactory. The result obtained is that the use of mobile applications plays a very important role in virtual classes since the vast majority of students use the cell phone. In conclusion, teaching and learning in higher university education with the use of mobile applications, both teachers and students said that it was of great help due to the interaction through communication with WhatsApp, zoom, Google meet, among others. In addition, being in constant communication with the students through the applications strengthened the teaching.


Abstract: In image retrieval with relevant feedback, classification and distance calculation have a great influence on image retrieval accuracy. In this paper, we propose an image retrieval method, called ODLDA (Image Retrieval using the optimal distance and linear discriminant analysis). The proposed method can effectively exploit user’s feedback from relevant and irrelevant image sets, which uses linear discriminant analysis to find a linear projection with an improved similarity measure. The experimental results performed on the two benchmark datasets have confirmed the superiority of the proposed method.

Abstract: The Millimeter Wave (mm-wave) band has a broad-spectrum capable of transmitting multi-gigabit per-second date-rate. However, the band suffers seriously from obstruction and high path loss, resulting in line-of-sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) transmissions. All these lead to significant fluctu-ation in the signal received at the user end. Signal fluctuations present an unprecedented challenge in implementing the fifth gen-eration (5G) use-cases of the mm-wave spectrum. It also increases the user’s chances of changing the serving Base Station (BS) in the process, commonly known as Handover (HO). HO events become frequent for an ultra-dense dense network scenario, and HO management becomes increasingly challenging as the number of BS increases. HOs reduce network throughput, and hence the significance of mm-wave to 5G wireless system is diminished without adequate HO control. In this study, we propose a model for HO control based on the offline reinforcement learning (RL) algorithm that autonomously and smartly optimizes HO decisions taking into account prolonged user connectivity and throughput. We conclude by presenting the proposed model’s performance and comparing it with the state-of-art model, rate based HO scheme. The results reveal that the proposed model decreases excess HO by 70%, thus achieving a higher throughput relative to the rates based HO scheme.


Abstract: A multi-core processor is an integrated circuit that contains multiple core processing unit. For more than two decades, the single-core processors dominated the computing environment. The continuous development of hardware and processors led to the emergence of high-performance computers that able to address complex scientific and engineering programs quickly. Besides, running the software codes sequentially increases the execution time in huge and complex programs. The serial code is converted to parallel code to improve the program perfor-mances and reduce the execution time. Therefore, parallelization helps programmers solve computing problems efficiently. This study introduced a novel automatic translation tool that converts serial C++ code into a hybrid parallel code. The study analyzed the performance of the proposed S2PMOACC tool using linear algebraic dense matrix multiplication benchmarking. Besides, we introduced Message Passing Interface (MPI) + Open Accelerator (OpenACC) as a hybrid programming model without preliminary knowledge of parallel programming models and dependency analysis of their source code. The research outcomes enhance the program performances and decrease the implementation time.

Abstract: Wireless sensor network with mobility is rapidly evolving and increasing in the recent decade. The cluster and hierarchical routing strategy demonstrates major changes in the lifespan of the network and the scalability. The latency, average energy consumption, packet distribution ratio is highly impacted due to a lack of coordination between cluster head and extreme mobile network nodes. Overall efficiency of highly mobile wireless sensor network is reduced by current techniques such as mobility-conscious media access control, sleep/wakeup scheduling and transmission of real-time services in wireless sensor network. This paper proposes a novel Priority-Mobility Aware Clustering Routing algorithm (p-MACRON) for high delivery of packets by assigning fair weightage to each and every packet of node. To automatically decide the scheduling policy, reinforcement learning approach is integrated. The mixed approach of priority and self-learning results into better utilization of energy. The experimental result shows comparisons of slotted sense multiple access protocol, AODV, MEMAC and P-MACRON, in which proposed algorithm delivered better results in terms of interval, packet size and simulation time.


Abstract: In many fields, analysing large user-generated microblogs is very crucial and drawing many researchers to study. However, processing such short and noisy microblogs is very difficult and challenging. Most prior studies use only texts to find the polarity of sentiment and presume that microblog site is independent and distributed identically, ignoring networked data from microblogs. Consequently, not satisfied with performance motivated by emotional and sentimental sociological approaches. This paper proposes a new methodology that incorporates social and topic context to analyze sentiment on microblogs by introducing the meaning of structure similarity into social context. Unlike from previous research employing direct relations from user and by suggesting a new method to quantify structure similarity. In addition, to design the microblog semantic relation, topic context is introduced. The Laplacian matrix of these graph produced by these context combines social and topic context and Laplacian regularization is applied to the microblogging sentiment model. The Experimental results on the two datasets show that, the suggested model had reliably and substantially outperformed the baseline methods that is helpful for suicide prediction.

Abstract: In today’s medicine, Computer-Aided Diagnosis Systems (CAD) are very used to improve the screening test accuracy of pulmonary nodules. Processing, classification, and detection techniques form the basis of CAD architecture. In this work, we focus on the classification step in a CAD system where we use Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) along with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to perform an efficient classification method for pulmonary nodules. Combining both DCT and CNN, the proposed method provides high-level accuracy that outperforms the conventional CNN model.


Abstract: With the mandate of light-weight working practices, iterative development, customer collaboration and incremental delivery of business values, Agile software development methods have become the de-facto standard for commercial software development, worldwide. Consequently, this research aims to empirically investigate the preparedness and the adoption of agile practices in the prominent software companies in Bangladesh. To achieve this goal, an extensive survey with 16 established software companies in Bangladesh is carried out. Results exhibit that the Scrum agile methodology is the highest practiced one. Alongside, to a great extent these software companies have the readiness to effectively adopt the Scrum methodology. However, with regard to practicing the Scrum principles, they fall short in many key aspects.

Abstract: Recent advances in computer vision with machine learning enabled detection, tracking, and behavior analysis of moving objects in video data. Optical flow is fundamental information for such computations. Therefore, accurate algorithm to correctly calculate it has been desired long time. In this study, it was focused on the problem that silhouette data has edge information but does not have texture information. Since popular algorithms for optical flow calculation do not work well on the problem, a method was proposed in this study. It artificially enriches the texture information of silhouette images by drawing shrunk edge on the inside of it with a different color. By the additional texture information, it was expected to give a clue of calculating better optical flows to popular optical flow calculation algorithms. Through the experiments using 10 videos of animals from the DAVIS 2021 dataset and TV-L1 algorithm for dense optical flow calculation, two values of errors (MEPE and AAE) were evaluated and it was revealed that the proposed method improved the performance of optical flow calculation for various videos. In addition, some relationships among the size of shrunk edge and the type and the speed of movement were suggested from the experimental results.


For the Next Generation scan tool, press the power key to turn on the scan tool and then select GM SPS Reprogramming. Set the baud rate for the PC by selecting CONFIGURATION > I/O management > Pass-thru > Properties > Baud >38400, 57600, or 19200 (whichever works best) >OK. Use Exit to return to the Service Programming screen. Then make sure the scan tool displays the GM Reflash Pass-Thru Mode screen.

(PDF) Modular Control of Treadmill vs Overground Running

The Service Programming System (SPS) is a PC application that updates (programs or reprograms) the flash calibration files that are stored in a vehicle’s ECM. To do this, the application reads VIN information from the vehicle, extracts the correct update data from the SPS application’s data files, then updates the vehicle reprogrammable memory with the data.


Abstract: The Big Data phenomenon has driven a revolution in data and has provided competitive advantages in business and science domains through data analysis. By Big Data, we mean the large volumes of information generated at high speeds from various information sources, including social networks, sensors for multiple devices, and satellites. One of the main problems in real applications is the extraction of accurate information from large volumes of unstructured data in the streaming process. Here, we extract information from data obtained from the GLONASS satellite navigation system. The knowledge acquired in the discovery of geolocation of an object has been essential to the satellite systems. However, many of these findings have suffered changes as error vocalizations and many data. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) combines several existing navigation and geospatial positioning systems, including the Global Positioning System, GLONASS, and Galileo. We focus on GLONASS because it has a constellation with 31 satellites. Our research’s difficulties are: (a) to handle the amount of data that GLONASS produces efficiently and (b) to accelerate data pipeline with parallelization and dynamic access to data because these have only structured one part. This work’s main contribution is the Streaming of GNSS Data from the GLONASS Satellite Navigation System for GNSS data processing and dynamic management of meta-data.

The package is primarily aimed at those who want to solve business and research problems and features a wide range of analytical features that take the. SPSS 17 All Modules [HOST], berbagi-pakai file gratis 4shared/5(14). Mudah-mudahan bermanfaat buat teman2 [HOST] it Out. Chen et al. 2020; Friedman et al. 2020). S etelah terinstal jangan dulu di buka SPSS (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=1206) 17nya tapi harus di copy dulu file Module Aktivation yang tadi di download, pertama extract dulu File SPSS 17 ALL MODULE AKTIVATION B uka folder extract tadi C opy file2 berikut P ergi ke program file klik SPSSInc Klik Statistic17 dan paste disana, klik OK OK saja jika ada perintah muncul. Enter the code for the version of SPSS you are trying to license and click Next. Incl Keygen, Kaspersky Activation Key File 2 july With Version 2020 by djamir, Civilization Follow of the Ring, Love u r valentine Theme Windows 7, VISCOM Scanner TWAIN secure PDF SDK. Added: 24-07-2020; Downloaded: 1451 times; Rating. Following the logic of the code inspections as performed in the. SPSS 17.01 Statistics with all working modules full version. Backup of the spss (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=9064) 16 downarchive, spss, 17, authorization, code facilement. SPSS is sold as a base program with optional modules, all of which are available for the Mac. Addresses the entire analytical p. Karena pentingnya program ini, para peneliti sering memanfaatkanya dalam menyelesaikan tugas akhir yang [HOST]: Esta. Kalo installaton SPSS nya udah kelar, muncul message box, lu next2 aja.


Before you launch the Recovery Toolbox, it makes sense to copy a PST file from Microsoft Outlook to another disk as a backup. Yes, when analyzing data, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook does not change the input file.

Abstract: In graph theory, the k-minimum spanning tree problem is considered to be one of the well-known NP hard problems to solve. This paper address this problem by proposing several hybrid approximate approaches based on the combination of simulated annealing, tabu search and ant colony optimization algorithms. The performances of the proposed methods are compared to other approaches from the literature using the same well-known library of benchmark instances.


Abstract: Artificial Intelligence in legal research is transforming the legal area in manifold ways. Pendency of court cases is a long-lasting problem in the judiciary due to various reasons such as lack of judges, lack of technology in legal services and the legal loopholes. The judicial system has to be more competent and more reliable in providing justice on time. One of the major causes of pending cases is the lack of legal intelligence to assist the litigants. The study in this paper reviews the challenges faced by judgment prediction system due to lengthy case facts using deep learning model. The Legal Judgment prediction system can help lawyers, judges and civilians to predict the win or loss rate, punishment term and applicable law articles for new cases. Besides, the paper reviews current encoding and decoding architecture with attention mechanism of transformer model that can be used for Legal Judgment Prediction system. Natural Language Processing using deep learning is an exploring field and there is a need for research to evaluate the current state of the art at the intersection of good text processing and feature representation with a deep learning model. This paper aims to develop a systematic review of existing methods used in the legal judgment prediction system and about the Hierarchical Attention Neural network model in detail. This can also be used in other applications such as legal document classification, sentimental analysis, news classification, text translation, medical reports and so on.

Abstract: Data analysis has become a challenge in recent years as the volume of data generated has become difficult to manage, therefore more hardware and software resources are needed to store and process this huge amount of data. Apache Hadoop is a free framework, widely used thanks to the Hadoop Distributed Files System (HDFS) and its ability to relate to other data processing and analysis components such as MapReduce for processing data, Spark - in-memory Data Processing, Apache Drill - SQL on Hadoop, and many other. In this paper, we analyze the Hadoop framework implementation making a comparative study between Single-node and Multi-node cluster on Hadoop. We will explain in detail the two layers at the base of the Hadoop architecture: HDFS Layer with its deamons NameNode, Secondary NameNode, DataNodes and MapReuce Layer with JobTrackers, TaskTrackers daemons. This work is part of a complex one aiming to perform data processing in Data Lake structures.


Abstract: Word sense disambiguation (WSD) is considered an AI complete problem which may be defined as the ability to resolve the intended meaning of ambiguous words occurring in a language. Language has complex structure and is highly ambiguous which has deep rooted relations between its different components specifically words, sentences and paragraphs. Incidentally, human beings can easily comprehend and resolve the intended meanings of the ambiguous words. The difficulty arises in building a highly accurate machine translation system or information retrieval system because of ambiguity. A number of algorithms have been devised to solve ambiguity but the success rate of these algorithms are very much limited. Context might have played a decisive role in human judgment while deciphering the meaning of polysemic words. A significant number of psychological models have been proposed to emulate the way the human beings understand the meaning of words, sentences or text depending on the context. The pertinent question that the researchers want to address is how the meanings are represented by human beings in mental memory and whether it is feasible to simulate with a computational model. Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), a mathematical technique which is effective in representation of meanings in the form of vectors that closely approximates human semantic space. By comparing the vectors in the LSA generated semantic space, the closest neighbours of the word vector can be derived which indirectly provides lot of information about a word.

Sql injection app for android – Intelligent Systems Monitoring

Abstract: The exponential advancements in Information and Communications Technology has led to its prevalence in education, especially with the arrival of COVID-19. Ubiquitous learning (u-learning) is everyday learning that happens irrespective of time and place and it is enabled by m-learning, e-learning, and social computing such as social media. Due to its popularity, there has been an expansion of social media applications for u-learning. The aim of this research paper was to establish the most relevant social media applications for u-learning in schools. Data was collected from 260 respondents, which comprised learners, and instructors in high schools who were asked to rank 14 of the top social media applications for ubiquitous learning. Fuzzy TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) was the method employed for the ranking of the 14 of the most popular social media applications using 15 education requirements, 15 technology criteria, and 260 decision makers. The simulation was implemented on MATLAB R2020a. The results showed that YouTube was the most likely social media application to be selected for u-learning with a closeness coefficient of 0/9188 and that Viber was the least likely selected social media application with a closeness coefficient of 0/0165. The inferences of this research study will advise researchers in the intelligent decision support systems field to reduce the time and effort made by instructors and learners to select the most beneficial social media application for u-learning.


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Double- click the downloaded file. SPSS 17 All Modules Activation". Search for and download any torrent from the pirate bay using search query SPSS. SPSS 17.0 with Crack File free download One of the most popular downloads from the Softonic site is still SPSS, which allows you to make complex graphics and illustrations from statistical data. Share this: Twitter. If this is the case then it is usually made available in the full download archive itself. I am reaching out to you for license keys of re-installation for one of the existing user of SPSS 17 (see relevant modules below).


According to the results, a significant difference is postulated in the performance of the students in both tests, having a more considerable improvement in the criteria: Loops, Control of Variables (CV), Probability (PB) and Combinatorial Operations (CB). Therefore, it is concluded by highlighting the importance of teaching basic concepts of Computer Science such as computational thinking and mathematical logic, since it contributes to the internalization of concepts when developing algorithms in problem-solving.

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Abstract: Endo-osseous implants are considered an ideal dental fixture. It is becoming the preferred choice of the edentulous patient to rehabilitate toothlessness because of their aesthetic and functional outcome. Despite the successful surgery and implant placement, complications occur, which may be related to several factors, like operative assessment, treatment planning, patient-related factors, surgical procedures, and surgeons' experience. Comprehensive radiological assessment plays a vital role in clinical analysis for better treatment planning, avoiding complications, and increasing the Implant's success rate. However, despite the variety of dental imaging, choosing the right imaging technology has become difficult for clinical experts. The investigative survey conducted in this paper aims to determine the correlation between different imaging modalities, their essential role in implant therapy. This review extensively discussed which types of computational operations applied to image modalities in the existing literature address various noises and other relevant issues. These study findings reveal significant issues with various dental imaging modalities and provide an understanding to bridge all existing research gaps towards building cost-effective classification and predictive models for accurate dental treatment planning and higher implant success rates.


FuzzyTECH 5.60c + Add-On Modules + Serial Number

Statistical design Data analysis was performed using IBM SPSS statistical software version 22. Spss Version 19 Tutorial Pdf There is a choice of a perpetual license of SPSS (have a peek at this site) v19. Collects, views and analyses statistical data Free Updated Download. Programs\Software [Crack, Cracked, Cracks, Serial, Key, Activation. Product - Any - Tableau Bridge Tableau Mobile Tableau Desktop Tableau Online Tableau Prep Tableau Server Tableau Server Management Add-on. Fifa 19 Ppsspp [Ps4 Camera. Dec 23, 2020; 3 min read; Free Download Software Spss 17 Crack Torrent. Install SPSS 17 kaya biasanya, Extract file yang sudah di download jika file berbentuk rar, kemudian klik dua kali di. Kemudian tunggu sampai proses selesai. In addition, IBM SPSS Statistics 25 Authorization Code is to regular streaming of new stuffing. MB Number of files 265 Torrent added at 07. Tara 8yo Fuck Compilation Torren's Page on NeoLatino Tv. Gain insights quickly from all your data sources with powerful predictive analytics. Nama softwarenya SPSS 17.0, dibalik kefamiliarannya software ini memiliki peranan yang sangat penting bagi banyak orang, misalnya dalam proses menganalisis data apalagi seperti saya yang sedang dalam proses menyusun skripsi di bidang statistik. In some cases, you might have multiple codes. Spss all modules activation total size 2. What the way convert mathtype equation equation word.

The proposed learning system algorithms are developed using particle system of unity 3D software. Then, Microsoft Kinect sensor is interfaced with unity 3D to create an immersive experience. Then, the qualitative analysis of the proposed system and latest AR-based learning systems is presented. Finally, the quantitative analysis of the proposed system is conducted. Overall, the results suggest that 85% of the participants recommended the proposed learning system.


Electronic Control Module Programming with GM SPS

It does not establish connections to any external sites. Typically, it is more accessible than you may think. Developers understand that users read instructions after the damage is done. So, there is nothing to harm here, open it, and launch.

Abstract: Data security is an important aspect of the modern digital world. Authentication is necessary for the prevention of data from intruders and hackers. Most of the existing system uses textual password which can provide only single-layer security. The textual passwords are simple but they may prone to spyware as well as dictionary attacks. Hence there is a need for a highly secure and multilayer security method. Steganography, the art of hiding the existence of a message by embedding it into another medium, can be exploited in an authentication system. Steganography has emerged as a technology that introduced steganalysis to detect hidden information. In this approach, the multimedia file is the input that is to be transferred over the media. On the transmitter side, the audio and video files are extracted. The secret audio file is embedded with an audio file using the LSB method while the face of the authenticated person is embedded into the video frame using the Pixel Value Differencing (PVD) method.


Abstract: Over the years, precise positioning has been the ultimate goal for Satellite Navigation Systems. The American Global Navigation Satellite System deliver the position and time information intended for various sectors such as vehicle tracking, oil exploration, atmospheric studies, astronomical telescope pointing, airport and harbor security tracking etc. Corresponding technological competitors such as Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), European Union’s GALILEO, China’s BeiDou and Japanese Quasi Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) are few other versions of Satellite based Augmentation Systems. Nevertheless, stern security measures, geographical statistics and stimulation of diverse Electronic Gadgets at indoor/outdoor surroundings make it critical to acquire data about any vicinity with seamless accessibility, accuracy and integrity with satellite links. In this paper, positional accuracy has been tested with analysis of EGNOS, EDAS and simple GPS receiver models at Rome City, Italy. To support results, various real time experiments/tests has been performed with GPS Receiver SIRF Demo software. The test was conducted on-board a car by installing a laptop equipped with GPS Receiver plus supportive SBAS (EGNOS particularly) through three diverse bus routes of locality and outcomes of few tested samples inside the Rome City center are specified to check the availability of desired satellite signals. Subsequently, comparative analysis has been executed between the simple GPS data received and GPS + EGNOS data collected during daytime traffic. The strength of test signals reveals accuracy of EGNOS in open terrain area with less congestion. Furthermore, Asian and European Advanced GPS systems are compared in terms of performance as well as feasibility of authentic, accurate and swift satellite navigation systems.

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This propagation of negative messages is collectively known as hate speeches. Often these posts containing negative comments in social networking sites create law and order situations in the society, leading to loss of human life and properties. Detecting hate speech is one of the major challenges faced in recent time. In recent past, there have been a considerable amount of research going on the field of detection of hate speech in the social networking sites. Researchers in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning have done considerable amount research in in this area. This paper uses a simple up sampling method to make the data balanced and implements deep learning models like Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) and Bi-directional Long Short Term Memory (Bi-LSTM) for improved accuracy in detecting hate speech in social networking sites. LSTM was found to have better accuracy that Bi-LSTM for the data set considered. LSTM also had better values for precision and F1 score. Bi-LSTM only for higher values for recall.

SPSS 17.01 Statistics with all working modules full

Besides, here we share the direct download link of Bricsys Bricscad Platinum 17 with activation keygen, it will make a full version in free of cost. The package is primarily aimed at those who want to solve business and research problems and features a wide range of analytical features that take the hassle out of collecting data. Spss (https://zhilservis-rzn.ru/free/?key=2717) [HOST] 2 link itu [HOST] error download spss 17 all modules activation torrent or any other torrent from the applications windows. NET, javascript, TypeScript. Virtual DJ Pro Crack is the best MP3 reviving instrument. Enrollment, Graduate Credit, Leave of Absence, and Time Limit Extensions. SPSS 17 WITH ACTIVATION MODULE SPSS adalah sebuah program komputer yang banyak digunakan sebagai analisa statistika. Serials in the database: Added today: 0 Added within the last week: 13 Top uploaders are: [Ghosty] [fox] [Ahmed] [Gips] Recent serials rating is: % Overall average rating is: %. Spss 17 Gratis Full Crack - nolasemouse\u0027s diary Spss 17 0 Keygen For Mac IBM. Extract file rar SPSS 17 All Modules Activation ke direktori D aja dulu. Download software SPSS 17 Full + Crack. Arcade, Card, Dice & RPG Games On Facebook. It is professional software for employed collecting unique and different information from several surveys. At the same time, accumulating evidence indicates that MS pathogenesis may originate in the normal-appearing white matter (NAWM). Find the current status of Tableau Online on the Tableau Trust site, this includes info on site downtime and planned maintenance.


How to Make Predictions with Keras

Abstract: A promising research field in bioinformatics and data mining is the classification of cancer based on gene expression results. Efficient sample classification is not supported by all genes. Thus, to identify the appropriate genes that help efficiently distinguish samples, a robust feature selection method is needed. Redundancy in the data on gene expression contributes to low classification performance. This paper presents the combination for gene selection and classification methods using ranking and wrapper methods. In ranking methods, information gain was used to reduce the size of dimensionality to 1% and 5%. Then, in wrapper methods K-nearest neighbors and Naïve Bayes were used with Best First, Greedy Stepwise, and Rank Search. Several combinations were investigated because it is known that no single model can give the best results using different datasets for all circumstances. Therefore, combining multiple feature selection methods and applying different classification models could provide a better decision on the final predicted cancer types. Compared with the existing classifiers, the proposed assembly gene selection methods obtained comparable performance.

Many downloads like Ibm Spss Statistics V22 X64 Equinox may also include a crack, serial number, unlock code, cd key or keygen (key generator). Selamat mencoba dan menikmati: ). Comments Download - Update. Name: SPSS 17 All Modules Activation. ROGER FORBES LUXURY PARTY RENTALS. With more than a dozen fully integrated modules to choose from, users can find the professional features you need to increase revenue. This is a basic guide on how to install SPSS v17.0 (for win XP. Call for Activation of Simulation Modules for Nursing Students' Achievement and Satisfaction of Normal Labor. If you did not found an answer, contact us for further help. The SPSS Statistics family of products is the world's leading statistical software Copy and replace all files from "SPSS 17 All Modules Activation" to SPSS. Please be aware there will be a charge for the storage and retrieval of any data beyond 7 years. That's it: D. Windows 8 Activator For Build (Sep ) 0 Comments Leave a Reply. Download Spss 17 Full Version Crack. Inter-individual differences in cortisol production by the hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis are thought to contribute to clinical and pathological heterogeneity of multiple sclerosis (MS). The method for licensing can be found in the installation guide/instructions corresponding to the operating system of the host computer where the product is installed.


Abstract: For many years in the society, farmers rely on experts to diagnose and detect chicken diseases. As a result, farmers lose many domesticated birds due to late diagnoses or lack of reliable experts. With the available tools from artificial intelligence and machine learning based on computer vision and image analysis, the most common diseases affecting chicken can be identified easily from the images of chicken droppings. In this study, we propose a deep learning solution based on Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) to predict whether the faeces of chicken belong to either of the three classes. We also leverage the use of pre-trained models and develop a solution for the same problem. Based on the comparison, we show that the model developed from the XceptionNet outperforms other models for all metrics used.

Vehicles with VCMs display as multiple “tabs” – one for each distinct calibration file contained in the VCM. A selection must be made under each tab to successfully select the programming files.


Abstract: The techniques associated with the Test Case Prioritization (TCP) are used to reduce the cost of regression testing to achieve the objectives that the modifications in the target code would not impact the functionality of updated software. The effectiveness of the TCP is measured based on the cost, the code coverage, and fault detection ability. The regression testing techniques proposed so far are focusing on one or two effectiveness parameters. In this paper, we presented a state-of-art review of the approaches used in regression testing in detail. The second objective is to combine these effective adequacy measures into a single or multi-objective TCP task. This systematic literature review is conducted to identify the state-of-the-art research in regression TCP from 2007 to 2021. The research identifies fifty-two (52) relevant studies that were focusing on these three selection parameters to justify their findings. The results reveal that there were six families of regression TCP in which meta-heuristic regression TCP were reported in 38% and generic regression TCP techniques in 31%. The parameters used as prioritization criteria were cost, code coverage, and fault detection ability. The code coverage is reported by 38%, cost in 17%, and cost and code coverage in 31%.

Abstract: Fiber optics cables present various benefits over regular cables when used as a data transportation medium in today’s communication networks. It is noted that there are significant challenges in the connectivity of inner cities that are located far inland away from the coastal areas. Most of the networks developed in Africa, especially in Egypt, are connected via submarine cables flowing across coastal areas. Very few connections are constructed to connect inner cities by crossing the Nile. The Nile River is characterized by a wide area, offering a natural path for underwater cables’ laying areas. In this study, the analysis and evaluation of the laying of these cables along the bed of the Nile River in Egypt, rather than crossing it, is investigated. There are many issues with laying fiber optic cables across the Nile River. Some of these are the requirement of using more than one node over fiber optic cable for each. When the number of nodes increases, the cost of installation and drilling effort increases with each node. The fiber optic cable path along the Nile River is simulated with a numerical model (Delft-3D).


Lastly, you can finally open Microsoft Outlook and keep on working with the email. If there are no issues with email sending and receiving, then you have done everything correctly. There only remains for me to be happy with you. Alternatively, try to reread the article and understand what went wrong.

Intelligent Systems Monitoring Microsoft Category Feed

Abstract: Blood velocity is expected to be as a parameter for detecting abnormality of blood such as the existence of thrombus. Proper blood flow in veins is important to ensure effective return of deoxygenated blood to the heart. However, it is much challenging to recognize the vessel condition due to the inability to visualize the thrombus presence in the vessel. The presence of noise in the image obtained from ultrasound scanning is one of the obstructions in recognizing it. Considering the difficulty, this study aims to assess the velocity and vorticity at the vein valve region using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method. The velocity of blood and the size of valve orifice are considered important parameters in designing the vein since the stenosis and irregularities of velocity in blood vessels are known as the risk factors for thrombus formation. From the simulation, the velocity contour plot of the blood flow can be visualized clearly. The blood distribution was presented using velocity profile while the fluid particles movement was shown by the velocity vector. The low blood velocity clearly shows the low velocity region which reside at the cusps area and at the beginning of the valve leaflets. Therefore, the present study is able to visualize and evaluate the probable location of thrombus development in the blood vessel.


A video codec computes the displacement of block between the previous frame (reference frame) and the current frame, for each block in current frame the best motion vector is determined in the reference frame as a block belongs to a current frame. In this, research paper, a novel technique has been presented for motion vector calculation, using fuzzy Gaussian membership function. The motion estimation block uses fuzzy membership function to estimate the connectedness of different blocks of the current frame to that of the reference frame The fuzzy decision matching is done based on the matching criterion and the best matching block is selected. The motion vectors are thus calculated with respect to the reference frame. The fuzzification process produces optimally matched blocks, which are then utilized to calculate the motion vectors of the predicted frame. Using fuzzy based search the search area is automatically updated and adaptive search steps provides an optimized result of search. As in real time streaming no file is exchanged during the transmission user is not able to download the file the only way for smooth transmission is frame management fuzzy based search for the motion estimation provides a better compression for the predicted frames.

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Abstract: The global increasing demand for energy has brought attention to the need for energy efficiency. Markedly noticeable in developing areas, energy challenges can be at-tributed to the losses in the distribution and transmission sys-tems, and insufficient demand-side energy management. Demand-oriented systems have been widely proposed as feasible solutions. Smart Home Energy Management Systems have been proposed to include smart Internet of Things (IoT)-capable devices in an ecosystem programmed to achieve energy efficiency. However, these systems apply only to already-smart devices and are not appropriate for the many locales where a majority of appliances are not yet IoT-capable. In this paper, we establish the need to pay attention to non-smart appliances, and propose a solution for incorporating such devices into the energy-efficient IoT space. As a solution, we propose Homergy, a smart IoT-based Home Energy Management Solution that is useful for any market –advanced and developing. Homergy consists of the Homergy Box (which is an IoT device with Internet connectivity, an in-built microcontroller and opto-coupled relays), a NoSQL cloud-based database with streaming capabilities, and a secure cross-platform mobile app (Homergy Mobile App). To validate and illustrate the effectiveness of Homergy, the system was deployed and tested in 3 different consumer scenarios: a low-consuming house, a single-user office and a high-consuming house. The results indicated that Homergy produced weekly energy savings of 0/5 kWh for the low-consuming house, 0/35 kWh for the single-user office, and a 13-kWh improvement over existing smart-devices-only systems in the high-consuming house.


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Abstract: This is the age of information. Now-a-days everyone communicates with each other by means of digital systems. Humans are always communicating with each other on the go. On-demand broadcasting is an efficient way to broadcast information according to user requests. In an on-demand broadcasting network, anyone can satisfy multiple clients in one broadcast which helps to fulfill the enormous demand of information by clients. The optimized flow of digital data in a network through the transmission of digital evidence about messages is called network coding. The “digital evidence” is composed of two or more messages. Network coding incorporated with data scheduling algorithms can further improve the performance of on-demand broadcasting networks. Using network coding, anyone can broadcast multiple data items using single broadcast strategy which can satisfy the needs of more clients. In this work, it is described that network coding cannot always maintain its superiority over non-network coding when the system handles different sized data items. However, the causes of performance reduction on network coding have been analyzed and THETA based dynamic threshold value integration strategy has been proposed through which the network coding can overcome its limitation for handling heterogeneous data items.

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Laptop showing the neural networks function in IBM SPSS Statistics

Abstract: The string channel of Color LED driver with precise current balancing is proposed. It is noted that to drive a multiple LEDs string is by using a proper current source, due to the level of the brightness LED depends on the quantity of the current flows. In the production of LEDs, the variation in the forward voltage for each LED has been found significantly high. This variation causes different levels of brightness in LEDs. Then, controlling load current of LED by using a resistor to limit the LED current flowing is considered by associated with the forward voltage, instantly. Current sources have been designed to become immune to the above problem since it regulates the current, and not the voltage which flows through the LEDs. Hence, constant current source is the essential requirement to drive the LEDs. Besides, it is complex for color LEDs, dependent on the number of control nodes and dimming configuration. To arrange an accurate load current for the different sets of string color LEDs, the efficient LED driver is required, in which the current sharing is complement to each LED strings. Therefore, this paper suggests a color LED driver with self-configuration of enhanced current mirrors in multiple LED strings.


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Abstract: In recent days, DNA cryptography is gaining more popularity for providing better security to image and text data. This paper presents a DNA based cryptographic solution for image and textual information. Image encryption involves scrambling at pixel and bit levels based on hyperchaotic sequences. Both image and text encryption involves basic DNA encoding rules, key combination, and conversion of data into binary and other forms. This new DNA cryptographic approach adds more dynamicity and randomness, making the cipher and keys harder to break. The proposed image encryption technique presents better results for various parameters, like Image Histogram, Correlation co-efficient, Information Entropy, Number of Pixels Change Rate (NPCR), and Unified Average Changing Intensity (UACI), Key Space, and Sensitivity compared with existing approaches. Improved time and space complexity, random key generation for text encryption prove that DNA cryptography can be a better security solution for new applications.


We have provided a direct link-complete setup of this tool. It is complete tool and works 100%. The in vivo transcriptomes of oocytes (n = 3) and pre-implantation stages (n=19) at seven developmental stages in the goat were analyzed. SPSS 17 All Modules Activation (download torrent). Spss 17 Authorization Code Keygen 29. ad3dc120ad. When you search for Bricscad License Key Serial, you may sometimes find the word 'serial' in the results. Setelah berhasil didownload, lakukan penginstalan dengan nomor registrasi sembarang, kemudian tutup programnya (jangan dijalankan dulu). Star is compatible with Windows platforms. Despite being one of the most common reasons for consultation, there is no established protocol for treatment due to the complexity of its etiology. IT 29. Installing SPSS Statistics v17.0. VLC media player Open source VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Convert Spss 17 Authorization Code trail version to full software Do not register Download SPSS 17 All Modules Activation or any other from. Untuk menginstall versi terbaru program ini, komputer Windows Anda harus memiliki spesifikasi minimal menggunakan prosesor Intel atau AMD dengan kecepatan 1 GHz, memori (RAM) 1 GB, resolusi monitor x. See and understand any data with Tableau. Here, we optically imaged presynaptic activity in glomerular modules of the zebrafish OB induced by a class of natural odorants (amino acids [AAs]) after labeling of primary afferents with a calcium-sensitive dye.